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Kamalaya Koh Samui


Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort

Begin your wellness journey in Thailand at a wellness sanctuary and holistic spa resort. On this trip, place a new focus on stress management, weight control, body posture and yoga. Kamalaya is perfect for those starting or fostering their wellness journey. Simply a three minutes walk from the coast of Koh Samui, know that you have easy access to nature’s wonders. With tea facilities, balcony garden views, private pools and beach fronts, Kamalaya is a trip focused on relaxation and wellness.

Wellness Programs to Match Your Health Goals

Enrich your journey with the health programs provided at Kamalaya. Ranging from fitness sessions to sleep enhancement to working on your ideal weight, there is a program for every traveler. Experience holistic relaxation with the Immunity and Resiliency program. Learn to identify areas of imbalance or deficiency then work with trainers to restore it using herbal supplements. Find a balance through fitness and relaxation with astounding views of the water and nature. Have poor posture from work or injuries? Kamalaya’s Structural Revival Program can also help to improve posture and flexibility.

Recreation and Culture in the World of Wellness

Dive into the two ocean-view swimming pools for exercise and leisure. Enjoy a short walk to the beautiful smooth sandy beach and experience the tides as it hits the Gulf of Thai. After a day of programs and dining, explore the surrounding areas and visit the Monks’ Cave, a special place for reflection. 

Throughout the year, art exhibitions will showcase tablets from around the world. Plan your trip accordingly and take art classes with the artist-in-residence. Embrace the cultural festivities with Thai festivals year-round. Learn how to cook, make tea and attend lectures to foster your experience at the Kamalaya Resort. 

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