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REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts

Revivo meaning, “I’ll live again,” is centered around sustainable wellness. With the goal of providing personalized retreats, self-awareness and mind transformation, the Revivo Resort will leave guests feeling healed and rejuvenated. Located in Bali, an island in Indonesia, this location is known for its iconic mountains and green space. Designed to give guests a transformational experience, Revivo aims to soothe the spirit and soul through relaxation activities and customized food diets.

Wellness Programs to Match Your Health Goals

Offering unique suites and luxurious services, this resort is ideal for vacations, weddings or a group getaway. With unlimited access to facilities, you’ll feel more relaxed with every activity. Exercise your soul at the fitness center. Attend a fusion pilates class focused on challenging strength and endurance. Try something new and challenge yourself with an Aerial Yoga outdoor space, unwind in the Meditation Room, or stretch in the outdoor exercise spaces. There is so much to do and explore.

Recreation and Culture in the World of Wellness

Revivo Resort’s focus is to be an oasis of well-being. With authentic Balinese healing methods therapy and aroma, the goal is to feel transformed and refreshed. Dive into an immersive circuit consisting of a foot treatment and hydrotherapy pools to relax your muscles. These trips are made to your liking with therapists consulting to your needs. With five treatment rooms and each having an outdoor bath, the goal is to be united with nature. Take a walk in the Aromatic Garden then unwind with hydro-jet shower beds, jacuzzi, and steam rooms which are meant to help you destress on your journey.

Sleep is known as the gateway to wellness. Revivo believes sleep is the foundation of every guest’s stay. Softly drift to sleep with in-room music, podcasts and lighting to end the day feeling relaxed. Located in every room, the Breath Lux Light helps foster better sleep with various light strengths, guaranteeing a restful night and sleep routine.

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