Top 5 Wellness Trends That Should Always Be Top of Mind

Last updated December 8, 2023

Wellness tourism is the fastest growing segment in the wellness sector. In fact, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) reports that wellness tourists have deep pockets, spending 177% more than average travelers when traveling domestically, and 35% more when traveling internationally.

For those seeking healthy travel, awareness of these latest wellness trends can help determine which wellness getaway is best. 

Five Wellness Trends That Are Always Top of Mind

While there will always be newfangled fads, there will also be tried and true wellness trends that stand the test of time. These five core wellness trends capture the essence of what every health-conscious traveler seeks — today and for years to come.

1. Embracing Nature for Holistic Wellness

The enduring appeal of connecting with nature is rooted in its holistic benefits for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. The tranquility and beauty of natural environments foster deeper self-exploration and a renewed appreciation for life. 

Activities such as hiking, cycling and wildlife watching offer not just physical fitness but also mental peace. Nature travel experiences, from serene forest retreats to adventurous mountain excursions, remain a favorite among wellness travelers.

2. Unplugging to De-Stress & Rejuvenate

In our technology-saturated world, the need to disconnect and detox from digital devices is more relevant than ever. Wellness travel provides a sanctuary for digital detox, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in experiences that rejuvenate the mind and body. 

Whether it’s through meditation retreats, yoga getaways or simply choosing destinations off the digital grid, the trend of disconnecting to de-stress is a mainstay in wellness travel.

3. Active & Experiential Holidays

The shift from passive to active holidays is a timeless trend in wellness travel. Rather than conventional sightseeing or beach vacations, more travelers are choosing holidays that involve physical activities and cultural immersion. 

Cycling tours, hiking expeditions, culinary classes and cultural workshops offer a blend of fitness, learning and adventure. This trend reflects a growing desire for experiences that are both physically rewarding and enriching to the soul.

4. Solo Travel for Personal Growth

Over the past few years, more people are taking the plunge and traveling solo. And solo travel remains a key trend in wellness tourism, offering a unique opportunity for personal exploration and self-discovery. 

Solo travelers often seek experiences that cater to their individual spiritual and emotional needs, from meditation and yoga retreats to spa getaways. The growing variety of wellness offerings tailored for solo travelers underlines the enduring popularity of this wellness trend.

5. Commitment to Environmental Consciousness

The awareness and commitment to environmental sustainability are deeply ingrained in wellness travel. Ecotourism isn’t just about visiting specific destinations; it’s a holistic approach that encompasses choosing eco-friendly resorts, transportation and other travel services.

Sustainable travel practices resonate with the wellness-minded traveler’s desire to not only improve their own health but also contribute positively to the health of the planet.

The Future of Wellness Travel

These five types of wellness-focused trips are set to maintain their popularity, evolving in response to new discoveries and societal shifts. However, the overarching theme remains consistent: travelers are increasingly seeking journeys that not only maintain but enhance their health, favoring holistic wellness experiences over traditional vacation amenities.

As wellness trends continue to evolve, their foundation in improving health, connecting with oneself and nature, and being environmentally conscious will remain unchanged.

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