The Ranch Malibu

Luxury All-Inclusive Fitness Retreat at Acclaimed California Ranch


Grade 4 - Intense
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Join an intimate group, where specialized programs focus on meeting fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and detox goals. The Ranch Malibu staff and programs are dedicated to creating a safe, secure and sacred place to allow for personal awareness and physical, mental and spiritual life transformation. Through a guided fitness regime, wellness support and properly calibrated nutrition, the immersive programs allow guests to detoxify their bodies in a healthy, sustainable way—all while getting back to basics in nature.

Prior to your visit to the Ranch, you will receive a 30 Day Pre-Arrival Package which includes STRONGLY RECOMMENDED suggestions to incorporate into your weekly schedule to help and best prepare you for The Ranch. Once you arrive, each day includes 8 hours of exercise including daily hikes, core and ab workouts, body toning and sculpting, weights, yoga sessions, nap time and deep tissue massage.



Strenuous Exercise Program

These intense fitness and wellness regimens paired with a highly structured, plant-based nutritional diet is not your typical spa or resort vacation! The programs give you the opportunity to determine where you are on the road to balanced and healthy living. Featuring acclaimed, results-oriented, health programs that are designed to recalibrate the mind and body, guests will also gain the knowledge and tools to make sustainable healthy changes in their daily lives. Whichever program you opt for, expect to shed inches, lose unwanted pounds, clear the mind and revitalize the spirit. The rigorous daily program is also complemented by a nutritionally-dense, plant-based diet to sustain you during your stay. You can expect:

  • Daily guided hikes, classes and discussions
  • Evening elective nutrition and wellness discussions
  • Plant-based, nutritionally dense meals and snacks

Retreat Results

With a nearly 45% return rate, guests trust The Ranch to provide a memorable experience that changes both their physical and mental health as they detoxify in an active, healthy and sustainable way. Guests begin their journey 30-days prior to arrival with a series of suggested exercise, diet, and healthy living assignments that prepare them for their time on-site.

The program’s powerful combination of fitness programs and healthy plant-based meals increases metabolism, cleanses the system and offers a heightened sense of mental clarity and serenity. Guests break habits that have been ingrained for years and medical improvement has also been noted.

While each person’s physiology, metabolism and general health are different, guests should expect results. Often guests continue seeing results upon returning home, with many having made long-lasting, impactful changes to their exercise routines and diets.


6-Night Fitness & Wellness Program

from $9,200 Per Person

The price displayed is per person for 6 nights/7 days (Sunday-Saturday). Double occupancy is available at a rate of $7,600 per person. There is a service charge of 16% on all reservations, which includes gratuity and tax. Additional gratuity is not necessary or expected.

Package Includes:

  • Private accommodations
  • Daily guided hikes and afternoon fitness classes
  • Daily yoga or meditation class
  • Daily massage for each full day of your stay
  • Plant-based and nutritionally dense meals and snacks designed to nourish and detoxify you during the week
  • Bod Pod body fat testing
  • Evening elective nutrition and wellness discussions
  • Cooking demonstration and garden tour
  • Laundry services Monday – Friday
  • Return airport transfer to LAX on Saturday morning at 10am

Upon completion of the program, guests feel both physically and mentally transformed—logging over 60 miles of hiking, shedding unwanted pounds and inches, emanating a vibrant, healthy glow and regaining mental clarity and peace of mind. Lasting nutritional and fitness guidance from The Ranch experts will continue after departure to ensure guests sustain the benefits of their stay.

A Saturday night stay pre-/post-program can be arranged for $1,250 per person or $1050 per person double occupancy and includes elective programming, meals & a massage. All multi-week visits include the Saturday between weeks.

The Ranch 9.0 Group Fitness & Wellness Program

from $11,200 Per Person

The price displayed is per person for the group program (8 nights/9 days — Saturday-Sunday). Double occupancy is also available at the rate of $9,500 per person for the group program. There is a service charge of 16% on all reservations, which includes gratuity and tax. Additional gratuity is not necessary or expected.

Package Includes:

  • Private accommodations
  • Guided hikes (seven in total), daily afternoon fitness and exercise classes
  • Daily yoga or meditation class
  • Daily massage for each full day (seven in total)
  • Plant-based and nutritionally dense meals and snacks designed to nourish & detoxify you during your stay
  • Bod Pod body composition analysis
  • Elective evening nutrition and wellness discussions
  • Cooking demonstration and garden tour
  • Laundry service Sunday – Saturday 

During your 9-day stay, you will log more than 75 miles of hiking, lose weight and inches, emanate a vibrant, healthy glow and achieve mental clarity and peace of mind. Lasting nutritional and fitness guidance from The Ranch experts will continue after departure to ensure you sustain the benefits of your stay. You also benefit from an additional night’s stay at the end of the week on Saturday night to ease your way back into everyday life. Your extra day includes a 4-hour morning hike—to make 7 in total during your stay—afternoon massage, fitness class, yoga and dinner before your departure on Sunday.

