5 Female-Owned Wellness Resorts & Retreats

Last updated March 21, 2024

Wellness travel is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the travel industry. Every day there are more resorts and retreats around the world that specialize in enhancing the wellness of guests.

Wellness retreats and resorts positively impact the physical and mental health of guests. No guest leaves the premises without transforming their body and mind.

If you are thinking about booking into a wellness resort (or retreat) for your next vacation, you will find it is easier said than done.

Choosing just one resort or retreat might pose a problem. Don’t fret. This is simply due to the variety of resorts and retreats out there today.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you a woman looking to connect with other like-minded women? Do you like the beauty of sisterhood and all it has to offer? If so, you may want to consider booking your next vacation at a female-owned wellness resort or retreat.

There are many advantages to a female-owned business. All around, these businesses are nothing short of spectacular. There is a certain quality of female-owned resorts and retreats that may entice you. Female-owned wellness resorts and retreats often attract more women. This makes them more female-friendly.

Since the guests are mostly women, female-owned wellness resorts and retreats are more likely to focus on female physical health. Each wellness property is carefully created and beautifully designed for women, by women. It is no wonder that female-owned resorts and retreats are successful at bringing women from all walks of life together!

Five Female-Owned Wellness Resorts & Retreats

Here are just a few incredible wellness retreats and resorts that are founded and owned by women. Many of these wellness-vacation properties run female-only retreats. The female-only retreats are centered around wellness and a variety of different physical activities.

1. The Retreat Costa Rica

The Retreat Costa Rica is one of Central America’s most incredible wellness resorts. Located in the lush green hills of Costa Rica’s Central Valley, it serves as your home away from home while you devote time to restoring your energy balances.

The retreat is owned by Diana Stobo, an experienced traveler, wellness innovator and chef. She draws on her own well-being knowledge, travel experiences and Costa Rican Pura Vida culture to create a retreat space that fully encompasses every part of holistic wellness, from living space to food.

Guests can choose and indulge in the abundance of spa treatments and physical activities that promote rest and relaxation as well as fit and active lifestyles. Rooms are simple, bright and have amazing views of the verdant Costa Rican hills.

The Retreat is the place to come to rest, restore and recharge. 

2. Skyterra Wellness Retreat

Often voted as one of the best health and wellness resorts in the U.S., Skyterra is owned and founded by Sue Crowell, a wellness industry leader. Sue’s passion for wellness started with wilderness therapy which later led her to create Skyterra out of a personal need for a healthy vacation.

Female-owned Skyterra offers retreats with different focuses which are fully customizable depending on your needs, whether that’s increasing your fitness levels, losing weight or managing stress.

Skyterra’s mission is all about giving you the tools you need to live a more healthy life and their approach is very immersive and supportive. The resort runs a weekly schedule with a variety of activities so guests can choose what to participate in depending on their own needs. This allows for a fully flexible, customizable wellness program for all.

3. OMNoire

OMNoire specializes in social wellness retreats for women of color. The company is owned and founded by Christina Rice, an ex-PR and marketing executive out to create a safe travel and wellness space for women of color.

OMNoire retreats are fun, immersive and promote well-being from the inside out as well as taking you on a cultural journey across the world. And their Insta feed is inspirational quote heaven.

OMNoire retreats have something for everyone. You will learn and experience the local culture while also being able to participate in wellness activities, culinary experiences, local nightlife and connect to the many other like-minded females on the retreat.

Most retreats are women-only with a few open to men. If you would like to visit a new country and make friends with like-minded women, this is the female-owned retreat for you.

4. Vajra Sol Yoga Retreats

If it’s a female-owned yoga retreat you’re after with a mix of travel then don’t blink and miss Vajra Sol Yoga Retreats. These retreats allow you to combine adventure with relaxation, social time with alone time and allow you to practice yoga in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Vajra Sol has a number of retreats all over the world; two in Costa Rica, three in the U.S. as well as in Croatia, Chilean Patagonia and Peru. Each retreat allows you to get to know a country and its culture as well as improve your yoga practice, meet new people and switch off.

Vajra Sol Yoga Retreats were founded by Sandra Tadeschi, whose high-stress former career in international aid and emergency relief operations taught her about the importance of finding balance through yoga and mindful daily living. Through her retreats, you too can experience the merging of yoga, wellness and travel adventure.

5. Vitality Retreats

Based along the Atlantic coast of Portugal and founded by Michelle Murray, a yoga practitioner and teacher of 20 years, Vitality Retreats are female-owned and centered, aiming to reconnect, revitalize and rejuvenate through the practice of yoga, massage therapy and juice cleanses.

On each retreat, you can take the time out to relax or get active and explore the incredible coast of Portugal as well as transform your mental and physical wellbeing through yoga, meditation and massage in a supportive and female-led environment. If you’re looking for an excuse to get to know Portugal a little better, this might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

There are so many female-owned and female-led wellness resorts and retreats out there, all with their own focuses and approaches. Which one would you choose for your next vacation?

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