Planet-Loving Wanderlust: The Wave of Eco-Friendly Travel

Last updated May 2, 2024

There’s a greenaissance upon us. Just ask Pinterest. They’ve noticed a whopping 73% uptick in year-on-year searches for eco-friendly experiences. Sounds like we’re all looking to pack our bags, but without the extra luggage of a guilty conscience.

But it’s not just about picking a specific travel destination. Eco-friendly travel is a wave of greener preferences from transport to the experiences themselves that are making a major splash.

Wondering What Eco-Friendly Travel Really Means?

Gone is the time when eco-friendly travel meant pitching a tent in the wilderness. Eco-conscious travelers these days are looking for an experience that lets them wear their green hearts on their sleeves.

Whether it’s the mode of transportation, the choice of accommodation or the selection of experiences, the modern eco-friendly traveler scrutinizes every aspect of the journey for sustainability. And brands offering greener initiatives are quickly becoming fan favorites.

For starters, travel options matter. A lot. Green globetrotters are choosing trains over planes and opting for staycations over jet-lag filled adventures. Then there are the health fanatics who are choosing wellness vacations packed with cycling, hiking and other exercises that leave the tiniest carbon footprints.

And it doesn’t stop at travel. These eco-friendly travelers are also looking for accommodations that walk the talk (read no well-washing here). Resorts and hotels that commit to sustainable processes, from organic linens to eco-friendly cleaning supplies to locally-sourced menus, are gaining a huge thumbs up.

Eco-Friendly Travel Goes Hand-in-Hand with Authentic Experiences

Beyond greener hotels and travel, green globetrotters are also passionate about authentic and natural experiences. They’re choosing destinations that offer wild swimming, rockhounding, forest bathing, nature-centric safaris and more—which would’ve been unheard of a few years ago.

Here’s a Peek at Five Eco-Friendly Hotels for a Sustainable Getaway

Eco-friendly travel is more than where you stay. It’s also about what you do once you’re there. Here are five of our favorite eco-friendly hotels and resorts whose actions speak louder than words.

1. 1 Hotel South Beach

Located in Miami, 1 Hotel South Beach goes above and beyond in its commitment to sustainability. The resort incorporates nature in its design and uses reclaimed materials wherever possible.

This eco-friendly hotel boasts a food and beverage program that supports local farmers and fishermen, and provides guests with a fleet of electric vehicles for local exploration. Rooftop pools and an on-site garden further add to its green credentials.

2. Palmaïa, The House of AïA

Situated in the breathtaking landscapes of the Riviera Maya, Palmaïa is a haven for wellness and sustainability. The resort follows the ethos of “luxury without guilt,” taking various steps to minimize its environmental impact.

The architecture blends seamlessly with the jungle surroundings, plus serves plant-based culinary delights. On top of all this, it’s got a comprehensive wellness program that includes yoga, meditation, sound healing and personal growth practices.

3. Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

This all-inclusive resort, nestled in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, is a green traveler’s paradise. With a philosophy rooted in eco-integration, the resort is designed to coexist harmoniously with the surrounding jungle and mangroves.

Enjoy activities such as nature trails, cenote swims and eco-tours while contributing to their mission of sustainability and environmental education.

4. Puri Dajuma Beach Eco Resort & Spa

Located on the secluded beaches of West Bali, Puri Dajuma offers an eco-luxury escape unlike any other. Sustainability practices permeate every aspect of the resort’s operations—from the organic produce used in their restaurants to the energy-efficient design of their villas.

The resort also emphasizes supporting the local community, offering authentic Balinese experiences to all guests.

5. Bodhi Surf & Yoga

From its inception, Bodhi Surf + Yoga has been passionately dedicated to offering distinctive travel experiences. They make an earnest effort to advocate for sustainable tourism, stimulate active participation in local communities and inspire a new perspective on one’s global role.

This eco-friendly resort’s approach has always been rooted in socially and environmentally considerate practices. Their dedication was acknowledged when they were awarded a second B Corporation certification in 2020. This accolade signifies their commitment to stringent social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency criteria.

In a philanthropic gesture, the resort also allocates $20 from each fully paid guest to support local charities. They encourage their guests to take a step further by providing an option to match or exceed this donation, further supporting the local community.

Let’s Walk the Talk Together

Last year, conscious green travel was one of the ten most prominent cultural shifts. This trend isn’t a passing fad; it’s here to stay, and it’s gathering speed.

So, to all those in the travel industry, this is your cue to amp up your green offerings to meet this burgeoning demand.

As for all you travelers out there—the opportunities for eco-friendly travel are about to skyrocket. Get ready to embark on some truly fantastic, guilt-free adventures!

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