The Ranch Malibu

Read more about The Ranch Malibu

A working ranch three miles above the Pacific Ocean, The Ranch Malibu is not your typical spa or resort vacation. The secluded and intimate retreat is an acclaimed results-oriented boot camp for body and mind all while getting back to basics in nature without any of the distractions of city life.

The Ranch
The Ranch

The Ranch Malibu is set on a historic working ranch three miles above the Pacific Ocean with sprawling grounds designed to be rustic, yet refined. This resort features an open-air kitchen and great room, certified organic garden, pool and jacuzzi, Buddha Barn yoga and meditation room and massage “village.” 


Retreat to one of 19 private cottages. Each one is elegantly decorated with reclaimed wood floors, limestone bathrooms, and linen-covered queen and king-sized beds. Your private room's calming colors add to your relaxation, aid transformation, and support a restful night’s sleep.

Disconnect to Reconnect
Disconnect to Reconnect

Guests are in a sequestered environment with no televisions, no cell and limited wi-fi service available to further aid in a mental detoxification. Unplug and unwind with an unique health services and treatments offered including cholesterol testing, a cold plunge pool and cryotherapy and infrared saunas. 


Following the invigorating daily fitness schedule, retreat to one of 19 rustic-chic private cottages featuring queen or king-sized beds, wood floors, limestone bathrooms and decorated in beautiful calm aesthetics.

Features & Amenities

The sprawling grounds are designed to be rustic, yet refined and feature an open-air kitchen and great room, certified organic garden, pool and Jacuzzi, Buddha Barn yoga and meditation room, and massage “village.” 

Guests are in an off-the-grid environment with no televisions, no cell and limited Wi-Fi service to aid in their mental detox.



Prior to your visit to The Ranch, guests will receive a 30 Day Pre-Arrival Package which includes STRONGLY RECOMMENDED suggestions to incorporate into your weekly schedule to help and best prepare you for The Ranch. It is encouraged to take these recommendations seriously as they will improve your results and make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. 

In the package each week The Ranch suggests that you make some changes to your exercise habits, food consumption, sleep, awareness, and meditation. As soon as you are able, it is important to eliminate

  • Alcohol, caffeine, and diet drinks
  • Processed foods, unnatural sweeteners and sugar, and sugarless gum
  • Tobacco and cigarettes
  • Any item with ingredients you can’t pronounce

If you don’t do this prior to your stay, the initial detoxification that occurs over the first few days will be quite uncomfortable. You will likely have headaches, nausea and extreme moodiness. Please start weaning off these items now.

The Ranch encourages you to disconnect as much as you can and embrace the opportunity to completely “Unplug”, as the less outside communication you have, the more impactful the experience will be. Please prepare your staff and family for limited availability, as you will be slightly “Off the Grid” during your stay. In addition, there will be an enclosed list of packing tips to ensure that you are ready for your trip. This list will encourage you to pack light and bring only items of necessity to help allow for a complete and total disconnect.

Working alongside the acclaimed medical staff at California Health & Longevity Institute (CHLI) at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, The Ranch developed the Integrative Lifestyle Physical for complete insight into guest health. This full-day medical experience from a team involved in the latest breakthrough discoveries in preventative healthcare will offer a deeper understanding of your body and mind’s current condition. From there a personally tailored program develops to support a vibrantly active and healthy life. Upon completion of the program, guests will have also logged more than 50 miles of hiking and felt the revitalizing benefits of a plant-based diet. Often guests experience a loss of weight and inches that continues even after they return home. You depart with a comprehensive summary of your day including health history, laboratory reports, and physician interpretation and recommendations. After departure, The Ranch experts will continue lasting nutritional and fitness guidance to ensure guests sustain the benefits of their stay. Your physician will also check in three months following your appointment to monitor progress and habits. 

COVID-19 Protocols

General Information

  • Guest and staff temperatures will be taken daily. Anyone with a temperature in excess of 100.3 would be asked to depart the Program and property for the safety of the other guests and staff.
  • Ranch Protection Kits will be provided for each guest which will include a travel mask, Ranch bandana and hand sanitizer.
  • Guests and staff will be expected to wear masks in interior common areas and during massages. Once settled in stretch, fitness and dining the mask can be removed as The Ranch will be ensuring proper social distancing. During hikes and while outdoors when properly distanced, masks are optional.

