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Euphoria Retreat

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Path the Self Discovery in Greece

Take a journey to Euphoria Retreat in the Peloponnese Region of Greece to center yourself and reconnect your mind and soul. Take a moment to step back and take care of your body through euphoria spas, saunas and the astounding views. Euphoria Retreat is focused on your personal journey of transformation and balance. Take a holistic approach to healing through joy and embrace this escape.

Holistic Well-Being Destination Spa 

Be captivated by the astounding mountains and forests that become a part of your journey and make this destination spa truly magical. The drama, history and energy of the landscape are part of your journey to become revitalized and balanced. Built into and connected with the mountains, the Euphoria Retreat Spa offers you holistic and transformative experience. With an innovative design, every one of its four levels represents a distinct path towards your transformational process. Embrace each level featuring the Sphere Pool, tepidarium, Byzantine Hammam, salt cave, Watsu pool, yoga and fitness rooms and create customized treatments to address your specific emotional and physical needs.

Nutrition Balance

They say food can be like a medicine. Dine at GAIA Restaurant and leave with the energy and soul of the Peloponnese. On this journey, you’ll recognize that balance consists of mental and physical aspects. Nourish your soul and body with healthy eating filled with an antioxidant-rich Mediterranean diet. Guests say that this is one of the highlights of their stay. With a philosophy of retaining flavor and spirit, these diets leave you energized and healthy. Meals created throughout your stay are made with healthy ingredients, fresh herbs, vegetables and rich spices. Travelers can also understand the philosophy of Euphoria Retreat by learning how to embrace a Mediterranean diet with a cooking lesson.

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