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Last updated May 1, 2024

Discover the world of 1 Hotels, where each of their sustainable urban wellness sanctuaries is inspired by its natural environment and the local community. 

The minute you step foot into the main lobby of a 1 Hotel, you know you’re not in just any sustainable hotel claiming to be eco-friendly and doing good for the planet.

Sure, there are plants, there are wooden fixtures and straws are compostable. However, like money cannot buy class, a sustainable title cannot buy authentic sustainability nor luxury. Why? Because it’s a feeling. A feeling that the 1 Hotels as a concept has perfected.

Living in Miami, I can say that I’ve experienced the 1 Hotel South Beach from just about all perspectives. From teaching yoga at their massive fitness space (before becoming Anatomy Fitness), to being a coffee drinker and meeting holder in their lobby, to a restauranteur at their ground level Habitat for plant-based rejuvenation and healthy organic fare.

The 1 Hotel South Beach is certainly one of my favorite and most inspiring hotels in Miami Beach. It’s everything from a design and eco-conscious perspective that I could dream of.

Retreat-like in design and inspired by the expansive beach, thoughtful touches bring nature into every space. Natural highlights include the Petrified Moss wall art at the entry, flush and green live plants throughout (including your room), the look and feel of driftwood used in decor and structure, the world-renowned Bamford Spa and four spacious pools overlooking the Atlantic. 

The 1 Hotels Concept

1 Hotels is more than a hotel chain, it’s a philosophy and platform for substantiative change. The future of the world and the future of hospitality are one and the same. The hotel group is also leading hospitality forward—aspiring to be a platform that sparks conversations between guests, innovators and those in the industry.

“Luxury is not derived from extravagance. It is born from the abundant beauty that surrounds us,” reads aloud from their brand video on their website. Clean, classy, green and a breath of fresh air is the aura. 

Not simply inspiring a life of well-being, 1 Hotels showcases and offers guests the tools and experiences to take home with them… instilling a lifestyle beyond the vacation.

With wellness as a sister to its sustainable core, fitness classes and facilities are high-end, dining five-star with a plethora of healthy eats and locally sourced foods, along with world-class spa services to restore, reignite and reinvigorate guests of all fitness and health levels. 

Eco-Chic Design Elements

Each sustainable urban sanctuary is designed to be reflective in personality of the cityscape it’s based out of. South Beach, with an ocean vibe; Central Park, a bit more slick; West Hollywood, a touch of Malibu Park meets Hollywood Hills. Rooted in local community, the 1 Hotels aims to source materials local in its natural environment. This is likened to the ultimate luxury “earthing” experience. 

“I wanted to capture the beauty of nature in a hotel and commit to safeguarding it as best I can. This is a responsibility that I believe we all share. It’s 1 world,” says Starwood Capital Group Chairman, Barry Sternlicht.

1 Hotels Retreat Style 

While traveling with wellness in mind can always be a goal, having an on-site retreat ready for you can be beneficial for those looking for structure.

In-stay experiences are designed to maintain the mind, body and spirit. And te 1 Hotels offers “Be Well at 1” packages at various locations. This program includes credits for fresh juices, healthy selections, treatments at the spas and even personal training sessions. 

Certain locations have credits offered while others can personalize a wellness retreat for you. As a wellth coach inspiring others through personal development, I’m a fan of these concepts for a few reasons.

The accountability when you pay upfront to use it is greater than if you paid onsite. Meaning, you’re more likely to drink the green juice over eating a bacon and egg sandwich if you’ve already paid and don’t want that credit to go to waste. 

Second, us humans tend to get a bit lazy when we’re in the vacation or retreat mindset. Having a dose of accountability can help keep us on track and thought-less when it comes to making decisions that are better for our overall well-being. 

Urban Wellness at 1 Hotels

The 1 Hotels is truly a leader in not only the luxury market, but also the sustainable hotel line. With nature as the true north, sustainability comes naturally in the form of uplifting people, planet and places.  

I’ve personally been smitten by 1 Hotels since its opening in South Beach. I now live in Los Angeles close to the West Hollywood location (yes, some have club memberships available for local access) and cannot wait to explore their “sprouting soon” destinations. 

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