Daily Schedule Adjustments

  • Transportation will be done with fewer occupants in each vehicle.
  • The Ranch will host the stretch, fitness and yoga classes in smaller numbers to ensure safe distancing. A Molekule air purifier, which uses UV technology, will be used in the Buddha Barn fitness center.
  • All massage cottages will also be equipped with Molekule air purifiers and housekeeping will be sanitizing the room after each guest.
  • Two dining spaces will be offered to allow for greater space for guests.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

  • While The Ranch has always been sticklers for cleanliness, they have adopted additional cleaning standards and will also adhere to the CDC recommendations.
  • Should a guest prefer to maintain a 100% Private Room and opt-out of having anyone enter their room, including daily housekeeping during their visit, The Ranch will have laundry bags that can be left outside your room to be picked up daily.

The Ranch Malibu will fill your days with morning hikes, afternoon fitness classes, deep tissue massages and healthy, plant-based cuisine. See a sample of the daily fitness schedule below:

Morning Programming


Gentle guest wake-up with Tibetan chimes


Breakfast - Coconut parfait topped with fresh fruit and Ranch granola

7:00 - 11:30

Mountain Hiking


Lunch - The Ranch burrito bowl



Afternoon Programming

1:00 - 5:00

Low impact strength training / core-focused fitness class that builds upon your progress as the week goes on


Restorative Yoga


Free time


Dinner - Portobello steak, swiss chard and garlic celeriac mash



*Program includes two daily snacks, a healthy cooking class, garden tour and diagnostic testing.


Terms & Conditions

After making a reservation you are required to complete a Health & Fitness Profile prior to your stay so that The Ranch may understand your medical history. They use this medical information to assess your ability to succeed in the program and/or to tailor your exercise regime or diet as appropriate for your medical condition. The Ranch does not share this information with any third party, other than with their on-site contractors and third-party service providers.

Upon acceptance of your reservation, and after a brief phone or email consultation, your selected payment method will be charged a $2,000.00 deposit. The remaining balance is due by check or may be charged to the credit card on file 40 days prior to arrival and will become non-refundable. In the event of a cancellation within the 40-day period prior to your visit, if your reservation cannot be filled on the short notice, your stay is non-refundable. If The Ranch is able to fill your space, they will credit you for a future stay pending availability. If you cancel outside of 40 days, your deposit is refundable, less 10%, or you can move your stay to a later date, subject to availability. Charges are not refundable if you cancel within 40 days of your scheduled arrival date. You will be charged in full for your reservation, even if you do not show at all, are late in your arrival or early in your departure.


There is a service charge of 16% on all reservations, which includes gratuity and tax. Additional gratuity is not necessary or expected.

While at The Ranch, guests can opt to add specific services or purchase items from the store. During your stay, the Ranch records your itemized spending to properly assemble your folio, which is billed to your room. They also record this information to comply with financial reporting requirements, including those imposed by our auditors and government regulators. The Ranch may also collect certain information, as required by local laws (for example, your passport number).

You grant permission to The Ranch to use any updated credit card information submitted by your credit card company directly to The Ranch. If you dispute any charges, you must inform The Ranch within thirty (30) days of making your reservation. If there is difficulty authorizing your payment method or it is otherwise in error, the Ranch may suspend or cancel your reservation. Upon failure of your Payment Method, the Ranch may take reasonable steps to retry your Payment Method and may contact you to provide an alternate method. The Ranch is not responsible for any fees you may incur when charging or retrying your Payment Method, including but not limited to, overdraft fees.

Privacy of Fellow Guests

The Ranch understands that you, like our other guests, want to enjoy your time at The Ranch in privacy and come to The Ranch with the expectation that your privacy will be maintained. They ask that you not publically (including all forms of social media) disclose the names or other identifying information (occupation, images, etc.) of any other guests you might meet or see while at The Ranch or any information you might learn about those guests during or following your stay without their permission. While the Ranch makes reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of all guests at The Ranch, they have no way to ensure that any guests will comply with their requests for non-disclosure.

You acknowledge that any disclosure and/or dissemination of identifying information regarding a guest at any time without written permission from that guest will constitute a material breach of these Terms of Use that could cause that guest and/or The Ranch substantial injury. Accordingly, you agree that in addition to The Ranch’s remedies at law, including the right to seek monetary damages, the RANCH shall have the right to injunctive and other equitable relief in order to prevent any actual or threatened use or disclosure of private information or other breaches of these Terms of Use.