What to Expect on a Fitness Retreat

Last updated March 27, 2024

Wellness and fitness travel have come a long way in recent years. Fitness retreats are just one of the most popular destinations for travel. Enjoy some time away from the “norm” for some active wellness.

Fitness retreats often elicit physical and mental rejuvenation through physical activities, the right nutrition, travel and social activities and have so many benefits, there’s no wonder they’re becoming so popular.

If you’re considering going on a fitness retreat but you don’t really know what to expect, that’s okay! If you don’t know what a fitness retreat is exactly, keep reading to learn how this type of retreat can benefit you.

Here’s what to expect on a fitness retreat.

What Is a Fitness Retreat?

In its simplest form, a retreat is a period of time that allows for an escape from everyday life. 

It’s all about breaking free from the everyday stresses and strains. A fitness retreat allows you to focus on yourself or something that you’d like to achieve for yourself. 

A retreat is a place where we can also seek comfort, support and community as well as meet like-minded people. 

There are many different types of retreats. The focuses for retreats are just as numerous. In spite of this, all of them share the common goal of enriching your life in one way or another. 

Retreats can simply provide us with a break from reality. Wellness retreats allow guests to learn something new. They even give us time to delve into a new interest, craft or tradition. 

While there are many different types of retreats a fitness retreat is one that’s based around exercise, fitness and sports. 

Fitness retreats are designed to make you sweat and are there to help you achieve your fitness goals surrounded by supportive people and professionals that can help you get there. 

Whether your goal is to lose weight or become stronger or just to have a fun vacation surrounded by people who love fitness, fitness retreats might be a great option for you to explore. 

What Are the Benefits of a Fitness Retreat?

Fitness retreats have many benefits ranging from fitness goals to social life and travel gains. Here are just a few to allow you to tap into your why and gain the most that you can from a retreat. 

1. Self-discovery

There’s always something new to learn about yourself and fitness retreats can help you do that. Through the help of supportive staff, you can learn more about the style of fitness you enjoy and what essentially pushes you forward.

On a retreat, you’ll be taken to new levels outside of your comfort zone which allows you to really explore yourself and what you’re made of.

2. Motivation

If you’ve felt a little unmotivated lately or feel like you’ve reached a fitness plateau, a fitness retreat might be the best thing for you. 

Exercising in a supportive environment and being pushed in the right way can help you to get your fitness mojo back. 

3. Learn about how to improve your lifestyle

No fitness retreat is solely about fitness with diet and lifestyle playing a large role too. On a fitness retreat you can learn more about the best practices for a healthy lifestyle, perhaps learn some new recipes and get some ideas for healthy meals you can take home to your family. 

4. Community

Retreats help to bring people together from all walks of life and often the environment on a fitness retreat is really friendly and supportive. 

A retreat is a place where you can find the community you need at that point in your life and even make lifelong friends.

What to Expect from a Fitness Retreat?

So once you have all the retreat basics covered you’ll probably want to know what you can expect from a fitness retreat.

1. Well, expect to do some exercise

Expect to be pushed outside of your comfort zone and expect to feel great for it. I’ve personally been on fitness retreats before where some people were incredibly taken aback by the idea of having to run up a hill. 

If you’re not into the idea of working out during your potential vacation time then perhaps consider another type of retreat. 

You might not find all aspects of a fitness retreat easy- many are designed to push you and teach you more about yourself and fitness in general but you will be better for it in the end. 

2. You can also expect a lot of support

In general fitness retreat staff and other participants are incredibly supportive and they will cheer you on and push you during group workouts. 

If you do have some concerns, issues or need someone to talk to, staff are there to listen to you and support you so you can talk to them. 

You can expect to rest. Not all aspects of a fitness retreat are running around or lifting weights. You can expect relaxing evenings, group bonding activities and chances to get to know other people. There is also plenty of rest time so that your body can recover from previous workouts. 

If it’s a retreat that combines travel with fitness you can also expect a few tours and trips outside of your retreat area/resort to explore the environment, learn about the local culture and see some sights. 

3. Expect healthy food

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand so expect to be served healthy food that aims to fuel your body rather than weigh it down. 

Most retreats nowadays will also cater to plant-based or gluten-free eaters and most other dietary requirements. 

Some fitness retreats don’t permit or serve alcoholic beverages so if you do like the occasional cocktail or glass of wine this is something to look for before booking. 

Choosing the Right Fitness Retreat for You

Before you begin your research you’ll want to have a few things in mind about what you’re really looking for. You’ll want to think about your fitness goals and the type of retreat you want. 

Do you want a fitness retreat that’s all about the exercise, bootcamp-style or do you prefer a retreat that combines travel in the local area? Perhaps you want an added wellness aspect like access to a spa or maybe you want to do a specific sport like surfing. 

You’ll also want to decide on your potential dates, your budget and your destination. Ask yourself if you want to stay close to home or discover a new country far away. Think about if you want to sweat in a tropical climate or if you prefer a more temperate one. 

After you’ve decided on the kind of fitness retreat you want and what your goals are, then you can begin to see what’s available. 

These days there are so many amazing fitness retreats all over the world and the experience of switching off, beginning to achieve your fitness goals and meeting new people at the same time really does make for the vacation of a lifetime. 

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