4 Reasons Why Equinox Hudson Yards Is the Best Place to Visit

Last updated November 30, 2023

It was my first time in New York City, and in the heart of it all was the Equinox. Located right along the Hudson River and next to the Vessel, this wellness and fitness sanctuary left me in awe.

From the moment I walked in, it felt like I was leaving the busyness behind and entering a safe and caring place. The dim lights, the black shiny walls and floors mixed with the gold accents felt elegant and simple. 

Equinox is the perfect getaway for those visiting the city or looking to recenter. 

1. The Lobby and Terrace

Upon entering the building, I was given a temperature check via tablet, where I placed my head between dotted lines. Throughout my time visiting Equinox Hotel New York, I felt safe as guests were socially distant. 

I was shown to the 25th-floor reception, with its open space and ceiling-high windows with views of the skyscrapers and Hudson River in the distance.

While handed a water bottle on a platter, I felt this wasn’t the typical hustle of New York City. It was a peaceful quiet from the stressors of cars honking and people yelling. 

I knew from the start that Equinox was a place that emphasized quality and service. 

In the lobby, concierges explained to visitors the map of the area, upcoming classes at the fitness center and the best things to do in the Big Apple. There’s also a lounge with fireplaces and comfy chairs, perfect for mingling with other guests or co-working outside your room. 

The Electric Lemon Private Dining Rooms are also ideal for small gatherings and meetings. Both rooms show a gorgeous view of the Hudson River. 

Below the main floor is the Electric Lemon restaurant. While it was closed when I visited, I noticed its sleek design and could visibly imagine myself eating here and connecting with friends. 

Guests also have the option of dining indoors or outdoors on the terrace when temperatures are warmer. 

2. The Rooms

I took an elevator to visit some of the suites. All guest rooms have a view of either the river or the city line. Everything looks like it is perfectly displayed and organized—from the duvet to the placement of towels. 

The consistency of Equinox’s brand could be seen in the lobby, hallway and rooms with the glossy black design. Each room comes with a tablet next to the bed to browse the web, order room service and optimize room temperature.


Peeking inside some drawers, to my surprise, I found snacks, yoga equipment and wellness materials to enhance guest experience. 

Upon conversing with a staff member, I discovered that the most popular items to be taken from the snack drawer were the gummy candy, cashews and M&M’s—Equinox knows its audience.  

On the television, guests can follow along with yoga in the comfort of their room. 

The bathroom was spacious, with warm lighting perfect for either a romantic or wellness getaway.

The shower glass is translucent and can be adjusted to make the shower clear for the illusion of more room or darkened for privacy. 

3. The Wellness

The Equinox Hotel New York experience is not complete without the fitness center on the lower floors, which still had amazing views.

From ellipticals to treadmills and weights, my favorite part of visiting this space was the natural sunlight that shone through the windows. 

Guests once again had views of either the river, the Vessel or the glass buildings in the distance. I could imagine myself visiting this space on a cold winter day. 

The yoga studio, indoor pool and pilates room were on the floor above. 

When I entered the yoga studio, I saw someone stretching while looking into the distance. I immediately felt my tensions drift away by the serenity of the space. The room also had plastic candles light up to mimic a peaceful environment in the city. 

While the spa was closed, I could tell from the door’s entrance that space would be an exceptional experience for all travelers looking to cleanse and detox. 

Equinox Hudson Yards NYC Pool

In another room was the salted indoor pool, which brought upon a wave of refreshment, with the reflecting mirrors on top. In the warmer months, guests can also swim in the outdoor terrace pool overlooking the city. 

My experience visiting Equinox Hotel New York was indeed like an urban oasis. Apart from the rush of the touristy parts of Manhattan, it was a transcendent experience, recentering my priorities around wellness. 

4. The Kindness 

Every time I saw an employee, they gave me the biggest wave and even under their mask, I could tell they were smiling. 

This gave me comfort, the feeling that I was receiving the best service and these people who worked here enjoyed their job. I truly felt cared for.

Should you find yourself in New York City, I highly recommend a stay at Equinox Hotel New York.

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