Wellness Travel Trends for 2021: Eco-Friendly Travel

Last updated October 3, 2022

In many industries and businesses, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions are being adapted. These pursuits are occurring not only because of climate change and diminishing environmental resources, but because customers prefer to invest in eco-friendly practices.

So it’s no surprise that similar trends are happening in the travel industry. In fact, recent surveys have shown that eco-friendly travel is one of the hottest trends expected for the upcoming year.

In recent data analyses conducted by Pinterest, eco-friendly travel searches increased by 73 percent over the past year.

Likewise, a number of sustainable travel preferences have been trending upwards among travelers for some time. This not only applies to specific travel destinations but also involves the types of experiences enjoyed.

For those in the travel sector, investing in sustainable travel offerings is a pursuit that is certainly worth considering. 

What Defines Eco-Friendly Travel?

Sustainable travel is more than simply camping in the woods, although this would certainly be one type! When it comes to eco-friendly travel, travelers want much more than just excursions into natural surroundings.

In fact, sustainable travel runs the gamut from transportation, to accommodations, to experiences. Eco-friendly travelers now explore every aspect of their travel to determine if sustainable practices are being supported. And increasingly, those that offer such practices and amenities are gaining consumer loyalty.

Eco-Friendly Travel Photographer

Several components of sustainability can be identified when it comes to travel.

Transit options represent a major area of concern for the eco-friendly traveler. Many now prefer to take trains to their destinations when possible. Others are choosing staycations to minimize transit demands. And others explore wellness vacations that involve cycling, hiking, or other forms of exercise.

At the same time, eco-friendly travelers want destinations invested in sustainable products, processes and offerings. From fabrics to cleaners, to menu offerings, these individuals select destinations that demonstrate a true concern for the environment. 

Eco-Friendly is Also Experiential Travel

While sustainable travel destinations invest in their accommodations and amenities, eco-friendly travelers also care about their experience. For this reason, sustainable travel that involves natural and authentic activities is often preferred by this tourist segment.

This is supported by increases in the types of travel individuals are exploring. Wild swimming, rockhounding, forest bathing, safaris and nature travel are popular travel searches today that didn’t exist a few years ago.

In addition to hiking, camping and nature walks, these outdoor activities reflect new types of eco-friendly travel that resorts might consider.

Overall, responsible eco-friendly travel was recognized as one of the 10 major cultural shifts that evolved in the last year. Based on most predictions, this trend will continue to grow in momentum.

And that means that sustainable travel offerings will grow in popularity as well.

For those in the travel industry, this means eco-friendly travel offerings should be pursued to meet customer demand. And for consumers, this means that opportunities for this type of sustainable travel are bound to increase this year and the years to come. 

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