Culinary Experiences: A Delicious New Trend in Wellness Travel

Last updated November 3, 2023

The boom in wellness travel is nothing new. For the past several years, people from all over the world are immersing themselves in wellness experiences.

But as more wellness centers and resorts offer spas, yoga and a variety of fitness activities, some guests want more. In addition to enhancing their health through activities and meditation, they also want to eat healthy. As a result, consumer demand is encouraging an increasing number of retreats to offer healthy food and immersive culinary experiences.

Today’s culinary retreats range from healthy cooking classes to wine pairings. The sheer number of culinary experiences has evolved significantly and include many creative options.

And food and culinary escapes range in both price and length of time. For the wellness traveler who wants to explore healthy cooking and dining, this trend suits them well.

So Many Healthy Culinary Experiences, So Little Time!

The food and culinary escapes mentioned below are just a few of the many such experiences available today. Some offer healthy cooking using organic gardens and aquaponics.

Others offer BBQ boot camps with a focus on food orientation and preparation. And many now offer healthy cooking advice and demonstrations so you may continue eating well at home. Without question, total wellness includes healthy cooking and dining, which many resorts now appreciate.

With a commitment to holistic health, many wellness retreats are putting their money where their guests’ mouths are! And to highlight this, here are a few such food and culinary retreats available today.

1. The Resort at Paws Up (Montana)

The Resort at Paws Up offers fly-fishing, rappelling, ATV rides and many other wellness adventures. But recently, it also added culinary experiences for their guests. Healthy cooking demonstrations are routinely arranged with a variety of celebrity chefs.

The intimate and engaging classes educate wellness travelers about healthy cooking and how to “wow” their guests.

2. Meadowland (Napa Valley)

As you might imagine, Meadowland Napa Valley naturally offers wine tastings and vineyard tours as part of its wellness experiences. Likewise, it also offers bicycling tours, spa indulgences and a variety of fitness classes.

But guests can now also receive a consultation with a nutritionist as part of their culinary retreat. And healthy cooking classes are also part of some packages for guests who choose to stay longer.

3. Veritas Winery (Virginia)

Nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains, Veritas Vineyard & Winery boasts wine education classes for its guests.

This wellness resort is focused on more than just wine. In addition to yoga and hiking excursions, guests may partake in a number of healthy cooking classes.

Likewise, the resort prides itself on organic, farmhouse meals. As a result, Veritas Winery offers healthy food indulgences for the wellness traveler.

4. Haley’s Farm (Maryland)

On average, most Americans gain 8 pounds when on vacation. Haley’s Farm seeks to change this by introducing a complete wellness experience. This experience not only includes yoga and meditation in a completely serene and picturesque setting.

It also includes healthy cooking instructions and nutrition education for the food enthusiast. Rather than having just a vacation, Haley Farms wants to provide its guests with a “well-cation.”

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