Top 10 Meditation & Yoga Retreats in Ireland

Last updated March 6, 2023

Ireland’s rolling emerald hills, majestic natural wonders and ample coastline provide the optimal environment to relax, reflect and recharge. So it should come as no surprise that Ireland is also home to some of the most spectacular and unique yoga and meditation retreats.

From serene cliffside getaways to Arcadian island estates, below are ten of the top yoga and meditation retreats in Ireland.

1. The Cliffs of Moher Retreat

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher attract visitors from all over the world.

But tucked away from the bustle of tourists you’ll find a bucolic and tranquil retreat. Located just a short walk from the beloved landmark, The Cliffs of Moher Retreat is more than a yoga getaway. It is also an organic farm—which means that guests can enjoy a menu of fresh vegetarian options to further add to their wellness experience. 

Perhaps one of the biggest draws is the beautiful views of the Cliffs of Moher and Liscannor Bay. Guests can marvel at nature’s wonder from the large bay window in the yoga studio and during the various hikes on offer.

2. Burren Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center

Burren National Park is not only renowned for having one of the most remarkable and unique landscapes in the country, it is home to one of the best yoga and meditation retreats in Ireland.

Founded over two decades ago, Burren Yoga Retreat prides itself on providing guests a “simple but luxurious” experience. In addition, Burren offers an array of activities that make it easy to relax and unwind.

You’ll find a calendar of retreat options, with varying lengths of stay and types of yoga. From a mindfulness and yoga weekend to a week-long vinyasa yoga retreat, there is an option for all experience levels and availability. The yoga retreat also takes advantage of its beautiful surroundings by including a number of outings in their programming.

But if you prefer to stay indoors, the Burren Yoga Retreat has something for you as well. Their modern center, known as “Burren Bliss,” includes state-of-the-art bedrooms, massage rooms, a dining area and a yoga studio. With light-filled rooms, minimalist decor and sound proofed walls, this building is designed for ultimate relaxation.

3. Prana Yoga Retreats

While Prana Yoga Retreats take place in multiple European countries, their yoga retreat in Ireland is based in Kenmare, County Kerry.

Run by the experienced yoga practitioner, Claire Dunniece, and chef, Piotr Walkowski, Prana Yoga Retreats are an exclusive and intimate experience to relax and unwind.

Since Prana Yoga Retreats are designed to be suitable for guests of all ages and experience levels, they’re perfect for beginners or anyone recovering from an injury. Since the retreat is family run, this also contributes to the more personal and accessible experience that guests will receive.

While on retreat, you can expect meals, accommodation and yoga sessions to be included in the program. Guests are also encouraged to take advantage of hiking trails in the neighboring woods and nearby Killaha Mountain during their stay.

4. Aloha House

You don’t need to fly all the way to Honolulu to immerse yourself in Hawaiian spirituality.

Aloha House in County Kerry provides guests the opportunity to experience a unique and enriching Hawaiian meditation retreat in Ireland—without even having to cross an ocean.  

One such retreat focuses on Hoʻoponopono, which is the Hawaiian practice of forgiving and reconciling. This wellness and meditation retreat here in Ireland offers a rare opportunity for guests to understand the healing powers of this concept from experienced practitioners and traditional healers. 

Spirituality and meditation retreats aren’t the only experiences on offer at Aloha House. You can also book a traditional Lomi Lomi massage, Kua Lua backwalking session or participate in a variety of yoga sessions.

5. Creacon Wellness Retreat

Tucked away in the farmlands of County Waterford you’ll find this yoga and meditation retreat that strikes the perfect balance between quaint and luxurious.

Creacon Wellness Retreat is located just off the eastern bank of the River Barrow. This oasis brings even further light and warmth to the sunny southeast. 

Founded by the world-renowned psychotherapist and motivational speaker, Derek O’Neill, who has been referred to as the “Celtic Sage,” Creacon is one of the top meditation retreats in Ireland. You can expect a full program of events, such as sound bath meditation, Tai chi, japa meditation and happiness workshops.

