Where to Find Wellness in These 5 Notorious Party Cities

Last updated August 30, 2023

Miami, Ibiza, Vegas, Seoul and Playa del Carmen. These five notorious party cities are fast becoming luxury wellness destinations. And here’s where to find those pockets of wellness amidst the nonstop revelry.

I recall lounging on a beach in Hawaii when I was 16 and proudly announcing to my mother that I wanted to study business administration and open up a nightclub in Waikiki. Needless to say, she was not happy about funding that endeavor. Much to her satisfaction, this clearly did not happen. 

Fast forward a few decades. A driving force and factor in my selection of a luxury wellness destination won’t be how good of a party the city throws.

These days—blame it on age or a change of interests—I choose wellness over fiesta. To my surprise and delight, some notorious party cities don’t just serve liquor to the masses, but boast some killer green juices and downward facing dogs. 

Notorious Party Cities That are Hidden Wellness Gems 

Here are my hand-picked five notorious party cities with darn good wellness scenes.

1. Miami, Florida

Miami plays big and hard for those looking for nightlife. Endless parties on the beach, South Beach fire, clubs and spring breaks.

I lived in Miami for seven years, so I can attest to this firsthand. If this is what you’re seeking, I can promise you will find it. However, Miami is also a fitness hub with endless vegan, juice  and açaí bowl restaurant options that outweighs the number of clubs. 

For the land of beach bodies, there’s a plethora of wellness offerings in studios on just about every other corner. 

Miami has grown up in the past couple years with a rush of New Englanders relocating to its more tropical climate and locale. So now there’s even more yoga studios, raw food fusion and cryotherapy lounges popping up streetside and within hotels. 

Where to Stay in This Notorious Party City:

For hotels that host wellness offerings right from within, check out Carillon Hotel Miami Beach or 1 Hotel South Beach, both complete with fitness centers, spas and top of the line well-being amenities.

If you’re off-site, Midtown Miami mainland is home to Sacred Space, with a full schedule of wellness events and a great chance to mix and mingle with locals.

2. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is the party island and one of the most popular party playgrounds in Europe—best remembered (or not) for its foam parties and all night ragers. I visit Ibiza not for the foam, but for the energy and views. 

Es Vedrá, a random rock island off the western coast of Ibiza, is known as the third most magnetic place in the world. It’s also one of the most visited coves on the island to view the sunset. 

Where to Stay in This Notorious Party City:

With rooftop yoga, oceanfront views and top of the line dishes, check out Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay or attend a fully outlined on-site retreat designed for you at Six Senses Ibiza

Either way, head to Es Vedrá for a dinner and sunset that you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Any list of notorious party cities has to include Las Vegas. And you know how the saying goes: “What happens in Vegas…” The”Vegas, baby!” experience can be about bright lights, pumping music and debaucherous excitement. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. 

Imagine taking home wellness offerings and positive memories of shows and spa treatments? In fact, many of the top spas in Vegas are within hotels and resorts. Several hotels even offer a wellness-specific floor designed exclusively for health, fitness  and the best night’s sleep possible. 

Where to Stay in This Notorious Party City:

Check out the spas in Aria Resort or Encore at Wynn Las Vegas if you’re mixing a party scene and wellness restore. Or, escape the constant noise and go full on spa and fitness retreat at the Canyon Ranch . 

4. Seoul, Korea

Upon searching, Seoul ranks high as party central with an electric nightlife scene. While party animals and night owls flock to the Korean capital, it is also home to rising mountains, Eastern wellness and beauty routines. 

Korean beauty products are respected the world over for their innovation and natural ingredients—not to mention their high-efficacy in turning back the aging process and eliminating any dark circles post-party.

But Seoul is also home to a contemporary spa culture in the form of jimjilbang (a gender-segregated spa and bathhouse). These “heated rooms” are where guests come to sit in sauna, soak in hot baths and get treated with a body scrub.

Where to Stay in This Notorious Party City:

While I personally have not visited Seoul, I have done my research. And based on the healthy lifestyle of an Eastern diet and mindset, my shortlist of spots to check out on an upcoming trip are Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul, from the Banyan Tree line of 5-star luxury wellness restore, and Shilla Retreat Spa with luscious mountain views from the spa deck.

5. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen has been a destination for EDM party-goers and spring breakers for years. I’ve done it, but in the past, folks. While Playa del Carmen can be packed with festivities, booze and all-night clubs bumping into the wee hours, there’s also yoga studios, incredible beachfront views overlooking the Riviera Maya, and healing Mayan ceremonies and traditions that can restore the mind, body and soul. 

Where to Stay in This Notorious Party City:

For stays in Playa del Carmen, visit Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen, quietly tucked off the busy La Quinta road with a full spa, meditation and fitness center. Palmaïa, The House of AïA  is a stone’s throw away and Viceroy Hotel Riviera Maya is another spa, retreat and restore option. 

While we can judge a book by its cover, maybe take a second look at these notorious party cities and see beyond the fiesta. Underneath that margarita mask might be the perfect wellness destination to rest, restore and namaste.

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