Our Favorite All-Inclusive Resorts in North America

Last updated March 10, 2024

All-inclusive resort getaways are more attractive than ever, and there’s no wonder why. Travel-goers are catching onto the benefits they offer, including a hassle-free experience and a true and unadulterated taste of bliss.

The beauty of booking an all-inclusive getaway is its “set it and forget it” approach to vacation planning. Once your stay is booked, nearly all your decisions—the big ones at least—are made for you, leaving you with nothing but time to kick back, unwind and rejoice in relaxation.  

Read on as we dive into the perks of opting for an all-inclusive resort getaway as your next travel destination. We also share some of our favorite all-inclusive resorts around the world that are just waiting for you to check-in.

What Is an All-Inclusive?

First and foremost, let’s dish the details on what exactly an all-inclusive is. Just as the name suggests, an all-inclusive offers all the essentials you’ll need for a worthwhile getaway—accommodations, food and even activities. You’re sure to get almost all you’ll need for one flat fee. Of course, there may be extra charges for certain things (isn’t there always).

Now, the thought of an everything included vacation may send you right to the bow of a cruise ship. But we’re not talking about tourists adorned in kitschy Hawaiian shirts, waiting in line for unlimited soft serve ice cream. 

Instead, think more of a peaceful, all-encompassing haven of tranquility, where guests are pampered and served culinary delicacies. We’re talking a high-end, serenity escape, where all you need is within the confines of the property. 

What’s Does an All-Inclusive Resort Getaway Include?

So, what does the “all” in all-inclusive resort getaway consist of? The specifics of inclusions range from one property to the next. That said, the cost is sure to cover the basics wherever you go. 

You can expect an all-inclusive anywhere in the world to cover nightly accommodations, unlimited food, drinks (often including alcohol), endless entertainment and activities.   

Take BodyHoliday for example, an all-inclusive that prioritizes adventure. The BodyHoliday luxury resort is located steps away from the beach in Saint Lucia and is known for its world-class wellness activities, including sailing, kayaking, water skiing, scuba, archery and windsurfing. 

Beyond their thrill-inducing activities, BodyHoliday is not only a foodie haven, but also a temple of tranquility offering award-winning spa and luxury accommodations. 

Experience It All at an All-Inclusive

Let loose at the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit’s theme night, where you can party like royalty and live the high life. 

Or ground yourself by teeing up and taking to the green at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya’s property located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This Grand Velas property is ten minutes away from Gran Coyote Golf, a course including eight lakes and 71 obstacles, designed by golf legend Nick Price.

No matter your preferences, they’re sure to be met at an all-inclusive resort. Need more proof? Read on to learn about the pros of booking an all-inclusive.

The Benefits of Booking an All-Inclusive Resort Getaway

1. Minimal Planning Required

Relinquish the stress of planning and eliminate your pre-travel anxiety by booking an all-inclusive resort getaway.. 

Forget scouring online forums researching areas to avoid, or restaurants to steer clear. Don’t worry about organizing activities, seeking out multiple accommodations or even ways to commute. 

This route removes the hassle of mapping out every detail of your trip. In fact, many all-inclusives offer an itinerary and possible activities. Heading to an award-winning spa and not sure where to start? No problem. 

At The Lodge at Woodloch, an award-winning destination spa in Pennsylvania, their personal spa concierge is ready to design a customized experience to meet guests’ needs. 

Or Canyon Ranch resorts (Tucson, Woodside and Lenox), which provide customizable programs comprising adventure, pampering and mindfulness. Their staff of experts is also there to help and guide guests in creating a tailored program.

2. Offerings for Everyone

All-inclusives are a safe bet because there is something for everyone. Guaranteed.

For the group of friends looking to up their wellness game, consider the nutrition and health-oriented resorts, like Red Mountain Resort in Utah, Skyterra Wellness Retreat in North Carolina or Hilton Head Health in South Carolina. 

The three prioritize wellness, but you won’t leave without sinking your teeth into a gourmet meal, too. 

Choose laid back, ranch-style luxury at The Ranch at Rock Creek, or any of the three Miraval U.S. properties (Austin, Massachusetts and Tucson) for those seeking an equine experience. 

Not into horses? No problem. The Miraval properties are a fit for everyone with their curated personalized experiences. The possibilities are endless, including fitness and outdoor adventures and their award-winning Life in Balance spa. 

Before you hit the hay, don’t forget to look up! Spend your evening under the stars, admiring the expansive beauty of the great outdoors.

If romance is in the air, the Meliá Punta Cana Beach property is an adults-only upscale beachfront resort; a tropical haven hugging the coast of the Dominican Republic, with oceanfront views of the Caribbean.

Or, if you’re bringing little ones, consider the Paradisus properties: Playa del Carmen, Cancun or Los Cabos. All of these include dedicated kid fun zones. 

No matter the occasion, destination or desire, an all-inclusive is sure to satisfy all guests involved. 

3. A True Taste of Relaxation

Let’s face it—vacations can be exhausting. With finite time allotted to a trip, there’s often a pressure to pack it full of activities.

What’s intended to be an escape from everyday life usually ends up leaving us more drained than ever after returning. 

Rather than embarking on an excursion, all-inclusives promote slowing down the pace, while bringing the vacation to you.

Take one of our popular all-inclusive resort getaways, the award-winning luxury Palmaïa, The House of AïA in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Here, you’ll be able to zen out and elevate your self-care.

Slowly roll out of bed to the sound of birds singing. Kick-start your morning with an immersive ritual and deep connecting ceremony. Spend the afternoon lounging by the pool and taking in the views of the oceanside jungle. Round out the evening with a gourmet meal and unwind at their award-winning spa. 

If you’re seeking an all-inclusive getaway of mindfulness and holistic healing, consider Le Monastère des Augustines located in the heart of Old Québec, Canada. Expect tranquility and a rejuvenated spirit at this monastery-turned-resort. 

You’re guaranteed to feel the stress dissipate, and a sense of weightlessness emerge over your body. 

If tapping into your creativity relaxes you, consider the intimate Lake Austin Spa Resort. This secluded Texas hideaway is known for its Creative RX program, designed to unleash guests’ imagination and quell stress through watercolor painting, smartphone photography, journaling, basket weaving and more.

Treat yourself to the undeniable taste of serenity offered only by an all-inclusive. 

All-Inclusive Getaway Considerations

The upsides of all-inclusives seem near endless, and it’s because they just about are. However, we can acknowledge that they may not be for everyone.

All-inclusives may not be for those looking to travel cheap. The price tag of an all-inclusive can be steeper than a plan-it-yourself vacation, especially if you’re on a strict budget. After all, all-inclusives typically include nightly accommodations, daily meals, amenities, activities and often even service charges.

Although, compare the cost to a vacation you’d plan yourself and you may be surprised to find how close in cost the two are. 

If you’re passionate about mapping out your own itinerary from square one, you may decide to pass on an all-inclusive this time around. 

But for those who value saving time and energy they’d otherwise dedicate toward researching and planning their trip, the ease of convenience offered by an all-inclusive is truly invaluable. 

Have you ever returned from a trip feeling like you needed a vacation from your vacation? All-inclusive resort getaways are the secret to a truly soul-soothing, refreshing escape from everyday life. 

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