10 Sleep Wellness Retreats to Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

Last updated November 16, 2023

Sleep wellness retreats.—the new wellness trend that gives you next-level slumber. This kind of retreat seems long overdue, doesn’t it?

This wellness trend doesn’t involve fitness boot camps or spa escapes. Nor does it involve meditation programs or spiritual retreats. It has to do with sleep wellness. A.K.A. the ability to get a good night’s rest.

Labeled sleep retreats, these wellness travel excursions are quite unique in nature. There are more and more wellness travelers who seek a sleep retreat as part of their health pursuits.

As a component of overall holistic health, sleep wellness is crucial. As a matter of fact, it is receiving a lot attention. Sleep retreats provide opportunities to address these needs in a concentrated and proactive way.

One out of every three people worldwide has some difficulty with sleep. Many have insomnia, while others have sleep apnea and other conditions that interrupt their slumber.

Likewise, many people struggle with stress and anxiety in today’s fast-paced environments. This similarly impacts one’s ability to sleep at night and the ability to get ample hours of sleep.

Ten Sleep Retreats for Next-Level Slumber

Fortunately, several sleep retreats are now available to enhance sleep wellness and address these issues. The following represents sleep retreats across the globe focused on improving total sleep wellness for their guests. 

1. REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort – Bali, Indonesia

This wellness resort offers a specific sleep wellness retreat that is led by wellness coaches throughout your stay. The program offers instruction and opportunities to relax, meditate, and “de-stress” through a number of activities.

The program also focuses on nutritional aspects of sleep wellness. Meals rich in melatonin and serotonin are all part of the sleep retreat. These meals include foods such as cherries, oats, walnuts, asparagus, and tomatoes known to promote higher quality sleep. 

2. Cartesiano Urban Wellness Center – Mexico

This high-end boutique hotel is located in the historic city of Puebla just southeast of Mexico City. The Circadian Health and Rebalance program is aimed at helping individuals identify their sleep-wake cycles and energy peaks during the day.

It’s suitable for individuals who experience sleep problems, stress, anxiety, or fatigue, as well as those who wish to better understand their body’s natural rhythm and the impact of sleep on their health, creativity, and well-being. The program helps participants align with their biological rhythms, enhance their sleep quality, and learn healthy habits to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

3. Kamalaya Koh Samui – Thailand

The sleep wellness retreat at Kamalaya Koh Samui offers a wonderful combination of both luxury and tranquility. As a result, it is the perfect place to focus on sleep wellness and overall health.

The resort’s Absolute Sanctuary represents the destination’s sleep enhancement wellness program. Specifically, it embraces the concepts of Taoism as part of its sleep retreat.

Aromatherapies, herbal teas, massage and meditation practices are all part of the program. It is well recognized among wellness travelers as a top-notch sleep retreat destination. 

4. Mountain Trek Retreat and Health Spa – British Columbia

As part of a comprehensive wellness program, some sleep retreats include physical activities. This is the case for a sleep retreat located in British Columbia.

The sleep wellness program includes long hikes through the exquisite British Columbia terrain. In addition, nutritious meals, massage, and yoga round out the program to enhance nighttime sleep wellness.

The primary philosophy of this sleep retreat involves disconnecting from technology and reconnecting to nature. No blue lights. In the process, enhanced sleep is enjoyed through natural wellness strategies and techniques. 

5. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz – Switzerland

Taking a more medical approach, the sleep retreat at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz invests in diagnosis and education. Led by Dr. Mark Däppen, guests are offered an array of sleep tests aimed at identifying specific issues.

In addition, sleep wellness education is provided based on testing to facilitate better sleep long-term. Though the experience is unlikely to address all sleep issues immediately, it strives to enhance sleep self-care.

As a result, this sleep retreat is designed for better sleep over time, after the sleep wellness program ends. 

6. Six Senses Kaplankaya – Turkey

This wellness travel destination offers a sleep program entitled “Sleep and De-Stress,” which is led by a sleep physician. The primary focus is on relaxation techniques that include activities such as yoga and meditation.

With the resort located on the Aegean Sea, several nature paths also promote relaxation and sleep wellness. Overall, the primary goal of enhanced sleep combines both traditional and Eastern approaches to wellness. And it accomplishes this in an extremely luxurious, natural setting. 

7. SHA Wellness Clinic – Spain

The recuperative power of sleep is one of the basic pillars to having a healthy life and the lack of sleep is often the cause of premature aging. To this end, SHA has created a unique solution to reset your circadian rhythm.

The Sleep Recovery program, which lasts a minimum of 7 days, uses a diagnostic approach to identify the causes of insomnia, and offers a combination of disciplines such as sleep study, stress management sessions, natural and technological treatments, a personalized nutrition plan, weight control and healthy lifestyle recommendations to restore normal sleep levels and energy levels.

8. Preidlhof Dolce Vita Resort – Italy

Under the guidance of Sleep Medicine experts and Dr. Med. A. Angerer, Preidlhof has crafted a tailored wellness program aimed at improving sleep quality. This program not only assesses night sleep but also considers the quality of one’s day and any underlying physical factors affecting sleep. The goal is to help individuals discover their own unique sleep rhythm.

9. LUX* Bodrum Resort – Turkey

LUX* Bodrum Resort is well-recognized for comprehensive wellness and luxury. Likewise, it also offers a sleep retreat as part of its Vitalica wellness program.

In addition to access to state-of-the-art medical care, the wellness resort holistically approaches sleep wellness. This includes attention to meals and nutrition, physical exercise, relaxation and meditation, spa and massage, and lifestyle education.

As a result, sleep quality is certain to improve with guests well-equipped to pursue better sleep upon their departure. 

10. The Benjamin – Manhattan, NY

Located in the heart of Manhattan, The Benjamin now offers a “Rest and Renew Program” to promote sleep wellness. The sleep retreat has many offerings, including a pillow menu that ranges from water-filled to anti-snoring options.

Also, the resort provides on-demand meditation for guests and sleep masks, earbuds, and noise machines. And Cornell University sleep specialist Dr. Rebecca Robbins offers a team providing 24/7 guest support.

These sleep wellness amenities are increasingly becoming more common among boutique hotels. 

Sleep Wellness Is a Key Part of Holistic Wellness

Naturally, we all want to get a good night’s sleep. That feeling of being refreshed upon awakening and being ready for the day is certainly desirable. Unfortunately, many stresses and pressures exist today that can interfere with good sleep.

Similarly, an array of sleep health conditions can also negatively affect good quality sleep. Poor sleep is linked to many illnesses and poor health conditions.

This includes hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even some cancers. Understanding this, it is understandable why sleep wellness is so important.

The increasing popularity of sleep retreats reflects the greater awareness people have today about the importance of sleep. Because sleep affects our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, the pursuit of holistic health requires attention to sleep quality.

Sleep wellness retreats permit individuals to learn more about how to attain better sleep. Through these wellness escapes, they can adapt better self-care practices that enhance sleep wellness at home. As self-care and holistic health rise in popularity, it is likely that sleep retreats will attract more and more travelers. 

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