6 Best Mindfulness Retreats

Last updated November 15, 2022

Holistic wellness not only involves the pursuit of physical health but likewise mental, emotional and spiritual health. From this perspective, the array of wellness activities that one may enjoy are quite vast.

And for the wellness traveler, this includes various opportunities that encourage greater self-awareness and presence. Perhaps more than ever, travelers can choose among several different types of mindfulness retreats.

From a traditional meditation experience to escapes that allow one to de-stress, mindfulness retreats provide wonderful travel excursions. 

Many Options to Explore Meditation through Mindfulness Retreats 

In decades past, mindfulness retreats primarily involved spas and resorts that offered a meditation experience. This is no longer the case. Meditation experiences in serene and peaceful environments still exist.

But increasingly, mindfulness retreats encompass more unique and interesting settings and activities previously not considered. Certainly, traditional mindfulness retreats and practices are important. But where and how you wish to enjoy your meditation experience varies broadly.

In many instances, the meditation experiences provided are combined with other wellness and health activities. This highlights the holistic nature of wellness travel in modern times.

Likewise, several activities that might promote wellness in one area has the potential to increase one’s mindfulness as well. These recent changes in wellness travel are making mindfulness retreats more interesting.

No matter what type of meditation experience you seek, it is likely several mindfulness retreats can meet your needs. The following list provides 6 examples of diverse modern mindfulness retreats with a focus on meditation.

1. Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga with Tracey Delfs (Yoga Wellness)

Exploring wellness travel that offers yoga exercises is a common vacation choice that includes meditation experiences. Yoga enables a greater mind-body connection, which naturally increases one’s awareness and presence in the moment.

Likewise, yoga routinely invites greater mindfulness through thoughtful breathing and purposeful movements.

Ultimately, this reduces negativity and stress through a physically challenging meditation experience. If you enjoy yoga and this type of wellness travel, a number of mindfulness retreats with yoga exist.

Such wellness vacations can truly reenergize you while teaching you how to incorporate yoga and meditation into your daily life. 

2. Pilgrimage Into the Sacred Heart of Sri Lanka (Spiritual Wellness)

Sri Lanka, Ceylon, North Central Province, Sigiriya Lion Rock fortress

In terms of spiritual wellness, the pursuit of a deeper meaning in one’s life and spiritual connection is important. In an effort to achieve spiritual health, meditation experiences allow us to quiet the mind.

In doing so, we invite the chance to become better in tune with our own spirit as well as the energy around us. Thus, mindfulness retreats are perfect escapes where we can reflect and meditate on life and its personal meaning.

This type of wellness travel has increased greatly in recent years. For example, some wellness travelers chose spiritual journeys like the pilgrimage into the Sacred Heart of Sri Lanka.

Being the site where ancient Buddhism began, this mindfulness retreat offers one truly intense meditation experiences. 

3. Yoga, Meditation & Healthy Eating at Haley’s Farm (Wellness Through Nature)

Nature provides us with incredible beauty and spectacular environments where we can better pursue health and wellbeing. Likewise, many natural settings allow us the chance to immerse in meditation experiences that enhances awareness and serenity.

Some have called mindfulness retreats that incorporate the healing power of nature, “green therapies.” Thus, choosing this type of wellness travel not only offers increased awareness but opportunities to de-stress and unwind as well.

As an example, the mindfulness retreat at Haley’s Farm in Western Maryland incorporates nature, yoga, and healthy eating into its wellness vacations. Clearly a holistic approach to wellness, this escape provides many different ways where one can immerse themselves in a meditation experience. 

4. Guided Hiking & Yoga Escape in Sedona, AZ (Active Excursions)

Even though one may prefer to be physically active, the chance to engage in a meditation experience still exists.

Specific activities, such as trail running in nature and hiking, are also included in some mindfulness retreats. By utilizing the serenity and beauty of natural settings, the more active escapes continue to increase awareness.

Likewise, these types of physical activities tend to help many “shut off” the mind so they can enjoy a better meditation experience. While this type of wellness travel may not promote mindfulness for all, some should explore this type of wellness travel.

One example of this type of mindfulness retreat involves a guided hike and yoga retreat in exquisite Sedona. Amidst the canyons and red rocks, wellness travelers enjoy some of the best views during this incredible meditation experience. 

5. Tour of Sacred North India (Cultural Escapes)

Though not typically perceived as a meditation experience, wellness travel that includes cultural immersions certainly can be. This is especially true when such a wellness trip requires travelers to engage in various creative endeavors.

Being in a different culture invites new perspectives that encourage open-mindedness and exploration. Likewise, creative activities can help foster mindfulness through immersing in specific activities.

One such trip involves the exploration of Divine Love in Sacred Northern India. In addition to tours of many exquisite sites, travelers also stay with local families and learn cultural trends.

This mindfulness retreat provides numerous settings for meditation experiences, and offers opportunities for spiritual, social, and cultural health in the process. 

6. “Mid-Life Awakening” Equine Retreat for Women (Animal-Assisted Wellness)

When it comes to health and wellness, animal-assisted care has been recognized for its healing abilities. In addition to goat yoga, which enhances peacefulness and happiness, other types of meditation experiences also include animal-assisted care.

Ranch vacations with horses and horseback riding may facilitate mindfulness.

Wellness travel in various ranches in Colorado and Arizona offer such mindfulness retreats. Equine experiences allow participants to break out of what’s holding them back, have fun, build self-confidence and reconnect to themselves.

The meditation experience provided in conjunction with these animals can provide quite a powerful wellness excursion. And it can re-energize and rejuvenate in the process.

Enhance Awareness and Appreciate the Moment

Overall, the goal of any meditation experience is to enhance your awareness and to be appreciative of the moment. It is all too easy in today’s world to become overly stressed and consumed by what might happen next. In the process, we forget to slow down.

But if we choose to include mindfulness retreats as part of our travel, we can re-energize ourselves and adopt new practices. And through these same meditation experiences, we can learn more about ourselves, the world around us, and our spirituality.

This is the promise of meditation and mindfulness, and it’s why it is essential to our total wellness.

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