Top 10 Wellness Essentials for Travel

Last updated November 3, 2023

Packing for a wellness getaway requires additional forethought and planning versus traditional types of travel. The type of ensuing vacation greatly affects what’s needed most. Regardless of the type of excursion, some items are “must-haves.”

Many items can be defined as wellness essentials while others may be specific to the activities you will enjoy. With this in mind, here’s a list of wellness essentials for wellness vacations.

1. Clothing

Unlike other types of vacations, wellness travel tends to be more relaxed. As a result, stylish loungewear, workout clothes, and possible clothing layers are good items to might consider.

Specifically, clothing layers allows for unexpected changes in temperature and climate. Of course, a couple of more “dressy” outfits can be a good idea for special occasions. But comfortable usually wins out over formal when packing for wellness travel. 

2. Shoes

Women—and stylish men—know that shoes matter. A lot. They matter even more for everyone of all stripes when heading on an active vacation. Choose shoes that are already “broken in” to help avoid blisters. Take corn pads if your favorite hiking boots rub against skin to prevent said blisters.

Hiking in a forest or up a mountain? Could be wet and cold or dry and hot. To save room and weight, pack lots of types of socks instead of lots of types of shoes. Finally, check with the tour company if there are any recommendations on soles, especially for a more-extreme hiking adventure. Your soul will thank you.

3. Sun Protection

Wellness travel often involves outdoor activities and events, and as a result, having proper sun protection is important. This naturally includes items such as sun block, skin lotions, aloe and bug spray. To avoid being forced to check a bag because of all the liquids there are two options.

If the vacation is in a remote destination or all-inclusive resort where these items can be many times the cost, purchase them in an airport shop after going through security. Otherwise just get them on location. Do we have to mention sunglasses (sunnies for you Aussies) and an appropriate hat or two? I guess so.

4. Swim & Spa Attire

Whether staying at a spa resort or exploring nature it is always a good idea to bring swimwear on a wellness travel vacation. Many hotel resorts have both pools and hot tubs, and some wellness retreats offer therapeutic activities in mineral springs. And there always might be an unexpected body of water to jump in to on the way.

The good thing is these items are light and don’t take up much room. 

5. Electrolytes & Hydration

Take a water bottle on every trip, wellness or otherwise. Always. Saves plastic and money — just fill it up after security. In addition to staying well-hydrated during travel itself, water is an essential during your wellness travel.

From helping your body eliminate toxins to refreshing your skin’s appearance, hydration remains a cornerstone for maintaining your body’s well-being. Savvy travelers also take flavored packets or vitamin c tabs to add vitamins, minerals, and other electrolytes since it’s sometimes difficult to always get fresh fruit and vegetables while traveling.

6. Probiotics 

A major part of wellness involves the health of our gastrointestinal tract. The majority of our immune system resides in our gut and probiotics promote a healthy gut lining. Therefore, including probiotics in your wellness travel not only avoids unwanted GI symptoms but also improves overall well-being.

If all else fails, or these are forgotten, plan on eating a lot of yogurt while away from home.  

7. Skincare

While wellness travel may not demand as many skincare products as other types of travel, they remain important. Facial creams and moisturizers should be included to prevent skin from becoming dry. Similarly, body lotions and oils can rejuvenate skin.

For the fitness traveler, having the proper blister care is always welcomed.  

8. Activity-Specific Items

While many items essential to wellness travel are common for all types of trips, some require more specific considerations. For example, if going on a prolonged hiking tour, a pair of comfortable and rugged hiking boots should be included.

If travel includes a cycling excursion, padded bicycle shorts might be a good idea. And specific activities like golf, tennis, and yoga will likely require their own specific items.  

9. Camera and/or Smartphone

When choosing wellness travel, one may wish to disconnect from technology as a means to de-stress. This is especially true on spiritual retreats or mindfulness excursions. But even so, capture moments of beauty and magnificence on a camera or smartphone.

When packing, consider this and include the appropriate devices — and charging batteries, cords and adapters — accordingly.  

10. A Journal and/or Mindful Read

For all types of wellness travel, carrying a journal along can be quite rewarding. Logging thoughts, emotions, and other insights fosters personal growth and health. Journaling offers a wonderful opportunity to explore wellness at many levels.

At the same time, wellness travel often offers greater opportunities to relax and indulge in reading. Therefore, including a book in your luggage that promotes mindfulness, spiritual growth, or enhanced wellness is also a great idea.

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