10 Best Sleep Retreats If You Struggle with Shut-Eye

Last updated December 26, 2023

If you are all too familiar with mid-day energy crashes and feeling depleted is your standard, a sleep retreat is calling your name. Sleep tourism is growing in popularity, and the answer to society’s amassed sleep debt.  

With sleep the new luxury, sleep retreats allow guests to get away from the tasks of everyday life and focus on prioritizing slumber, unlearning negative patterns—and instead learn techniques that promote positive sleep habits.

So, if you don’t consistently get seven un-interrupted hours of deep, quality sleep daily, then this article is for you. 

Read on as we take a look at the 10 best sleep retreats to ease your struggles with shut-eye.

But first, we share why sleep retreats are so worthwhile. 

Why a Sleep Retreat?

The real question is, why not? After all, sleep is sacred, yet in today’s bustling society of do-it-all lifestyles and side hustles, we don’t treat it as such. 

Instead, we treat sleep as an afterthought. Unfortunately, it’s become more of a hard-earned reward to a productive days’ work, rather than a necessity. 

Nevertheless, it’s time to reconsider and put sleep first due to the drastic and negative implications poor sleep has on health. 

Up All Night at the Cost of Health

Back in the day, pulling an all-nighter was once a badge of honor. But sleepless nights can take a serious toll on mental and physical well-being, brain function and productivity, hormones and emotions, too.

While lack of sleep has been linked to a higher risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity, more recent studies reveal ties to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

If that information doesn’t raise an eyebrow, then consider the following:

  • About one-third of U.S. adults don’t get enough sleep
  • More than 70M Americans have a sleep disorder with some 30% of U.S. adults experiencing short-term insomnia
  • Approximately 56% of people reported an increase in sleep disturbances during the pandemic

Whether you’re up all night due to studies, stress or poor sleep habits, a sleep retreat can help to get you back on track.

Learn Healthy Sleep Habits on a Sleep Retreat

Actually, it can be a challenge to break negative habits, such as a nightly routine.

Maybe you find yourself falling asleep contorted on the couch each night or endlessly scrolling social media moments before you shut your eyes. Maybe you often feel restless, and your nights are filled with tossing and turning.

No matter what issues plague your slumber, the experts at our recommended sleep retreats are there to help you break these habits and equip you with the knowledge and actionable skills to take control of your sleep. 

Let’s now take a look at the offerings of each of our recommended retreats.

1. Cartesiano Urban Wellness Center — Puebla, Mexico

First up on our list, we’re heading to Puebla, Mexico, home of the award-winning luxury boutique hotel, Cartesiano Urban Wellness Center. 

Cartesiano Urban Wellness Center offers a façade of artsy elegance, with mosaic tiles and Spanish botanical gardens. It’s effortlessly captivating and calming. 

This retreat is a sleep haven with amenities that allow guests to “reconcile with their physical and mental health.”

From spa services to exercises on breathing—Cartesiano Urban Wellness Center has all you need to let go of stress and reset your internal clock. 

2. REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort — Bali, Indonesia

Located in the breezy hills of Bali, REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort offers a blissful escape with dedicated sleep amenities designed to reset your circadian rhythm.

REVĪVŌ takes a comprehensive approach to improving sleep. Its offerings combine elements of relaxation, movement and nutrition.

The resort’s staff is there to help, too, by offering a customized approach and wellness recommendations.

Plus, it doesn’t get better than signature spa treatments, steam rooms and luxury sleep dens with garden views. 

3. Kamalaya Koh Samui — Koh Samui, Thailand 

Legendary Kamalaya Koh Samui is a one-of-a-kind and award-winning retreat located on the tranquil and tropical Thai island of Koh Samui.

It’s also a highly esteemed spiritual sanctuary, inspired by a centuries-old cave that was used by the Buddhist monks for meditation. 

A stay at Kamalaya begins with a consultation to understand your unique goals and develop a plan fit for you.

Think quiet contemplation, revitalization and healing at Kamalaya.

4. Absolute Sanctuary — Koh Samui, Thailand

We’re staying put on the Thai island of Koh Samui for our next recommended retreat. 

Absolute Sanctuary is a premier health and wellness resort, with a mix of offerings to reset and recharge, and to provide you with the tools to lead a healthy and happy life. 

Pamper yourself at their luxury spa or de-stress with a yoga session. Undoubtedly, your stay at Absolute Sanctuary is what you make it.

5. Preidlhof Luxury DolceVita Resort — South Tyrol, Italy

Dolce vita—the sweet life—is exactly what you’ll experience at Preidlhof Luxury DolceVita Resort.

This five-star, adults-only hotel offers a sophisticated ambiance and unparalleled relaxation. What’s more, it’s even been named the “Best Hotel Spa in Italy.”

The retreat is nestled in the sprawling mountains of northern Italy. Decompress to views of the surrounding hillside, and experience next-level rejuvenation and rest at this renowned relaxation retreat.

6. Canyon Ranch

The Canyon Ranch integrated wellness resorts offer an artfully intentional experience based on each guest’s needs.

Sleep struggles? Not a problem. Retreat experts are there to create customized programs and guide guests through their journey. The sleep immersion program offers holistic strategies for successful sleep.

Canyon Ranch comprises three retreats scattered across the United States. Current locations include Lenox, Massachusetts; Tucson, Arizona; and Woodside, California.

7. Miraval Resort & Spas

Another collection of retreats is Miraval, with locations in Austin, Texas; Tucson, Arizona; and Lenox, Massachusetts.

These luxury inclusive wellness resorts are known for their digital and device-free environment, where guests can fully disconnect, unwind and focus on nothing other than relaxation.

World-renowned wellness experts are readily available for one-on-one sessions to assist you on your journey. Accordingly, Miraval properties invite you to let go and recalibrate for better sleep, more energy and greater overall well-being. 

8. The Lodge at Woodloch — Hawley, Pennsylvania

Talk about seclusion! The Lodge at Woodloch is located on 400 acres of private woodland. 

The Lodge’s spa is what sets this retreat apart from others. All and all the spa offers 27 treatment rooms, a waterfall hot tub, steam rooms and saunas, a whirlpool and fireplace lounge. 

Guests can take advantage of the personal spa concierge for a customized program to fit your needs and get your sleep back on track. 

9. Chenot Palace Weggis — Weggis, Switzerland

The flagship Chenot Palace takes wellness to the next level. Not only do these retreats prioritize relaxation, but the experts here leave no stone unturned when it comes to transformation.

As a matter of fact, guests can expert programs tailored to their specific biomarkers and include diagnostic tests, medical consultations, individualized treatments and diet plans.

Sleep is no issue here. Chenot Palace offers rooms with sleep technology, for the ultimate slumber. 

10. Six Senses

At Six Senses, sleep is one of their specialties.  In fact, the resort spa chain offers a program designed by their sleep experts that takes an integrated approach, combining relaxing treatments, nutrition, wellness therapies and yoga.

Six Senses claims their program is right for anyone needing to “improve sleep patterns, restore energy levels, de-stress, establish a sustainable sleep routine, feel better equipped to face daily challenges, or pave the way to a healthier and happier life.”

The Six Senses collection is comprised of 22 resort spas with locations spanning the globe.

Combat Insomnia on a Sleep Retreat

Travel-goers often itch to pack their itineraries full of activities (we understand) but trying out a sleep retreat can be a worthwhile experience. Indeed, there are few other getaways as transformational as a sleep retreat. 

So if you can’t quite catch up on your Zs, turn to one of our recommended sleep retreats for long-term revitalization and a true energy reset. 

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