Get Ready for a Men’s Spa Day

Last updated August 30, 2023

More spas are stepping up to the plate in offering a men’s spa day. Here’s where to get pampered.

Spa and aesthetic treatments specifically for men have traditionally been an afterthought in many North American spas and salons. 

Fortunately, many spas in recent years have woken up to the fact they can increase their clientele (and revenues) by addressing the needs of men who could benefit from a variety of body and aesthetic services. Better late than never.

As a male spa enthusiast who has been visiting spas around the world for 30 years, I heartily welcome the changes to a more gender-neutral spa environment. Some spas are even taking it a step further by offering a range of male-centric treatments. 

Not all guys want to smell like lavender or a floral bouquet after a massage or scrub. It’s time for an oil change. A massage oil change that ditches the floral scents and brings on wood and citrus scents. 

Bring on a men’s spa day! 

Four Spas That Cater to a Men’s Spa Day

1. We Do Men—A Male Concept Spa 

Stacey Grondahl, aka “The Manhandler,” and owner of We Do Men spa (yes, you read it right) is certainly a disruptor in the spa industry. You won’t find the latest top ten Muzak spa hits playing at her spa.

What you will find is a “Booze, tunes and taboos” menu of services and male-centric spa operation. Guys will feel a definite testosterone vibe here. Meaning, no froo-froo environment.

It’s a cheeky and fun atmosphere. The very saucy website plays with lines such as, “Where every visit creates a seriously happy ending.” Along with that cheekiness comes a healthy dose of education and advice with every treatment.

Taking the Fluff Out of the Men’s Day Spa Experience

Grondahl and her team are not afraid to tell clients what they are doing wrong and what they should be doing when it comes to proper skincare, grooming and more.  

One customer posted a review saying, “Stacey has a wealth of knowledge about the industry. And it really shows when you talk to her about the different products and treatments, and their actual benefits with a lot of insight on what products to avoid.”

We Do Men doesn’t hold back the sexual innuendo and more locker room-style language when naming her treatments.

Here’s just a sample of the skincare and massage offerings:

  • Instant Gratification— FDA-cleared micro-current and red light therapy
  • You Can Take It (from behind)—the backside cleanup
  • The Sake Bomb —the peel that leaves your skin drunk for days
  • Stay Lubed—a hardcore peel for the face and body with omega fatty acids, orange, clover and grapeseed oils
  • It’s Spreading—a peel for feet (but not for diabetics)
  • What a Prick—the spa’s signature treatment using cacti and as Grondahl describes BADASS massage tactics

We Do Men believe laughter is the best medicine. You can be sure besides professional treatments your funny bone will get quite the workout as well.

2. Guys Rule at Bodé Spa 

Many spa menus insert the word “Men’s” in front of traditional facials or massages. But are there any real differences in the treatment? In most cases, the aesthetic ingredients, oils and the procedures used are the same. However, their needs can be very different.

“Men should seek out therapists that are trained to work on men. Plus have experience doing so for three reasons: safety, quality and comfort,” says Aharon Trottier, Bodé Spa for Men co-CEO and owner. He adds, “Safety is important, particularly when performing male genital grooming services.” Amen to that. 

Bodé Spa for Men, Canada’s first spa just for men, opened in Ottawa 14 years ago. These days, there’s also a second location in Toronto. Bodé considers all aspects of spa operations and environment. These include robes and sandals that fit all sizes of guys as well as massage and grooming services performed on wider massage tables and chairs.

Men are more prone to fungal nail infections and tend to have thicker, coarse body hair and increased sebaceous skin oil than women. Bodé’s services are customized to address these conditions. 

Bodé Basic Training

Trottier points out most aesthetic schools devote only a few hours of training to work with male clientele. Since most students are exclusively female they never or rarely work on male clients.

In addition to the standard education and certifications therapists and aestheticians would require, Bodé employees also take a six-to-eight-week course on how best to serve male clientele. The therapists and aestheticians learn about men’s skin characteristics and products best suited for various skin types and situations. 

Bodé offers a range of body and aesthetic treatments. Services include:

  • Partial Brozilian—men’s version of a Brazilian (I’ll take a pass)
  • Bacial—recommended if you have cystic acne or ingrown hair issues on the back which require extractions
  • Hand Fix—manicure for guys with emphasis on split nails, chopped cuticles and finishes with a hand and forearm massage
  • Sock Destroyer—a pedicure treatment (great for older/overweight guys having a hard time cutting their toenails) buffing included)
  • D.I.F. Beard Facial—beard cleanse, exfoliation, conditioning treatment beard mask, warm beard oil, facial massage, and concludes with brushing and balm application (for dry, itchy and flaky beards)
  • King of Bodé—basically the works for 4.5 hours beginning with a Hand and Foot Fix, two-hour massage and scrub, specialized facial and hot towels (you will feel like King Calm after this)

3. To Sir with Care

Sidney Poitier was the epitome of class, strength of character, and a smile that would light up a room. He would be right at home visiting the Sir Spa in Chicago, for a spa treatment with its distinctive brick walls,  dark wood tones and furnishings.

At Sir Spa, which bills itself, “Where Men Get Their Go,” they offer a full range of services from facials, manicures, pedicures, massages, scrubs and male grooming services. In the more relaxed and male-focused environment (though one can arrange the couple’s treatment in their special couple’s suite), men can try out for example the SIR-zilian waxing treatment, basically the men’s version of a Brazilian. Trained professionals are ready to peel away that pesky hair growth where the family jewels reside. 

Moving up the body, Sir Spa offers a range of facials from Oxygen Hydration, LED Light Facial and a SIR Customized Face Treatment. Before deciding on a treatment the spa provides a complimentary Men’s Skin Assessment to determine your skin’s condition and type.

Many packages are available. These include The Crown Jewels, a 5.5-hour day of decadence with a 1.5-hour SIR Customized Massage, SIR Scrub, Hydration Wrap, Age Recovery Face Treatment, Hand Detail, Foot Recovery and lunch. 

4. Soothing Golf Balls at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North Spa

Arizona’s Sonoran Desert teeming with saguaro cacti and boulders is the dramatic backdrop at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale. It’s also home to the award-winning Troon North golf course—a treat for any golfer to play. Many duffers head to the resort’s spa before or after a round for one of their most popular treatments: the Golfer’s Massage

This is the ideal option for a reluctant male to try a massage for the first time. This therapeutic massage uses warmed golf balls (dimples and all) to knead the body while incorporating a variety of stretches to loosen any body stiffness. Your body will be relaxed and make your swing fluid for you to chase those birdies or wayward balls!  

Another treatment you may want to try while embracing the desert elements is a Prickly Pear Renewal, a 90-minute prickly pear body scrub followed by a full body massage with prickly pear oil.

Or try their Weekend Warrior Massage with a focus on the legs which applies a magnesium-rich scrub to get those muscles restored and circulation moving. The full-body massage uses mountain arnica and sage which will help reduce inflammation and soreness.

Nothing Wrong With Taking a Men’s Spa Day

Men care just as much about their health and well-being as women. It’s encouraging to see more spas recognizing this fact.

These are only a small sampling of spas that have started to cater to the specific needs of men. Real men may not like quiche but they do like going to the spa when there is a welcoming environment and services for them. 

What more of a reason do you need to enjoy a men’s spa day?

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