5 Signs You’re Definitely a Wellness Traveler

Last updated August 31, 2023

The wellness industry has taken over the travel industry. So much so, that any hotel or hot destination that offers a yoga class and a fruit-infused beverage upon entry claims to qualify. 

But, you, the wise wellness traveler, know better. Your radar is a little more heightened, and there are certain criteria you’re looking for when booking a wellness destination, making you a wellness traveler.

What qualifies? In humor and truth, here are five signs you are, in fact, a wellness traveler.

1. You Seek Peace, Not Party

I used to live in Miami. You want a party? They’ve got it. You want wellness; they’ve got that, too. What do I seek when I go back for a visit? The peace, the zen, the chill, the restoration. 

Avoiding the crowds—like Spring Break—and choosing hotels with a gym or wellness room, a quiet corner in one of the resort towers and maybe even a sleep-specific bed to test out.

Chances are, if you’re looking out for the same kind of vibes for a destination, you’re avoiding the pool parties with bikini contests and choosing one that has a spa attached with a “Quiet Zone” sign nearby.

2. You Choose Your Carry-on Because It Can Hold a Yoga Mat

Funny, until it isn’t. Did you know, for most airline carriers, a yoga mat counts as one of your personal items? 

I remember a trip to Cancun several years ago and learned this lesson the hard way flying with American Airlines. Not all carriers are the same, but this brings up a useful reminder.

Does your carry-on bag or suitcase fit the gear you need for your wellness adventure? Maybe you’ve upgraded your luggage to a more sustainable brand. 

Or, you’ve done your research beforehand to ensure the resort you’re staying at has the mat, gym or other fitness gear you might need for your stay.

3. The Acronym “BYOWB” Is in Your Vocabulary

You use it, you say it, you hashtag it, and—even more important—you implement it. We all want to cut back on plastic. And, by now, I’m sure you’ve seen the Netflix documentary A Plastic Ocean.

However, change takes effort. You, wellness traveler, make that effort to avoid plastic bottles and waste when traveling.

You also make an effort to inform others of their impact and ability to do their part as well. Of course, there’s a thoughtful way to do this (barking orders at someone never gets any of us far with change)—leading by example.

A few travel tips I offer:

  • Bring your own snacks and water bottle during air travel. 
  • When you get to the hotel, use your own pen, bring your own toiletries, use only one soap in the room instead of two (typically they offer two, one for the sink, one for the shower). 
  • Repurpose cutlery with a quick wash, or bring your own bamboo.

4. At the “All You Can Eat,” You Ask Is It Plant-Based?

Ah, the days of going to buffets and all you can eat! One of the many reasons I cut back on cruising over the years. 

And while you may think buffalo wings, kid’s chicken nuggets and cream puffs might be the offering for “all you can eat,” many hotels and resorts now have a complete salad bar section, vegan offerings and vegetarian specials to choose from. 

I personally have visited some incredible all-inclusive wellness resorts with vegan-specific menus and have ordered more than a single serving. When it’s good, it’s good!

If you’re even thinking in this manner and planning your travels based on menu offerings for the plant-based selections, you’ve just checked another box off the list of being a wellness traveler.

5. For You, Wellness Means More Than a Massage or Facial

Sure, they both feel good. But you know a massage is just a tiny piece of the pie when it comes to wellness and well-being offerings.

What experiences are offered on-property? Are there nature hikes? Daily yoga or tai chi classes? Shamanic experiences? Beach walk meditations? Mindful origami? Or, Zentangle coloring workshops?

You travel deeper when it comes to wellness experiences. And, yes, you book that massage, too.

Bonus: You’ve Found Your Tribe

They say the key to a positive force in the world and change is finding your tribe. If you’re here on the Vacayou website, chances are pretty good you’ve found yours. Definitely making you a wellness traveler.

What’s one travel habit that has shifted for you over the years when booking a trip or destination, further confirming you’re a wellness traveler? Let Vacayou’s travel concierge team help you discover, book and plan your next wellness travel experience. 

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