6 Amazing Black-Owned Wellness Retreats Making a Difference

Last updated March 2, 2022

Revenge travel is here to stay as people are eager to jet off somewhere and release pent-up wanderlust. But for Black female travelers, this takes on a whole other meaning. 

Being Black and living in America does come with pros. It even gifts us that coveted golden ticket—our passport—which grants us entry into almost every country in the world.

However, the weight of our “Blackness” and “womenhood” is heavy, both collectively and individually. While no two stories are alike, this heaviness can wear down even the strongest of souls. 

IMARA Retreat attendees

Living in a system that doesn’t necessarily operate for us, but rather against us, can be disheartening, troubling and create highly toxic environments both within our hearts and spirit.

In spite of all this, community, sisterhood and travel is rewriting this narrative that Black women share, giving ourselves the space to heal. 

Community, sisterhood and travel is rewriting the narrative Black women share around healing collectively.

While no one path to healing and pursuing wellness (mind, body, soul) is identical, there are some change makers on the scene spreading love and teaching us how to heal our souls so we can heal collectively. 

Whether it’s by seeking out Black therapists via organizations such as Therapy for Black Girls, body positive yoga taught by Jessamyn Stanley, trying new foods to support our healing or going on epic wellness retreats led by Women of Color—we’re here for it. 

Black-owned wellness retreat Whole Experience

Craving adventure or a life changing experience? Need some downtime to prioritize healing or want to add more tools to your wellness self-care kit? 

If you find yourself screaming yes (pick me) to any of these questions, consider adding Women of Color wellness to your bucket list. 

You’ll walk away with more alignment, unleash your inner power, manifest that dream life, while building a supportive sisterhood circle along the way. 

Here are our six amazing Black-owned wellness retreats that are making a difference. 

Whole Experience

Black-owned wellness retreat Whole Experience

Pack your bags as you head to the heart of Kenya with Whole  Experience.  Centered around building a supportive community to restore your wellness, this Black-owned wellness retreat offers transformational retreats and holistic coaching programs.

Founders Tameika G and Whitney Gee share the why behind establishing Whole Experience: “We saw the retreat space as being very linear and not super inclusive of women of all shapes, sizes and walks of life. We wanted to create a retreat space for everyBODY. We especially wanted to focus on creating a space to empower women of color to come together and focus on their health and wellness.”

All we is ask is that you bring an open mind to our retreats.

Tameika G and Whitney Gee, founders of Whole Experience

Whole Experience retreats blend meditation, yoga, fitness and wellness workshops with a healthy dose of JOY! Adventures and tours include safaris in Kenya or salsa dancing in Colombia. The retreats also create an environment to build sisterhood and community.

Whole Experience retreat tip: Attendees do a lot of unique activities that they may not be used to, like sound therapy healing or cocoa ceremonies. When you come with an open mind and no expectations, it allows you to be fully present and to experience something totally new.

The IMARA Retreat

Black-owned wellness retreat AMARA Retreat

If you have an inkling for transformative retreats to deepen your connection to your higher self, The IMARA Retreat provides just that. You’ll explore the depths of your power, create long lasting sisters-ships and work on personal development all while visiting a new country. 

IMARA is an immersive and emotive life changing experience that helps women reconnect to their true power. Greater personal awareness is created and new intentions are set, to help attendees reconnect to self and others, in deeper, more meaningful ways.

An IMARA retreat is an experience like no other—created by women, for women, with love.

All this via a specially curated program—leaving an attendee refreshed and renewed ready to take on the world as a better version of herself.

This Black-owned wellness retreat offers a sacred space to blossom, with a focus on wellness, personal and professional development that both invigorates and educates simultaneously.

OMNoire Retreats

OMNoire Retreat yoga

Founded by Christina Rice, OMNoire Retreats are all about attracting high vibes focusing on three pillars: breathe, experience and live. 

This Black-owned wellness retreat aims to build community and foster a sacred space for Black women and Women of Color to thrive and embrace the journey of life.

OMNoire has been hosting retreats since 2017 with Black women from around the world who are looking to reset, recharge and redesign their lives. 

The immersive luxury retreat experiences and adventures focus on bringing the power of OM to life. Retreats take place in locations from a wine + wellness escape in California’s wine country to a mindful goddess expedition in Columbia. 

Leisano Living

Black-owned wellness retreat Leisano Living

Through mindfulness and meditation, Leisano Living offers a way to step outside of your comfort zone and take a pause (deep breath here) as you relax, recharge and restore your soul. 

Owner Leisan Echols started Leisano Living for very personal reasons. After boldly walking away from her “dream job” in January 2018 due to burnout, she embarked on a six-month adventure to wellness that took her across the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.

As a dietitian and exercise physiologist who strongly believes in the healing power of travel, Leisan was determined to build a business that provides Black women with tools to optimize their well-being and immerses them in new cultures to promote self-discovery. 

Step outside of your comfort zone—this is when the magic happens.

Leisan Echols, owner of Leisano Living

“That journey in 2018 breathed new life into me, giving me clarity and direction on what I would do next. And in short, that’s how Leisano Living was born,” says Leisan.

Today Leisano Living is a successful Black-owned wellness travel brand and pioneer in research-based health retreats and programs.

Leisano Living retreat tip: Being open to new experiences allows you to connect fully, push past physical and mental barriers, and reach a different level of freedom. At the same time, you will find beautiful pieces of yourself along the way that you didn’t even know existed.

Africa With Us

sunset serengeti-hu-chen-unsplash

Looking for active retreats with expert local guides? Africa With Us is all about understanding, spreading and experiencing the exoticness and richness of Kukuwa Fitness, a combination of African dance, fitness, cultural exploration and community service. 

This Black-owned wellness retreat will have you swaying your body to a variety of African music as you dance and dine at various retreat destinations from Senegal and the Gambia to Botswana and South Africa. 

You’ll also sample various cuisines to enrich your body, participate in community service to enrich your soul and have incredible cultural experiences to enrich your mind.

Black Women Healing Retreats

women of color community-sisterhood-jackie-parker-unsplash

Owner Satya traded in her heels for sandals only to discover that she was happier barefoot. And founded the first wellness and healing sanctuary centered around Black women.

All about crafting luxury experiences for the Black woman traveler, Black Women Healing Retreats takes luxury to the next level. And we’re not talking about fashion, but luxury in the sense of deserving to feel good (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually).

Choose your personal path (healing, yoga and meditation, or self-care) as you jungle bathe in serene greeneries ranging from Jamaica to Costa Rica at this Black-owned wellness retreat.

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