7 Long Weekend Luxury Retreats to Consider for Your Summer Vacation

Last updated June 30, 2021

As life begins to return to normal, we need to ask ourselves, are we ready to return to the daily grind? Did we take the time necessary for ourselves to recharge and refresh ourselves? Did we take the next steps on our personal wellness journey?

If the answer is no, well, then now is the perfect time to (finally) book that retreat or long weekend escape. As summer begins and the weather warms, the luxury long weekend retreat becomes the ideal opportunity to rejuvenate oneself for the second half of the year.  

As the United States continues to open, plenty of options are becoming available to us as travelers, and I’ve outlined seven luxury travel weekend options to consider. 

Some can be considered adventurous, and some historic. Some are close to our big cities, and some just make sense since they are located in a place known as Vacationland.

Head to Vacation Land

If it has been too long since you took a personal vacation, what better place to start than to travel to the state that puts “Vacationland” on its license plates. Maine is also best visited in summer.

Find coastal cottage bliss when booking a retreat to the Breakwater Inn and Spa. Built in the 1880s and complete with water views that include a unique sunset viewing waterslide lawn, this New England calm can charm any visitor. 

Enjoy the abundance of spa treatments and appreciate the energy of the local nature and flow of the Kennebunk River as it meets the Atlantic Ocean with your luxury weekend retreat getaway.

For travelers a bit more adventurous, ready to trade luxury accommodations for adventure and history, it’s time to set sail in Maine.

Located in the seaport town of Rockland, one can sail aboard a historic schooner, the Victory Chimes, for an adventure through the cute coastal island towns and calming coves to spend nights at sea under the stars. 

Guests can help with an all-hands-on-deck gusto or just relax on the seas, appreciating its natural beauty. Regardless of your activity level, local lobster will be on the menu for all who come aboard.

A Short Trip from the Big City

For those looking for a city escape, whether you live near or can easily travel to the most the two most populated cities in the country, the luxury long weekend retreat is a great option this summer too.

If you’re looking for a nature escape from New York City but still desire the service levels and fancy farm-fresh dinners complete with an on-staff sommelier, then book your gourmet getaway at the Lodge at Woodloch.

This destination spa, located just 2 hours from New York City, offers guests the luxury retreat path to a personal awakening.

Whether it is dining in the garden with the chef harvesting ingredients for seasonally inspired dishes or the early sunrise hikes, forest bathing and spiritual healing classes, there is something for everyone in its full calendar of classes. 

Complete with a full-service spa and featured speakers, Woodloch will get you ready to return to the world. In fact, one speaker in July is even offering a class on refocusing on your career after Covid.

For those on the other coast in Los Angeles, consider making plans to stay at Miramonte Indian Wells Resort and Spa. With its stunning views of the Santa Rosa Mountains, the resort located in Palm Springs, California, comes with an extensive spa menu. 

The property mirrors a Tuscan villa with flower gardens, citrus groves and two pools complete with cabanas set among tranquil palm trees. Guests will also find all the activities of the Hollywood elite crave within minutes, including world-class golf and tennis.

If looking to dust off the passport, then consider the short flight to Loreto on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. In Mexico, the luxuries of Loreto are many.

Still, its charm remains the opportunity for adventure in its protected nature reserves from the national park of Loreto Bay to the Sierra Gigante Mountains.

Travelers will also find the best golf course in Mexico at Danzante Bay and can spend time at its adjacent luxury retreat resort and spa.

Travel in Time

Perhaps we can’t go back in time to before the pandemic shutdowns, but we can make a trip to properties where traveling back in time becomes a luxurious part of the experience.

For a chance to head back to colonial American eighteenth-century opulence, set your google map and book a weekend at the Williamsburg Inn outside of Washington DC in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg. 

This luxury retreat hotel is more than just a chance to relax in the setting of our nation’s early days but also provides many modern amenities along with access to golf, spa treatments and acclaimed culinary delights in its local taverns.  

For those looking to head to somewhere else in time, make plans for the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan. Labeled “America’s Summer Place,” visitors can escape to this pristine island and return to the essence of the easier days of the early 1900s.  

Prepare for horse-drawn carriage rides as visitors arrive on ferries without their automobiles to take to your seat on one of the world’s longest porches. Also, moments like afternoon tea and dressing up for dinner with live orchestra music provide elegance for your evenings.

So whether it is a city escape, a chance to visit vacation land or traveling back in time, the opportunity to experience and appreciate luxe travel settings for your next summer luxury retreat is undoubtedly available for you. Happy travels.

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