Red Road Wellness Adventure

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  • Cambodia

  • 13 nights

  • from $3,111 Per Person

Grade 2 - Moderate
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Discover the authentic charm of Cambodia, venturing off-the-beaten-track to explore a realm that will reveal a whole new you. Each retreat blends an outward expedition with an inward odyssey, accompanied by expert guides and intimate group settings to ensure a transformative adventure. Devote time to self-love, philanthropy, ceremonial moments and workshops that promise to elevate your consciousness. Immerse yourself in the richness of cultural heritage, connect with nature and experience personalized wellness guided by skilled medicine women. 

A Red Road Adventure Wellness Retreat is the perfect combination of adventure and wellness — a two-week journey through Cambodia, exploring the sacred, the ancient and you. Nurture your body and spirit with daily yoga, meditation, Shamanic ceremonies and so much more. Highlights include walking with elephants, a visit to Angkor Wat, blessings from monks at a waterfall temple, volunteering at The Red Road Foundation plus a full day at a secret spa. The cherry on top? Every guest agrees: this retreat is a journey full of heart.

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This is the RESET, the RECHARGE and RECONNECTION that your soul craves — a beautiful mix of adventure, wellness and the road less traveled. 

  • Embark on a gentle challenge to reconnect to the awe of life and return home with a new appreciation for yourself and all the little things
  • Check off bucket list experiences and connect with new communities from all over the world
  • Receive personalized coaching and counseling, a customized volunteer experience, holistic wellness workshops
  • Adventure in nature, connect in women's circles, explore ancient temples in faraway lands, walk with elephants through the jungle, strengthen your body-mind connection in yoga/breathwork classes, manifest your dream life with life-coaching sessions, treat your body like a temples at the spa, recharge your soul with volunteering, feel beautiful in a self-love photoshoot, meet like-minded people and enjoy much-needed me-time. 

About Your Guide: Rachel 

Rachel is founder & operational director of The Red Road Foundation. She is also an addictions counselor, leadership teacher, spirituality/science author, artist and entrepreneur.

Rachel takes you on a journey from North to South in Cambodia. Starting from the ancient temples and ethical elephant sanctuary of Siem Reap with gorgeous waterfalls, bustling city markets and Apsara dancing to the countryside of Kampot. During phase two, you will stay at a beautiful and comfortable riverside bungalow in a sleepy fishing village while volunteering at The Red Road Foundation. The foundation is a free education and sustainable development center that focuses on helping students and volunteers to self-actualize through purpose, confidence and community. As a group, you journey to a secret countryside spa to experience self-care rituals with local women and learn about Khmer tradition. Lastly, the group travels by train and boat to a remote island. Here, you spend the final days enjoying wellness activities and relaxing on a white sand beaches with turquoise waters. You will also swim in glowing plankton and enjoy beachfront sound healing.


About The Red Road Foundation

The Red Road Foundation is a free education and sustainable development center in the rural countryside of Cambodia. For the past decade, they have been providing free education, creating environmental awareness campaigns/projects and connecting volunteers, interns and wellness travelers from all over the world to a community that is based on being mutually beneficial for all involved.

The Red Road Foundation builds sustainable and thriving communities that feed the needs of all beings involved and the surrounding environment. The organization’s wellness retreat programs have allowed them to become self-sustainable while introducing curious individuals to the wild and wonderful land and people of Cambodia. 

The foundation creates wellness retreats that incorporate culture and adventure outwardly with an introspective journey that connects mind, body and spirit. Through bodywork, breathwork, wellness coaching and giving back to the community, their programs allow you to leave a sustainable impact in a distant and foreign land as much as you do within your own heart.

The retreats are designed to have you return to your day-to-day life with a new sense of self, way of being and interacting with your environment that attracts a new set of experiences. Each retreat is led by a complementary group of local Khmer instructors, professional body and breath workers, and wellness/emotional support/spiritual coaches. 





Day 1-4: Siem Reap
Day 1 — Massages & Pool
Day 2 — Elephants & Apsara
Day 3 — Waterfall Pagoda & Cacao Ceremony
Day 4 — Angkor Watt Exploration & Night Markets

Day 5-8: Kampot
Day 5 — Flight, Cultural Site, Travel
Day 6 — Tropical Riverside Bliss & Volunteer at School with Arts/Activities/Sports
Day 7 — Volunteer Making Sustainable Natural Beauty Products, Wellness Workshops, Riverside Relaxing
Day 8 — Paddleboarding the Lazy River or Cooking Class & Explore our Sleepy Fishing Village & Dinner Downtown

Day 9-12: Koh Rong Sanloem
Day 9 — Train, Boat, Arrive on Island Time
Day 10 — Relax on the Beach & Swim with Glowing Plankton at Night by Kayak
Day 11 — Sea-front Yoga & Sound Healing, Boat Trip, Jungle Hike to Lookout Point & Self-Love Photoshoots
Day 12 — Relaxing Morning & Travel to the City

Day 13-14: Phnom Penh
Day 13 — Relax in Gorgeous City Oasis, Explore Cultural Sites, City Markets & Culinary Experiences
Day 14 — Poolside Breakfast & Fly Out


14-Day Wellness Adventure

from $3,111 Per Person

Price displayed is per person based on single occupancy. Receive a $500 discount when you to bring a friend and share accommodation. 

