5 Wellness Travel Highlights from the Global Wellness Summit

Last updated August 3, 2022

There are many wellness travel highlights from the Global Wellness Summit that we have to share.

Not what you are looking for? Don’t close your tab just yet. These takeaway tips aren’t solely applicable to the wellness traveler. They are highlighted words of wisdom for maintaining overall wellness.

Whether or not you identify as a wellness traveler, you will find something in this article that you can take away and implement into your daily wellness routine.

Wellness gives us so much to look forward to. So much has shifted over the past few years. Take the Global Wellness Summit 2021, for example. But first things first. What exactly is the Global Wellness Summit?

What Is the Global Wellness Summit?

It is an annual conference that hosts experts and visionaries in the medical and wellness fields. A new theme or topic of discussion structures the conference each year. In 2021, the theme was “New Era in Health & Wellness.” Can you guess what it may be for 2022?

Keep reading and learn the five takeaways we are clapping our hands for at Vacayou. Which one of these wellness travel highlights grabs your attention the most?

Wellness travel highlights mental health balance

1. Focus on mental wellness

Mental wellness will have an even bigger focus as we move forward in holistic medicine, modern medicine, social services and science. This is for good reason too. In his self-help book Anxious For Nothing, Max Lucado points out the “chances are that you or someone you know seriously struggles with anxiety. According to the National Institute for Mental Health,  anxiety disorders are reaching epidemic proportions. In a given year nearly fifty million Americans will feel the effects of a panic attack, phobias, or other anxiety disorders.”

Undoubtedly, there is a great need for mental health services all around the world. With this knowledge, the wellness travel industry is catching up. Wellness retreats and spas are focusing on offering more mental health programming and counseling services.

Wellness travel highlights self-cure and plant medicine

2. Self-cure phenomenon

Here is the key to overall well-being. It is made up of four components:

  1. Healing your relationship to food. 
  2. Healing your stress response. 
  3. Healing your immune system. 
  4. Healing your beliefs.

With the right tools, (such as professional holistic and wellness coaches, nutritionists, healers and plant medicine) guidance is available for those who want to discover this healing path.

Senior woman surfer

3. 90 is the new 40

The longevity science is clear: you are the coder of your own genes. The right wellness habits mean an unprecedented future of long, healthy lives. We know that people’s environments have a huge impact on their lifestyle, happiness and health. That’s why more accessibility to well-being (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) is great news to us.

Breathwork as pillar of wellness

4. Power of breathwork

Research shows that breathwork is not a fleeting trend. A Stanford University study tested four different breathwork protocols against each other and found that all four (for just five minutes a day) were more effective than meditation at reducing anxiety.

Cyclic Sighing

One breathwork modality, “cyclic sighing” (a combination of two inhales followed by a big exhale), has the most positive outcomes across every measure.

Box Breathing

The 4-4-4 method is a breathing technique taught by mental health professionals all over the world. It is also known as “box breathing.” You start by breathing in for a count of four. Hold your breath for 4 seconds and then exhale for another 4 seconds. Repeat as many times as you like.

Use of psychedelics as medicine

5. Psychedelics as Medicine

Psychedelics and psilocybin are not being kept underground anymore: “the medical research is on fire; there’s a steady decriminalization/legalization wave in the West, and investment in medical psilocybin and psychedelic companies is exploding. Psilocybin will become a key medicine for mental health, and the wellness world needs to get ready.

What do you think about these latest wellness travel highlights?

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Source: Global Wellness Summit


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