The Most Extravagant Wellness Retreats (and Why The Price per Night is Worth It)

Last updated March 1, 2024

When it comes to the word “extravagant” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Helicopter rides, private island getaways, over-water bungalows?

When it comes to extravagant wellness retreats, some of these may be par to the course. But, we’re taking it a step further and focusing on the well-being wow factor.

While some of these adventures may be a bit beyond our financial reach, we, as humans, are aspirational creatures.

It won’t be long before other resorts are following suit and offering more affordable options for all budgets. Or our stock investments start paying off. Plus, it never hurts—only inspires—to do some destination window shopping.

Here are our picks for the most extravagant wellness retreats and why they are totally worth the price.

1. Signature Retreats at The Ranch Malibu — California

Located just west of Los Angeles, I originally heard about The Ranch Malibu over a dinner conversation while in LA for a work meeting.

A woman raving, “You have to go to The Ranch. Their retreats will transform you!” After looking it up, I see how infamous this place is—known internationally and with local celebrities alike.

The Ranch offers a variety of extravagant wellness retreats designed to recalibrate the mind and body through fitness and wellness routines, along with a very structured plant-based diet. You can choose from a long-weekend 4-day jumpstart plan or a full-on 9-day detox.

If you don’t know what suits you best, check out the signature The Ranch Retreat, which focuses on boosting your immune system while detoxing your mind.. This retreat is offered 52 weeks a year with the option to extend your stay for multiple weeks.

2. Como Parrot Cay Wellness — Turks & Caicos

As if the turquoise waters aren’t enough to draw you in, COMO Parrot Cay is a private island resort in the Provincials Turks and Caicos.

With luxury beach house vibes and expansive, pristine sands, I can personally say that the beaches of Turks and Caicos are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever stepped foot on.

Along with a daily schedule of wellness events, they host visiting masters of their healing trades to lead retreats and workshops.

Part of the COMO Shambhala Retreat offers holistic, Asian-inspired treatments such as Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and other holistic approaches to physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

3. Bawah Journeys to Well-Being — Bawah Reserve, Indonesia

Located at the southernmost island of the Anambas Archipelago in Indonesia, getting to Bawah is an adventure on its own. And well worth it.

Bawah Reserve positions itself to be more than a destination, but a sanctuary to enrich your soul. I was fortunate to visit Bawah Reserve when they first launched their well-being journeys back in early 2020. The question isn’t IF I’d return to Bawah Reserve, but rather, WHEN.

What appealed to me with this journey is that it wasn’t just focused on movement and food. It incorporated a variety of self-exploratory exercises and activities that helped me become more self-aware and (in some ways) illuminated.

You can get a wellness experience in just about any destination that you personally venture to. That’s all in the planning, and in the mindset.

What you can’t get anywhere? The friendliness of the Indonesian family and culture working there. I also found the attention to detail to be mighty special. Each night, an eco gift is left on your pillow, reminding you to be a bit kinder to the planet.

The inspired vision of the architect, laying out strategically a balanced room, structures and overall resort plan. The coral reefs below your paddleboard as you cruise over and above the bright blue, clear waters.

4. SHA Wellness Clinic — Alicante, Spain

They had me at “Hola, bienestar” (Spanish for “Hi, wellness”). Just try googling “Top Luxury Wellness” without SHA popping up in most categories.

In the Sierra Helada Mountains in Spain, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, SHA Wellness Clinic spans more than 6,000 square meters and is known to be one of the best medical spas (and extravagant wellness retreats) in all of Europe.

A true destination to heal, they have four main programs: General Wellness, Post-COVID, Rejuvenation, and Weight-Control and Detox. The SHA Method integrates natural therapies with science, coordinating supervised fusions of therapies to create and instill alignment of mind, body and soul.

White decor, clean aesthetics infused with natural elements and a breath of freshness, I’ve already inquired about one of their residences for sale after writing this. Dream big, right?

5. Kamalaya Wellness — Koh Samui, Thailand

Known to be one of the best wellness retreats in all of Asia (you read that correctly), Kamalaya is best known for its beautiful property and holistic treatments such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tucked between the flourishing jungle and turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand, you can choose between 76 guest rooms, suites or villas on their expansive land.

Their variety of wellness programs range anywhere from 3 to 9 nights. If it’s your first time, we recommend booking at least 5-7.

Programs are varied yet targeted toward your health goals. These range from Immunity, Detox, Stress & Burnout to Sleep, Improve Posture (as I sit up straight), Gut Health, Fitness and Sabbatical.

6. Balance Wellness By Anantara Veli-Maldives Resort — Maldives

The Maldives has been a long-standing destination for extravagance and luxury. Add in the feature of wellness to any property makes it that much more of a destination to visit.

Anantara Veli Maldives is specifically a wellness resort focusing on Ayurvedic therapies and holistic treatments, along with physical and nutritional preparations.

Located in the Indian Ocean, Anantara Veli is an adults-only resort, popular if you’re going with a partner or taking some solo self-love and healing time.

The Balance Wellness program is a bit looser, in that you can pick and choose how much or how little you want to do. Overwater bungalows keep you in the flow 24/7 allowing you unlimited possibilities at this extravagant wellness retreat.

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