Why You Should Dabble in Cosmic Self-Discovery

Last updated January 11, 2024

When you think of cosmic self-discovery, you probably envision the stereotypical image of a woman wearing a headscarf and telling fortunes for her clients through a crystal ball.

In reality, though, cosmic self-discovery is about tapping into a celestial toolbox of experiences that blends holistic therapies and readings into personal revelations.  

And as more individuals look skyward for answers and tranquility, resorts globally are recalibrating their whimsical offerings to tap into this cosmic zeitgeist. From moonlit meditations to astr chart readings, the universe is emerging as the newest wellness frontier.

Stars Align in Hospitality

With the surging interest in psychic services and celestial phenomena, wellness travel is expanding its horizons. The once primarily mind- and body-focused industry is now actively incorporating services aimed at elevating the spirit and soul.

The evidence lies in the numerous hotels and resorts adapting to this cosmic self-discovery trend. For instance, during a recent Mercury retrograde transit, L’Auberge de Sedona introduced its “Retrograde Reset” program. With a mix of sage hydration treatments, sound healing and spiritual vortex hikes, the program was met with such enthusiasm that it’s slated to return for each Mercury retrograde in the upcoming year.

Collaborating with the Cosmos

The past few years have seen prestigious hotels form collaborations with spiritual experts. Grand Wailea Maui welcomed resident astrologers. Miraval, a pioneer in spiritual tourism, has further amplified its “Spirit & Soul” program. The rising demand for these cosmic services has seen an uptick in resident astrologers, tarot readers and psychic mediums across all their locations.

Whether it’s akashic soul readings at Miraval Berkshires, studying how astrology impacts communication at Miraval Austin or sessions on psychic protection at Miraval Arizona, the brand is in tune with the celestial call.

Consult the Cards

The mystical allure of tarot has long graced the tranquil corridors of the Phoenician Spa. At the heart of this celestial offering is Cindy Nichols, the spa’s esteemed Intuitive Guide. With her expertise illuminating the spa since 1995, guests have the privilege of delving deep into their futures with either a 50-minute or an 80-minute tarot reading session.

But the fascination with tarot isn’t confined to spa-goers alone. In our chaotic contemporary landscape, there’s an intensified quest for spiritual equilibrium and clarity. Tarot readings, with their promise of guidance and insight, have inevitably seen a surge in demand.

Current societal dynamics, whether economic or political, have further ignited the tarot’s allure. Indeed, this revival resonates with the broader resurgence of new age spirituality. From shimmering crystals to astrology, there’s a rekindled passion for these ancient arts. The proof? A digital dive showcases an astonishing variety of tarot decks available, with their sales skyrocketing this year.

Highlighting this cosmic self-discovery trend, other illustrious resorts like the Sanctuary Spa at Sanctuary on Camelback and Joya Spa at Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia have also embraced the art of tarot readings. Diving deeper, three primary life pillars draw people to the mystical table: the trajectory of one’s career, the uncertainties surrounding health and the complexities of love.

Dive into the Celestial Toolbox of Self-Discovery

For those intrigued, here’s a glimpse into five of the most sought-after celestial offerings.

1. Astrology Chart Readings

Decode your birth chart to uncover your cosmic blueprint, revealing your life’s purpose, challenges and strengths.

2. Tarot Card Readings

Dive deep into the ancient art of tarot to gain clarity, find direction or explore the subconscious.

3. Akashic Record Readings

Access the cosmic library of the soul’s journey across lifetimes, uncovering karmic patterns and life missions.

4. Numerology Sessions

Understand your life through numbers, offering insights into your personality, destiny and life cycles.

5. Stargazing

Led by astronomers, these sessions help you connect with the vast universe, appreciating its beauty and magnificence.

Gateways to the Universe

The merging of wellness travel with cosmic insights exemplifies the evolving quest for holistic well-being. Resorts are no longer just sanctuaries for physical relaxation; they are becoming gateways to the universe, opening portals for guests to explore their cosmic selves.

As the line between the terrestrial and celestial blurs, the journey into cosmic self-discovery is just beginning, promising a universe of experiences waiting to be explored.

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