Guests should also take full advantage of the Well Bean Café, which boasts an impressive selection of gourmet and nutritious meal options. For guests who would like to take their wellness even further, this meditation retreat also offers juice cleanse programs. 

6. The Courtyard Yoga Retreat

Located in ​​the seventeenth century estate village of Shillelagh, The Courtyard Yoga Retreat allows you to leave the busyness of modern life behind.

You’ll be surrounded by traditional decor and ivy-covered stone cottages that create an ambiance designed to engender a sense of bliss and transcendence.

But the exquisite grounds and decor aren’t the only allures of The Courtyard Yoga Retreat. You can also enjoy delectable and nourishing vegetarian meals prepared by the retreat’s owner and trained chef, Olivia.

The Courtyard Yoga Retreat also offers no shortage of variety with their full program consisting of vinyasa yoga, Pranayama breathing techniques and meditation. The Courtyard Yoga Retreat is one yoga retreat in Ireland that is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 

7. Macalla Farm

If you’re looking for a yoga retreat in Ireland that is off the beaten path, look no further than Macalla Farm. Located on the north eastern side of Clare Island, off the coast of Westport in County Mayo, this yoga retreat is a rustic treasure.

The owners describe Macalla Farm as a place for “learning, collaboration and reflection,” and it’s easy to see why. The lush grasslands, ample course offerings and welcoming atmosphere make this yoga retreat the perfect place to develop new skills, meet like-minded people and experience stillness that can help you relax and reflect.

Along with Sati yoga courses, guests can take classes on horsemanship and plant-based cooking. And don’t let the remote location deter you from experiencing Macalla Farm. With frequent ferries from mainland County Mayo, Macalla Farm is secluded enough to escape the bustle, while also still being accessible. 

8. Eagle’s Rock Retreat

As another intimate and family run yoga retreat in Ireland, Eagle’s Rock Retreat offers a convenient escape from the hustle of city life. Drive just an hour and a half north from Dublin, and you’ll find the charming and serene Eagle’s Rock Retreat in the Dundalk countryside.

Doubling as the private residence of the owners and yoga practitioners, Martina and Stuart, guests can immediately feel welcome and at home on the grounds of Eagle’s Rock.

Whether staying for a weekend getaway or for a five-day retreat, guests can expect shared accommodation in the country house, nutritious meals and yoga sessions based on the Iyengar yoga method. 

Yoga sessions take place twice daily—in the morning and evenings—with guests free to spend the remaining time enjoying the idyllic surroundings. You won’t want to miss the scenic guided walk to the medieval town of Carlingford.

9. Cloona Health Retreat

Set in the grassy hills of County Mayo, Cloona Health Retreat is just what you need to heal both mind and body. Although Cloona incorporates yoga and meditation into their retreats here in Ireland, what sets them apart is Cloona’s focus on nutrition and diet.

Cloona’s retreats are centered around detoxing with a program that includes meal plans for weight loss and liver flushes. Since the retreat adheres to the “Cloona diet,” don’t expect any cheese or wine to be on the menu. Cloona offers only organic and plant-based foods that support detoxifying the body.

The offering of nutritious foods isn’t the only attractive feature of Cloona Health Retreat. The surrounding scenery of rolling hills and meadows are great for walking. And the retreat also includes yoga sessions and a sauna.

10. Dzogchen Beara

As a Tibetan Buddhist retreat, Dzogchen Beara sets itself apart from many of the other meditation retreats in Ireland. But while the offerings are based on Tibetan Buddhist traditions, they welcome guests of all spiritualities and backgrounds. 

Located in the rugged Beara Peninsula in southwest Ireland, Dzogchen Beara offers a number of retreats, workshops and classes for guests from all walks of life. Their weekend meditation retreats are centered around practical topics, such as deep listening and simple living. 

Guests are given a myriad of opportunities to enhance their sense of calm and immerse themselves in Buddhist traditions.. Located on the grounds is Ireland’s first “stupa,” or sacred Buddhist monument, which guests are welcome to visit and revere. Other activities to promote relaxation include taking coastal walks or meditating in the retreat’s garden.

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