New Age Wellness Retreats: Transformative Travel Experiences

Last updated September 6, 2023

The New Age movement is not something that just happened overnight. In fact, new age wellness has been gaining momentum in Western cultures since the 1970s.

However, new age wellness travel is a much more recent trend.

What is New Age Wellness Travel?

New age wellness travel originates from both experiential and adventure travel. It embraces many longstanding holistic concepts. Excursions on new age wellness retreats include a variety of alternative wellness practices. These alternative wellness practices are designed to transform the individual.

Often referred to as transformative travel, new age wellness travel is catching wellness tourism by storm.

New Age Wellness Philosophy

New age wellness embraces holistic health concepts and alternative medicinal practices. It’s “a movement characterized by alternative approaches to medicine, spirituality, environmentalism and more.”

Believers support the notion that nature, humanity and all energies are unified in their existence. The new age wellness philosophy takes ecofeminism and holistic medicine to bring forth a well-rounded approach to self-care.

This view of well-being sees both science and spirituality. New age wellness combines both studies to promote optimal health.

Concepts in New Age Wellness

At the same time, new age wellness concepts embrace alternative practices. These practices involve yoga, massage, crystal therapies and many others. The goal is to view health as being our normal and natural state. Moreover, our normal and natural state is reflective of proper balance.

It is only when this balance is upset that illness appears. New age wellness and alternative practices seek to maintain and/or restore this balance.

Alternative Wellness Practices at New Age Wellness Retreats

Are you seeking transformative travel? Lucky for you, a number of alternative wellness practices are available today. 

Alternative practices at a new age wellness retreat may include chiropractic care, biofeedback and herbal medicines. That’s not to say that new age wellness travel doesn’t include additional activities.

For example, meditation retreats and yoga escapes are commonly pursued by those seeking alternative wellness practices.

Healing crystals and various types of massage therapies are included in many new-age spas. Guests at new age spas explore the healing powers of water, mineral baths and sensual aromatics.

New Age Wellness Retreats

1. YO1 Health Resort — Monticello, New York

YO1 Health Resort caters to many new age wellness retreats. This new age wellness resort specializes in Indian holistic medicinal practices. Located in upstate New York, YO1 Health Resort is rooted in Ayurveda.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, since the practice is “based on the idea that disease is due to an imbalance or stress in a person’s consciousness, Ayurveda encourages certain lifestyle interventions and natural therapies to regain a balance between the body, mind, spirit and the environment.”

2. Fivelements Retreat — Bali, Indonesia

Yet another great facility that hosts new age wellness retreats is Fivelements Retreat. This retreat center is located in a tropical rainforest along the Ayung River. Home to the Wellness Sanctuary, the Fivelements Retreat enter offers numerous holistic spa treatments and new age wellness alternative practices.

3. The Retreat Costa Rica — Atenas, Alajeula, Costa Rica

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than The Retreat Costa Rica. This coastal mansion-turned-resort is a prime destination for new age wellness travelers. If you think the location is beautiful, just wait until you step foot onto the property—the architecture and soothing interior design will make you forget to cleanse the space.

The Retreat Costa Rica specializes in alternative practices, comfort and local metaphysical healing energy. Vida Mia (The Retreat Costa Rica’s spa) offers treatments that are aligned with Feng Shui principles. Feng Shui philosophy charts the balance and flow of energy. And the spa at The Retreat Costa Rica utilizes this philosophy to holistically encourage wellness and positive energy.

4. Canyon Ranch Lenox — Lenox, Massachusetts

This award-winning health resort welcomes guests to embark on a new age wellness journey in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts. Canyon Ranch Lenox specializes in—you guessed it—Ayurveda. Treatments include massage, herbal rejuvenation and shirodhara.

Planning For a New Age Wellness Retreat

When planning a travel excursion to a new age wellness retreat, you may want to consider more than just location and specific therapies.

The alternative wellness practices previously mentioned highlight a destination’s commitment to the new-age healing approach. This is good. In addition to the destination’s wellness services, it is equally important to research the location.

The Importance of Location

Location, location, location and its surroundings are very important. Why? Geographical location and weather tend to affect a person’s wellness. Take Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), for instance. A person with SAD probably will not benefit from a wellness retreat where the clouds are overcast and the windchill is -18 degrees Fahrenheit.

To wrap it up, new age wellness acknowledges both unity and balance in everything. This is why natural surroundings can play a significant role in holistic health pursuits.

Both unity and balance will offer opportunities for powerful transformations. But that is not to say that each may be quite different in nature.

A Rising Trend that Will Continue

For the last two years, travelers around the globe have shown an increased interest in new age wellness offerings. While wellness travel has boomed during this time, an attraction to alternative wellness practices has as well.

Given current world events, some stress the importance of pursuing a better balance with nature and all living things. Thus, it stands to reason that interests in new age wellness travel will persist.

New age wellness is an alternative wellness trend that we predict will have power well into the future.

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