7 Affordable Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica

Last updated February 28, 2024

Staying on budget doesn’t mean sacrificing self-care. In a world that often equates wellness with extravagant indulgence, discovering that you can indeed indulge in a transformative adventure is a win-win for any wellness enthusiast.

Nestled amidst the lush embrace of Central America, Costa Rica stands as a sanctuary of natural beauty and tranquility, beckoning guests with its untouched landscapes, abundant wildlife and pura vida (“pure life”) culture.

But beyond the crystalline beaches and verdant rainforests, Costa Rica offers more than just a vacation. This tropical paradise redefines the essence of affordable with wellness retreats that cater to your mind, body and wallet.

Pura Vida on a Budget

From the natural wonders of the Osa Peninsula to the volcanic vistas of Arenal, here’s your guide to the most affordable wellness retreats Costa Rica has to offer.

1. Oxygen Jungle Villas

Tucked away in the Uvita rainforest, Oxygen Jungle Villas offer an intimate, boutique-style retreat. Here, private glass villas are strategically positioned for breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. With yoga classes and spa treatments amid tranquil Balinese-inspired landscapes, Oxygen Jungle Villas presents a soul-soothing escape from everyday stresses—not to mention an affordable option in Costa Rica.

Price: from $90 per night

2. Botánika Osa Peninsula

Nestled amidst the primal beauty of the Osa Peninsula, Botánika is an understated retreat that provides an enchanting backdrop for your wellness journey in Costa Rica. Relaxation comes naturally as you tune into the symphony of the rainforest and rekindle your connection with nature. Luxurious yet affordable, Botánika offers a unique blend of comfort, adventure and tranquility.

Price: from $127 per night

3. Hotel Punta Islita

Cozily tucked between the lush mountains and warm beaches of Guanacaste, Hotel Punta Islita promises a holistic wellness experience. With a variety of on-site activities such as yoga classes, horseback riding and guided nature walks, this affordable Costa Rica retreat allows you to explore wellness in all its forms.

Price: from $200 per night

4. Parador Nature Resort & Spa

With expansive views of Manuel Antonio National Park, Parador Nature Resort & Spa provides a blend of luxury and nature that is hard to beat. With their world-class spa and exceptional wellness programs, you can leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed without draining your wallet.

Price: from $240 per night

5. Bodhi Surf & Yoga

Bodhi Surf & Yoga, in the laid-back beach town of Bahia Ballena, offers a unique wellness experience combining surfing, yoga and community service. At Bodhi, wellness extends beyond the self to incorporate a consciousness for the environment and local communities.

Price: from $256 per night

6. Arenal Springs Resort & Spa

At the foot of Arenal Volcano, this affordable wellness resort presents thermal springs, yoga decks and organic cuisine. The majestic sight of the volcano and the nurturing touch of natural hot springs make Arenal Springs a haven of serenity and wellness.

Price: from $260 per night

7. The Royal Corin Thermal Water & Spa Resort

With views of Arenal Volcano and direct access to thermal hot springs, The Royal Corin offers a luxurious yet affordable wellness retreat in Costa Rica. Relax in the hot springs, rejuvenate with a spa treatment or simply bask in the stunning natural surroundings.

Price: $260 per night

Affordable Wellness in Costa Rica

While Costa Rica may be famous for its tropical beauty, its allure extends beyond palm-fringed beaches and awe-inspiring biodiversity. Costa Rica is a sanctuary of wellness, a place where natural beauty fosters inner peace. 

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure or a deeper connection with nature, these seven affordable wellness retreats will cater to your soul’s deepest desires without straining your budget. 

Pura vida as the locals say. Here’s to a pure life, rich in experiences and light on the wallet!

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