Well Q&A: Why The Pearl Laguna is a Must-Visit Wellness Retreat

Last updated January 22, 2024

I have a confession: During these COVID-times, I’ve been rather undisciplined with my eating. This has, of course, led me to fantasize about where I’ll go to do a “course correction” as soon as it seems appropriate to fly. 

Well, I think I found just the place at The Pearl Laguna—an intimate wellness retreat in Laguna Beach, California. After learning about their cuisine, fitness and movement offerings—and other aspects of the guest stay—The Pearl is a perfect place to relax, re-calibrate and shed a few unwanted pounds.

Katresha Moskios and her husband, Geo, really embody living life beautifully and with love. Enjoy this inspiring Q&A with Katresha—I think you’ll be saying “sign me up,” too.

What lead you and your husband, Geo, to create The Pearl? 

From a young girl, I always thought that I would have a health farm. Since Geo and I met at yoga teacher’s training, it was always a dream of ours to open our own yoga, hiking and cleansing retreat.

We started our journey leading yoga retreats around the world and a miracle happened and provided us with the opportunity to open The Pearl Laguna 11 years ago.

How would you describe your “wellness philosophy?” 

Our philosophy is to live as naturally as possible. We teach the four pillars of health at The Pearl Laguna:
1) Natural, healthy food
2) Yoga, hiking and natural exercise
3) Meditation and rest to let the body heal
4) Most importantly: positive loving thoughts

Live life beautifully, live your dream.

What makes The Pearl different than other retreats or full-immersion wellness resorts?

At The Pearl Laguna, we believe in the wonder of the person. We welcome all guests where they are in their life and encourage and guide them on their journey. We focus on the cleansing of one’s soul, mind and body. Our guests leave us feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

If you could choose to go to another destination spa or wellness resort anywhere in the world which would it be? 

I would be a guest at The Pearl Mallorca. It’s located on a beautiful island filled with picturesque hiking and locally grown organic fruits and vegetables. Mallorca is known for its beaches, sheltered coves and limestone mountains. 

How about in the US?

I love the warmth and would go anywhere with natural healing waters and mineral mud somewhere from the hot springs to the ocean.

Many of us are wondering what it will be like to visit a wellness resort once we begin traveling again. Can you tell us what the experience at The Pearl will be like? 

Now more than ever we need to care for ourselves and each other. We limit guests so there is plenty of room for personal space. We also focus on immune-boosting remedies for a healthy body and mind. And we are enjoying yoga on our top deck among the trees and with picnics at the beach.

What do you love most about your life and what would you change if you could wave a magic wand?

I love my life… and my childhood in Perth, Australia….
I’ve worked in wonderful places around the world….
I love my career as a spokeswoman and model.
And I love being the Yogini of The Pearl Laguna…
But what I love most is spending my life with the man I chose…

If I could wave a magic wand, I would take the power and beauty of yoga for women and sprinkle it like golden stardust around the world.

About Katresha Moskios

Katresha, co-creator of The Pearl Laguna, is an in-demand speaker on women’s wellness, meditation, yoga and nutrition. Her popular seminar, “The Power & Beauty of Yoga for Women” is presented to sold-out audiences at colleges and universities worldwide.

When Katresha was eight years old, she made a wish on her birthday candles she would one day have a “health farm that made people happy and healthy.” A native of Perth, Australia, Katresha was an Australian supermodel turned faith healer who traveled around the world, later studying at the London College of Health & Beauty and continuing her research in nutrition with Dr. Bernard Jensen in San Diego. She also worked as a spokesperson for Chanel.

Katresha began practicing yoga as a young woman and was certified by Indra Devi as a yoga teacher in 1975. She spent time studying with teachers in India and energy healers in the Philippines, teaching yoga at studios in the United States and on retreats at locations around the world.

She created her own skincare line, Katresha Pure Skincare, following an automobile accident that left her skin scarred and damaged. After spending two months in the hospital, she went on a 28-day cleanse with ingredients and healing broths she still serves to guests at The Pearl.

Today, her skincare line has a devoted following and is available at top boutiques internationally. In addition to Katresha’s deep knowledge of yoga, women’s wellness and skincare, she possesses an incredibly positive, kind and caring approach to all she does and everyone she comes in contact with.

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