Spa Types

Casino Spas

Spas with a casino on-premises. These spas tend to be luxury-oriented and often do not admit guests under 18 years of age.


Day Spa

Establishment that provides spa and wellness experiences that can last an hour or may take a whole day. Can be freestanding or connected to health clubs, hotels, or department stores.


Destination Spa (also Immersive Wellness Resort)

 Establishments that focus exclusively on lifestyle improvement, health enhancement, and self-renewal in the company of like-minded people.



Spas set in natural or protected areas that incorporate organic landscaping, water conservation, and ecological building design. They encourage sensitivity to the natural environment and wildlife, and may also promote the traditions of local people and culture by preserving indigenous healing rituals and ingredients.


Mineral Springs Spa

Spa offering an on-site source of mineral-rich thermal or seawater that is used in hydrotherapy or thalassotherapy.


Medical Spa

Destination or day spa that offers traditional and complementary medical services supervised or administered by medical professionals. A wellness resort, hotel or spa may specialize in diagnostic testing, preventive care, cosmetic procedures, or a combination.



Any facility, usually a day spa, that offers both medical treatments and spa therapies.


Mobile Spa

A spa with or without a fixed facility that employs professionals who can travel to a client’s home, office, or other preferred location to perform treatments.


Resort Spa

Spa facility offering treatments and services at a vacation destination that also offers activities, such as golf, tennis, horseback riding, skiing, water sports, and children’s programs.



The International Spa Association (ISPA) defines the word spa in the following way: "Spas are devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit."


Urban Spa

Located in metropolitan hotels, some of these spas are open only to hotel guests, while others are accessible to the general public.