Touchless Therapy: Is It Really Worth It?

Last updated August 22, 2023

Look, mom, no hands! I couldn’t help myself here. Touchless therapy. It’s a thing. And it’s here to stay. I honestly hadn’t heard of touchless wellness before my connection with the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, a pioneer in touchless therapies.

However, is a touch-free well-being experience as good as a hands-on version? Let’s find out if touchless therapy is all it’s cut out to be. 

What Is Touchless Wellness?

Perhaps as literal as it sounds, touchless therapy is a wellness experience minus the touch. Traditionally, most spa or health services are hands-on with the service being provided from one healer to the receiver. 

Think of your traditional facial or back massage where the therapist employs his or her hands to work their magic. Through innovative technology, the wellness experience is now experienced through the use of a machine and technology only—less the secondary person in attendance or needed to perform the service.

Why Touchless Therapy?

You may think, “but, if it’s not hands-on, then what’s the point of going to a spa to receive treatment?” I get it. I thought the same initially, too.

Touchless therapy is actually not new. Reiki, vibrational sound healing and forest bathing (shinrin yoku) are all wellness modalities using contactless elements. These therapies have been around for decades, if not thousands of years. In fact, reiki is approximately 2,500 years old. 

Let’s give this a second thought and understand how effective and beneficial touchless therapy can be to any receive. Because this technology is pretty incredible and very effective.

To accommodate for social distancing practices, many destination spas introduced high-tech touchless therapy experiences to help guests feel more comfortable. Hence, when this trend became super popular over the past year or two. 

Post-pandeminc, the technology driven, state-of-the-art machines are more effective than ever with the opportunity for those who want to continue to seek out treatment therapies in private, socially distanced, or something one can experience completely solo with a consistent form. No matter who’s working the shift on a Monday afternoon at 2 pm.

Think of it like getting your routine coffee at a chain coffee shop. You know what you’re getting no matter what country or state you’re in. The consistent form the machine offers is therapeutic in its own right—removing the guesswork of who’s doing your treatment and whether their service will match the last incredible experience you had.

Examples of Touchless Therapies

While there are an unlimited number of touchless wellness offerings out there, we recommend to check out these trending experiences.

  • BallancerPro lymphatic drainage suit, known as the “Rolls-Royce” of its category. This touchless therapy clears the body of extra water weight, detoxifies waste, improves body tone, increases immunity and workout recovery—to name just a few. 
  • Dermashape contactless, another lymphatic treatment, is similar benefits-wise, but in a unique treatment option. Dermashape uses a special heating pad that warms the body followed by suction technology that releases stagnant fluid in the lymph restoring lymph flow and breaking up fat congestion. 
  • NuCalm is the world’s only patented technology for disrupting stress in the brain. This helps to optimize brand and body recovery. Wearing a light-blocking eye mask with a tiny disc linked to your wrist to monitor, the treatment can be the sweetest savasana you’ve ever had.
  • Soli-lite light recovery creates a healthy, glowing complexion through use of an LED photobiomodulation system that cares for skin concerns such as acne, wrinkles, dark rings and aging skin. Different light settings can also help to speed recovery times post derma-peels. It’s even recommended after invasive surgeries such as surgical lifts and laser resurfacing.

Where to Experience Hand-Off Treatments

The largest offering (without sharing too much of a promotional ad) is at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort in Miami Beach, Florida. The Carillon currently has six touchless wellness offerings and is continuing to push the envelope with the latest trends in well-being as one of the top providers in the country.

Remedy Place in both West Hollywood and and New York City have touchless wellness offerings including the BallancerPro for lymphatic drainage. I’m sure with time more resorts and destination spas will offer such services. 

Would you try a touchless therapy treatment in the near future as another option to add to your self-care and healing journey? Effective, minimally invasive, streamlined and consistent, touchless therapy is an alternative to the more traditional hands-on therapies we’re accustomed to. 

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