Crystal Healing Therapies: Add Sparkle to Your Spa Treatment

Last updated December 1, 2023

People have been using crystals for wellness purposes for centuries. Their use dates back to the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia, as well as ancient Greece and Egypt.

But they have recently seen a resurgence in popularity—and they have made their way into the spa scene, too. 

You may have seen celebrities, from Katy Perry to Gwyneth Paltrow, endorsing the powers of crystals. And you have probably also seen a growing number of crystal-infused products, crystal jewelry and even crystal shops.

It’s not uncommon to see people carrying crystals in their pockets and purses. 

Some crystal-lovers say the stones have specific energetic and vibrational healing properties. Different stones can serve different purposes, they believe. Some believe crystals can help shift energy or focus energy. 

Others use crystals for more intangible purposes—such as a touchstone to help remind them to breathe, center, feel grounded or whatever they want to feel at that time.

For these people, crystals make intangible concepts tangible for us humans.

Crystals in the Spa 

As more people believe in (or remember) the power and importance of crystals, spas are weaving the use of crystals into their menus. 

Crystals are a way to elevate a treatment to a new level. You can add them to a massage or facial—adding in another layer of experience. 

Incorporating crystals instantly makes the treatment personalized. Spas do this by using products infused with crystals or using crystal rollers. Jade rollers are popular to use during a facial. 

Another way to bring crystals into a treatment is for the client to hold onto crystals or place certain crystals on parts of their body. 

Even just decorating the treatment room with crystals or intentionally placing them underneath the massage table or in specific areas of the room can have an impact. 

For example, selenite is said to clear and cleanse, which makes it an ideal stone to bring into a treatment room. 

Other spas are taking it further, with more specific treatments, like the Saxon Spa’s crystal therapy. 

This South African spa offers sound therapy with crystal therapy, designed to re-energize your chakra center. This signature therapy uses clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz and aventurine, whose vibration is said to be enhanced by Tibetan singing bowls. 

This treatment is supposed to help you relax, reduce stress and stimulate the immune system. 

Crystal Healing Specific Treatments

The Soak Spa and Foot Sanctuary in Fort Collins, Colorado, offers a variety of different crystal-specific treatments, starting with Crystal Reflexology. This hour-long treatment uses crystal “healing wands” on the feet, hands and ears. Crystal Reflexology is designed to balance your being. 

Or ask about Crystal Chakra Balancing, an intuitive-based session that combines crystal therapy and energy healing to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. 

The Soak Spa also offers Integrative Massage and Crystal Healing for an hour or an hour and a half. This brings crystal healing to massage therapy, to balance the chakras, clear blocked energy and more. 

To do this, the therapist places crystals on the body’s different chakra centers. The treatment is personalized, based on what the client needs. 

The Hotel Corona in the Dolomites offers a full menu of gemstone and crystal treatments, such as the Corona Crystal Massage. 

This special kind of gemstone massage combines the relaxing effects of massage with the healing powers of gemstones. The holistic treatment uses the energy of the stones, their colors and chakras during a special massage in order to activate the energy flow in the body, and create a balance between body and mind.

Matching Healing Crystals to Your Needs

The Hotel Corona’s spa also has special gemstone oils that are heated and then used in combo with actual gemstones during your massage:

  • For relaxation: blue quartz, magnesites or dumortierite. 
  • For stress reduction: smoky quartz. 
  • To improve your energy flow: sodalite or amber. 
  • For feelings of self-confidence and security: agate, greenstone or ophite. 
  • For regeneration (as well as resilience in stressful situations), there’s epidote, ocean chalcedony or ruby zoisite. 
  • To boost feelings of youthfulness: green fluorite. 

In the past, you could find other crystal-centric treatments at the Ritz-Carlton Spa, Los Angeles, which worked with a metaphysical shop to offer limited-time treatments. Clients picked out crystals that were incorporated into a massage. They then got to take the crystals home with them. 

Other spas have incorporated crystal healing therapies in manicures and pedicures by infusing pieces of raw rose quartz or other crystals in the foot and hand soak and exfoliating feet with crystal scrubs.

In spa shops, look for other ways to bring the healing power of crystals home with you. You might find special water bottles with places to seal crystals, to infuse the water with the crystal’s powers. 

You can also buy crystal face rollers to use on your face at home after you do your skincare routine. 

Whether or not you believe in the healing powers of crystals, or you just think they’re a useful touchstone to help you stay mindful, they can add another layer of fun and intentionality into your spa treatments and everyday wellness routine.

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