Package Includes:

  • 13 nights in gorgeous accommodations
  • 3 healthy meals per day
  • Yoga, meditation and wellness activities
  • 1 holistic massage + ancient self-care rituals at secret countryside spa
  • Transportation during the retreat including to/from airport
  • Internal flight from Siem Reap to the capital Phnom Penh
  • Activities*

* Ancient Temples | Ethical Elephant Sanctuary | Volunteering in Free Education & Sustainable Development | Bustling City Markets & Cultural Historical Sites | Riverfront Relaxation and Paddle Boarding | Jungle Waterfalls and Sacred Pagodas | Blessing from Monks | Crafting with Red Road Students | Customized Opportunities to Share Skills, Passions & Workshops at The Red Road Foundation Beachfront Accommodation | Swim with Glowing Plankton

2024 Retreat Dates:

  • May 1 - 14 (women only)
  • Nov 18 - Dec 1 (women only)

2025 Retreat Dates:

  • Jan 20 - Feb 2 (women only)
  • Feb 17 - Mar 2 (coed)
  • Apr 21 - May 4 (women only)
  • Nov 10 - 23 (coed)
From To Package Price Book
From: November 18 2024 To: December 01 2024 Package: 13 nights Price: $3,111 Per Person
From: January 20 2025 To: February 05 2025 Package: 13 nights Price: $3,111 Per Person
From: February 17 2025 To: March 02 2025 Package: 13 nights Price: $3,111 Per Person
From: April 21 2025 To: May 04 2025 Package: 13 nights Price: $3,111 Per Person
From: November 10 2025 To: November 23 2025 Package: 13 nights Price: $3,111 Per Person


Not included in the package price:

  • Visa on arrival
  • Flight to/from Cambodia
  • Special beverages

The Red Road Foundation suggests that you fly into Siem Reap International Airport (REP) and fly out of Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH). You can purchase a visa upon arrival at the airport.

What to bring:

  • Loose, light clothes
  • Shoes for jungle treks
  • Flip flops
  • Natural and coral safe sunscreen
  • Clothes you don't mind getting dirty (for some days)
  • Outfit that covers knees and shoulders for Angkor Wat visit
  • Bathing suit
  • Sense of adventure!

Please bring the following items so that we will have a positive impact on the country throughout our travels.

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Reusable bag
  • Reusable straw
  • Biodegradable eco-friendly bar (plastic-free) soap/shampoo/conditioner

''Rachel serves as a constant source of encouragement and enlightenment for those who spend time with her. Her accomplishments in making the world a better place are an inspiration to all who cross her path. I highly recommend her retreats. Give yourself the gift of her knowledge and vision.'' -Bonni Quist

"I was lucky enough to join a trip to Cambodia with Rachel and Maya. I can 100% recommend that if you are considering it, you should do it!
Rachel is so positive, and knowledgeable, and speaks the local language which was a huge benefit, she’s kind and nothing short of inspiring. Nothing is too much trouble for her to organize on the trip. She’s open to ideas and just wants everyone to get the most out of the experience. If there were more Rachels in the world, it would most definitely be a happier place! Maya too is incredible! Is there nothing that she can’t do?! She speaks multiple languages, she is experienced and trustworthy. When you have a treatment with her, you feel safe in her hands. She is wise, careful, respectful, and empathetic and the best yoga teacher!

Thank you Maya and Rachel for a truly inspiring, thought-provoking, and memorable trip! We are forever connected!" -Ali Whitmore

"This retreat with Rachel and Maya provided the beautiful & safe space in which I needed to be emotionally, after a relationship breakdown. It was time to ‘put back’. It was a reboot. I found I was amongst like-minded women, where we could be our authentic selves. We shared, we laughed, we cried. We ate, we explored, we did yoga, we meditated, we beautified, we tuk tuk’d, we shopped.... I experienced a plethora of emotions amidst a whole spectrum of experiences from walking with elephants, sunrise at Angkor Wat, the horrible reality of the Killing Fields, and heartening stories of those who’ve turned their lives around and those who’ve turned around their lives of others. A great leveler and very bonding – I found my tribe! Rachel’s enthusiasm & cheerfulness are infectious and her work with the Red Road Foundation is inspirational, along with her joy & love of others. Everything and everyone is Beautiful. Whilst Maya is rooted and knowing, and guided us through physical and emotional places with yoga practice (like no other!) and shamanic work.... I don’t want to let her go! I want to ‘sham away’ (need the t-shirt)! I have emerged feeling nourished, an enhanced woman. I thank you." - Lucy Lindsay

“Having just returned from a trip through Cambodia with a group of women I can truly say that it was a journey in more than just the physical sense. Lead by the extraordinary Rachel Riggio, the journey took us through various social enterprises supporting local children and communities including the Red Road Foundation which Rachel has established. We were supported on our physical journey by the amazing Maya with yoga and healing, who took us on an emotional, mental journey. We laughed, we cried, we shared, we ate and we had the most wonderful experience whilst traversing this beautiful country.” -Georgina Mullins

“Rachel is an incredibly inspiring woman , she is capable of extraordinary athletic yoga poses on the beach with her adoring dog but have also learnt so much . I have seen in the raw , true humility, positivity , and utter devotion to her life values. The Red Road Foundation is the real deal.” -Catherine Rogers


Deposit Policy

Deposit will secure placement. Remaining balance is due 30 days before the retreat start date. All deposits are non-refundable.

Additional Terms

Since this is a small retreat and The Red Road Foundation works with small resorts that get booked out way in advance, they need the commitment from guests to reserve their space. If an emergency comes up, they will be compassionate and transfer the dates of your trip. In addition to booking accommodation, they also need to book the in-country flight and plan for your arrival at least one month in advance thus the reason deposits are nonrefundable.The Red Road Foundation is a small company and each reservation is essential for their sustainability. In fact, they prefer clients book 3+ months in advance to ensure they can accommodate you.