Top Wellness Trends According to Wellness Tourism Association

Last updated May 3, 2024

Wellness is the cool kid on the block these days with the market projected at more than $1.3 trillion USD globally in 2025. New products and services are popping up almost daily.

What top wellness trends do we need to keep an eye on? Vacayou highlights six wellness trends that are top of mind, according to the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA).

With these top wellness trends, you can start expanding your wellness consciousness and get a glimpse of what to plan for your next wellness vacation

Detoxifying treatments are gaining popularity

If you can’t remember the last time you felt balanced, it may be time to get back on track. The WTA cites detoxifying treatments as one of the top wellness trends to look out for.

This is something that we see at Vacayou as well, as our partners are increasingly offering detox vacations at their hotels, spa, resorts and retreats. Popular treatments include both nutritional detoxes and those which are of the holistic kind, where the attention is on the mind and emotional well-being. 

We long for space and the outdoors 

The desire for space and outdoor experiences has increased over the past few years and it looks like it will continue to do so. The pandemic has a big play in this and has triggered both a stronger desire and appreciation for these kinds of experiences. Private rooms, secluded resorts, and outdoor wellness experiences and adventures are all getting more attention.

Breathwork is having a moment

Discovering and using the body’s natural way of coming into health and healing is huge. Breathwork is currently on our radars and seems to be a wellness trend that is here to stay—as most people are just beginning to discover it. 

Giving the gift of wellness matters

Giving makes us feel good, and many people are starting to realize that gifting thoughtful experiences are starting to matter more than simply material things. We’re seeing that gifting wellness experiences, such as getaways and treatments to loved ones are wellness trends on the rise. 

Travelers desire more personalization 

A “one size fits all” isn’t going to cut it in wellness travel lately with most people feeling the need to experience wellness that works for their particular needs. 

Rebecca Platt, the corporate director of sales and marketing at SunSwept Resorts says: “People are now looking to experience their own recovery journey that is tailor-made for them.” Often, she says, “the exact details of what may be needed are unknown, travelers just know that a rebalance is needed.”

Solo travel is popular once again 

There is and has always been, something special about traveling solo. That’s why it’s no surprise to us at Vacayou that this wellness trend is coming back strong.

“Guests want to travel and meet like-minded people while safe in the knowledge they can also have their independence to reflect and take time for themselves,” says Platt. 

Source: Wellness Tourism Association 

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