The Vacayou Experience

Imagine the Journey

Imagine feeling perfectly still, perfectly calm. A bead of sweat rolls down your sun-drenched forehead, temporarily awakening your mind. You hear the gently rolling waves. You feel the soft sand beneath your seat. You open your eyes and see eight of your newest friends sitting crossed-legged, finishing their morning yoga practice in front of a forest of palm trees swaying in the soft breeze. You take another breath and realize your shoulders are relaxed, and you’ve left your stress back at home. You’re grateful for this reality and for finding your inner peace.


Turning Dreams into Reality

Two months earlier, your most trusted wellness expert on Instagram posted a stunning picture of the turquoise waters of Lake Louise in Alberta, CA. The image is linked to a brand-new website offering exclusive wellness & active experiences at top-rated resorts & retreats worldwide. You find week-long yoga excursions in Costa Rica, active adventures in Australia, equine retreats for women, and wellness escapes within a three-hour drive from your home.

You didn’t even know most of these experiences existed! This one website will save you hundreds of hours planning your future vacations. You decide on a retreat to Thailand with your two closest friends. You seamlessly plan the entire trip and send a booking link to your friends — done!

It's All in the Details

Before the trip, you receive personalized notifications — a hidden restaurant gem in Bangkok to check out before your connecting flight to Koh Samui, COVID-19 requirements & what to do if you get sick in Thailand, and even packing tips given the current weather forecast (also, remember to bring pants if you want to visit the Grand Palace).

A Welcomed Surprise

Just before you depart, a welcome kit arrives on your front porch. In it, you find an eco-friendly water bottle to stay hydrated during your long flight and an overview of Iyengar yoga (the practice is on the retreat schedule, and you told us you were just a beginner). You realize this isn’t just another travel booking site — it’s your trusted travel partner.


Share Your Transformational Experience

When you return, you tell us the highlights of the trip – the yoga instructors were terrific, and, surprisingly, you loved the intro to the scuba diving excursion your friends talked you into (seeing a dolphin didn’t hurt). This travel partner not only suggests a few perfect future getaway options but also shares discounts at your local yoga studios and scuba certification classes.

See? The World Really is Your Oyster

With Vacayou, you now have a partner to get inspired, find & book your perfect wellness and active travel experiences, and trust that it will be precisely what you need. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your body & soul or get your heart pumping with adrenaline, Vacayou can make your dreams a reality.