Top 5 Spa Therapies for Wellness Travelers

Last updated November 15, 2022

For decades, millions have enjoyed spa therapies as a means to rejuvenation and restoration. For wellness travelers looking to go beyond the traditional spa escape, there are several new spa trends that offer guests exceptional ways to explore holistic health.

The following represents some of the most intriguing spa offerings around today. 

1. Forest Bathing

forest bathing

For some spa and wellness centers, a focus on mindfulness and one’s surroundings plays a central role.

Forest bathing, which originated in Japan, represents an immersive experience in wooded nature designed to enhance health.

Notably, this spa trend is believed to enhance energy and mood through meditation experiences. And at the same time, it also promotes greater environmental awareness about earth’s ecosystems. 

2. Crystal Healing Therapies

crustal healing therapies

A number of spa and wellness centers now offer crystal and gemstone healing sessions to promote holistic health.

Crystals and gems help balance the chakras and enhance well-being. For example, clear quartz is believed to boost immunity while rose quartz enhances circulation.

These spa therapies are expanding to spa resorts and retreats, with some literally on crystal mountains (The Retreat Costa Rica) and others using crystal bowls as a form of sound healing and meditation.

3. Digital Detox 

digital detox

Wellness escapes to ranches and natural ecosystems are becoming increasingly popular for those wishing to disconnect from technology.

But spa trends are also embracing these opportunities through unique wellness offerings.

Specifically, Shungite stones are used in foot cleansing activities and are believed to provide electromagnetic shielding. Combined with focused massage, many spas are now advancing wellness by addressing issues common to digital device overload. 

4. Goat Yoga

goat yoga

One of the most intriguing and interesting spa trends of late is goat yoga.

Yes—the horned, bleating, four-legged animal. While many spa and wellness centers offer more traditional yoga, some have expanded into this eclectic activity.

During sessions, small goats interact and climb on yogis during their poses. In addition to receiving the health benefits of yoga, the goats offer additional wellness through pet therapy techniques. Pet therapy facilitates relaxation, mood enhancement, and alleviation of stress. 

5. Cryotherapy

Image Source: Medical News Today

This wellness activity is not for the faint of heart. During cryotherapy, individuals proceed through a series of extremely cold temperatures to as low as -110 Celsius.

This is a popular spa trend because it is believed to reduce inflammation, pain, and depression.

Fortunately, cryotherapy is quite brief lasting only a few minutes. Though previously offered by few spa centers, it is becoming more and more common. 

A trip to the spa is still a major part of wellness travel. Spa getaways continue to play a major role in wellness tourism growth overall.

In addition to traditional wellness offerings, many wellness destinations now include more exotic and unusual activities.

Embracing both the old and the new, these spa trends invite unique experiences for the traveler, while promoting better health and wellness. These new spa offerings and wellness activities are sure to please. 

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