Which Immunity-Boosting Spa Treatment Is Best for You?

Last updated November 30, 2023

It should come as no surprise: Health and wellness are on everyone’s minds these days with more people wanting to take control of their health. And the spa can be a powerful place to start.

Spas are seeing a surge in immunity-boosting treatments, in response to the growing demand by people who want to level up their health.

One study by the Harris Poll and Samueli Integrative Health Programs found more than 80 percent of people said they intend to be more mindful about regular self-care.

Its data found that daily exercise has grown by 43 percent; people are sleeping more and paying more attention to what they eat, and mental health is a huge priority. There was a 186 percent increase in mood tracking.

Spas & Wellness

A visit to the spa is much more than an optional luxury. Spa treatments play an important role in improving your health and wellness, both mentally and physically.

Research has proven again and again that regular massages are good for our health.

For example, one study by the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles finds that massage can stimulate the lymphatic, circulatory and hormonal systems; regulate the autonomic nervous system; improve joint pain and poor posture; and reduce other pain, like arthritis and sciatica.

Other studies find massage can boost our immune system and improve circulation. A massage can increase white blood cell activity, and it also can reduce cortisol levels.

The American Massage Therapy Association echoes this—noting that there is a tie between a strong immune system and regular massage.

Massages also can regulate blood pressure and ease pain, as well as improve your mobility, range of motion and coordination.

There are also health benefits from other common spa treatments like a manicure and pedicure. Nail care can prevent fungi from growing under your nails.

The human touch, in and of itself, has been found to trigger oxytocin (a hormone that can ward off stress), dopamine and serotonin (both of which can balance out your emotions).

Touch can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system and be a catalyst for rest and recovery, both of which are important parts of a strong and healthy body and mind.

Don’t underestimate the stress-reduction component of a spa day. Stress actually compromises the immune system. So anything you can do to reduce stress is literally good for your health, including immunity-boosting spa treatments.

Immunity-Boosting Spa Treatments

Now with wellness on the mind, people are looking for more ways to boost their immunity. Spa treatments and products that can improve your immunity are hot. While not all of these treatments are new, there now is a brighter spotlight on them.

If you’re looking for immunity-boosting spa treatments, look for offerings that stimulate circulation. Lymphatic drainage (or a lymphatic massage) is one option. This is a gentle massage designed to encourage the movement of the lymph fluids. This fluid removes toxins and waste from the tissues.

Reflexology can also boost your immune system. This is an alternative treatment whereby pressure is applied to certain points on your feet (and sometimes hands and ears) with the hopes to ease stress, improve circulation, improve nerve function and more.

As for immune-boosting products, some people swear by aromatherapy and essential oils, whereas others are fans of products that boost gut health. Many spa boutiques and online stores sell products that they say can be good for your health.

The Rasa Spa in New York offers a special Immune Boost session, which includes a massage with a special blend of immune-boosting essential oils; a lower leg and foot scrub with an Immune Boost scrub; and hot towels. This treatment is designed to enhance lymphatic and respiratory systems. 

You get to take extra of the Immune Boost scrub home to use in the shower on your chest and underarms to continue treating yourself after you leave. You can buy more of this scrub in the Rasa boutique.

Therapies to Boost Immunity

Here is a look at other ways the spa might be able to improve your immunity:

●  Infrared light therapy. The Eco Chateau spa in California says infrared light therapy is another healthy treatment to try. The infrared light therapy sauna can boost your immunity, the spa says, as well as improve the health of your skin and improve your sleep.

●  Halotherapy. Crystal salt therapy is said to be especially beneficial to ward off respiratory viruses. It also can help skin conditions and benefit the overall immune system. You can find halotherapy rooms in some spas, like the Arden Salt Room & Sauna in Denver.

●  Herbs and oils. SensAsia Urban Spa in Dubai taps into ancient Balinese body rituals to protect the body. Its Defender Massage boosts circulation using pressure point massage and an essential oil blend of grapefruit and ginger. You then enjoy an “infection-fighting” tea with ginger, lemon, honey and turmeric. The spa also offers a more intense “Prepare for Battle Spa Package,” which adds on a scrub and wrap with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, black powder and galangal.

●  Continue at home. Spavia recommends taking care of yourself beyond the spa, as well. It says that a skin-care routine and regular meditation can have a positive impact on your health.

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