5 Fun Fitness Trends You Need to Try

Bored with your current fitness routine? We’ve rounded up 5 fun fitness trends you need to try now! 

Doing the same workout day-in and day-out gets old real fast. Besides being fun, mixing up your fitness routine may benefit your cardiovascular, mental and emotional health. 

Studies show that learning a new cognitive skill (even a Zumba step) helps keep your neurons firing and your brain mentally sharp. Plus it can help reduce overwhelming negative thoughts.

Studies also show that changing up your workout routine can help break through that dreaded roadblock—be it a weight loss plateau or fitness rut. To combat feeling stuck on your fitness journey,  you may need to dial up (or down) your workout.

Better yet, try a fun fitness trend! 

So, whether you’re bored with your fitness routine or trying to build a consistent exercise habit, look for ways to add in fun by varying your workouts.

Here are  5 fun fitness trends you need to try now… especially if you are bored (or unmotivated) with your current routine.

1. Primal Play: A fitness trend based on evolutional movement 


A unique fitness method, backed by science and research, the Primal Play Method™ was developed by Darryl Edwards. The purpose of this fun fitness trend is to move like your ancestors moved and gain therapeutic benefits.

The workout is carefully designed to release overall stress, make you more fit and prevent disease. The real fun though is the creativity and the communities behind the method.

Crawl like a bear, walk like a duck, climb a tree, or carry a friend. The many movements are backed up by the science of exercise physiology, play psychology and evolutionary biology.

Primal Play focuses on the way we humans are wired to live to be healthy and joyful, by studying the way we lived thousands of years ago. Dancing to drums, hunting, hiking, fishing, playing, celebrating and much more, are the foundation behind this method. 

Prepare to have lots of fun, sweat, explore your body fully and laugh a lot.

2. Zwift: Physical meets virtual

Zwift indoor cycling app

Let’s face it, technology isn’t going anywhere and we train more indoors than we did before. What makes Zwift a fun fitness trend is that not only can you access different virtual worlds and adventures, but you also compete with other cyclists and runners across the globe. 

You can also be part of different communities and work out together. This social fitness trend is much more fun than working out at home solo. All you need is equipment—either use your own indoor bike or treadmill, or use the Zwift app at the gym on their equipment.

3. Hula Hoops: Move and have fun with others 

fun fitness trends hula hooping flow dancing

Okay, so hula hoops have been popular for some time now and this trend keeps on spinning. Who knew that something you did as a child would turn out to be popular, fun and beneficial!?

This fun fitness trend is not just about taking your regular hula hoop (although it is kind of fun just hula hooping), there are tons of varieties of hula hoops and classes. 

You can spin that weighted hoop and adjust the weight as you wish to work on the muscles you most want. Or, there is the option to train at home, with your kids, at work or in a fitness class with others. You can also put on a YouTube video and have some jumping fun with it. Let’s hope that the hula hoop fitness trend is here to stay!

4. Bounce Bungee: Bounce away your stress

fun fitness trends bounce bungee women at fitness class

This one might be a little hard to navigate at first but as you learn to trust and handle your bungee, you’ll definitely have lots of fun! Bounce Bungee is a fun fitness trend that is an incredible workout for your entire body. 

If it’s cardio you’re looking for, and feel the burn in your muscles, the Bounce Bungee lets you finally do that in a fun way. It’s especially great for those who don’t enjoy exercise in general but still want to get into shape.

After a hard day of work or a stressful week, this fun fitness trend will honestly not let you worry about a thing as you bounce around—and without a doubt release stress from your mind and body. 

5. Trapeze Yoga: Gain balance and strength upside down

fun fitness trends woman-practicing-flydance-trapeze-yoga-poses

It can be your go-to before trying Aerial Yoga or you might just stick to Trapeze Yoga. This is another fun fitness trend where you have to trust the equipment—aka the trapeze. The exercise reminds you of aerial yoga but is better suited for beginners, although only you know how much of a challenge you’re up to! 

This yoga style helps increase your flexibility and balance and helps your body to realign itself. The inversions – hanging upside down – are good for your blood circulation, send oxygen to your brain, and help relax and calm your body. Overall, Trapeze Yoga increases your strength and muscles, strengthens your core – your important center – and is known to increase your mood. Lots of endorphins, lots of play, and a more fit body make this a workout that is super enjoyable.

Just remember that you might need to practice this several times before you get used to the inversions. Trust us, it will be worth the patience!

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