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Quinta Camarena

Surf & Yoga & Wine Vacation

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Grade 3 - Brisk

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Step outside of your comfort zone and rediscover yourself. This is where you remember who you are, what you’re passionate about and what makes you tick. And every now and then, a hidden gem destination comes around that fills your soul once again. Off-the-beaten-path Quinta Camarena is one of those places. Whether you’re a surfer, a yoga-lover, a wine connoisseur or you’re eager to dive into an exciting, new adventure, Cercal do Alentejo, Portugal, is waiting with 360-degree beauty, 365 days a year. 

Between beaches, farmlands and forests, this rural region is central to diverse landscapes, colorful culture and, of course, a world-class surf scene. Watch the waves curl and crash, feel the pull of the ocean, a board beneath your feet and let the wind and the water guide you to pure elation. Lose track of time finding your rhythm in the waves, then retreat to your tucked-away hotel in paradise for outdoor yoga on a beautiful platform surrounded by pine trees. When you're not practicing, explore a local vineyard, indulge in wine tasting and end your day with a healing, outdoor massage. This retreat will be as rejuvenating as it is engaging. 

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Beyond the beautiful views and tranquil oasis Quinta Camarena provides are the intangibles that elevate your stay from a vacation to an experience you’ll remember forever. Attention to detail and a warm, welcoming community are just a few of the features that paint this colorful escape.

  • Catch the perfect wave with surfing lessons
  • Practice yoga in the great outdoors
  • Unwind with a soothing outdoor massage
  • Eat healthy, locally grown foods and sip vineyard-fresh wines
  • Visit local farms and/or markets and enjoy a cooking lesson
  • A diverse landscape provides opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding, guided nature tours, bird watching, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and more

Quinta Camarena

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Quinta Camarena—a not-so-serious take on retreats—with hiking, biking, surfing, horseback riding, yoga, meditation, wine tasting, you name it.


Sustainability is a way of life at Quinta Camarena. Fruits and vegetables are either grown on the property or at nearby farms, fish is procured from local fisherman and meat is organically grown by local producers. Single used plastics are discouraged on the premises and showers are heated with solar power.


The picturesque village of Cercal is not far by foot and will make you feel as though you went back in time, giving you a true sense of the Alentejo way of life. Just a short drive away are other small villages full of nature, history, interesting architecture and local artisans.

Culinary Delights
Culinary Delights

Learn about the region and re-think the way you eat. Try delicious food and engage with the community that works on it through artisanal and sustainable processes. Experiences include a natural cheese or jam workshop, artisanal bakery or organic farm visit, exploring local markets and cooking lessons.


A villa, a casita, a loft or private rooms. Each house has a private entrance, living room and equipped kitchenette. All spaces are decorated differently and curated with love, based on sustainable principles using local materials, antiques and artwork. You will find comfortable mattresses and quality linen bedsheets from one of Portugal's most historical textile brands. 

Features & Amenities

  • Pool
  • Indoor/outdoor gym
  • Outdoor yoga platform
  • Hiking trails
  • Meditation spots
  • Bar
  • Food & wine 
  • Guesthouses are also an art gallery and library
  • Outdoor lounging spots
  • Kitchens (private or shared)



These are not included in the package, but available should you want to add to your experience:

  • Transfers
  • Horse riding for all levels
  • Extra surf lessons
  • SUP tours
  • Visit artisans, markets and farms
  • Workshops: cooking, photography, pottery
  • Extra nights if you want to extend your stay
  • Healthy snacks, extra wine and cocktails



50% of payment required at reservation to secure spot. The remaining must be paid one (1) week prior to arrival.


Flexible cancelation policy: 30 days before arrival. 30 days prior to arrival cancellations will only be accepted if due to health complications or government restrictions.


USD prices are an estimation and may fluctuate based on exchange rates.


There are no resort fees, however, the property does encourage a contribution for a local charity (this is not mandatory).