What’s the Appeal of an All-Inclusive Resort?

Last updated September 2, 2023

It’s probably been a hot minute since you’ve considered an all-inclusive resort for your next vacation. With plenty of pros and cons, the appeal of an all-inclusive resort is always up for discussion.

Not a believer in all-inclusive wellness resorts? Prepare to be converted to seamless trip planning and budgeting.

The Reasons Behind All-Inclusive Resorts 

Often deemed as boring or unauthentic, the all-inclusive resort, though, is becoming the ultimate getaway. A study conducted by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts finds that 75% of travelers believe the best way to travel is to book an all-inclusive wellness vacation and 77% think an all-inclusive is the least stressful way to travel.

The all-inclusive trend originated in the mid-1950s with Club Med. Yet all-inclusive resorts these days couldn’t be further from that initial experience. Gone are the days of mediocre buffet food, soda machines, basic accommodations, hidden charges and run-of-the-mill activities. 

Present-Day Appeal of All-Inclusive Resorts

Luxury services. Cool amenities. Ecotourist theme parks. Poolside programming. Michelin 3-star restaurants. Locations in coveted spots around the world. These are the things that describe a present-day all-inclusive resort.  

Here’s the truth. Vacation season is year-round. People from all over the world are traveling all over the world. That being said, there are millions of travelers who are opting for an all-inclusive resort. Will you?

Let’s explore the appeal of an all-inclusive resort.

1. Easy planning

Most of us put that Triple A membership to use when it comes to trip planning. After all, having to research and book every part of your vacation is time-consuming. It’s also frustrating…

There are only two things you need to do when it comes to planning an all-inclusive vacation. The first is to choose a resort. Secondly, you need to book your plane ticket. Then there is nothing else to do but patiently count down the days until you leave. 

Vacayou’s travel concierge team will gladly book your resort. This ensures you focus less on planning and more on being. Traveling is much easier when there is someone helping you choose the right package.

2. Advance budgeting

Vacationers now more than ever want to know (in advance) the cost of their vacation. Especially with costs rising for resort fees and airfare. 

The all-inclusive resort concept can help you budget better. You don’t need to set a limit on how much you will spend eating. The restaurants at all-inclusive resorts are exactly that—all inclusive.

You don’t spend more than you want to. Paying forward one lump sum for your vacation can make the budgeting process much simpler. 

3. One flat fee

On a typical pay-as-you-go vacation, you’ll use your card to pay for nearly everything. You’ll use it to pay for each restaurant you eat at. The piece of plastic will most likely be needed for the hotel(s) you book. Not to mention entertainment and tourism. Bills add up quickly this way. 

In general, an all-inclusive resort covers nightly accommodation, three meals per day, beverages (alcoholic drinks are often included, too), non-motorized water sports, resort activities and staff gratuities.

Be prepared to pay extra for “add-ons.” Add-ons refer to things such as spa services, off-property tours and activities, or dining at the resort’s most luxurious restaurant. These services are usually billed upon check out. 

4. Price point for every budget

While the appeal of an all-inclusive resort might sound expensive—think Maldives— it really depends on where you go. Nowadays, you’ll find an all-inclusive resort that operates at many different price points.

For example: there are several all-inclusive resort chains in Mexico and the Caribbean with competitive pricing. Yet there are also a handful of all-inclusive resorts that are budget-friendly. Finding an all-inclusive wellness resort is easier and less expensive than you may think. 

Disclaimer: prices do vary by destination, season, resort and room category.

5. A little something for everyone

An all-inclusive resort is a great option when traveling with a partner, family or friends. This is because groups who travel naturally like to do their own thing. It’s rare that groups all agree on the same thing. 

Perhaps you would like a couples day at the spa. Then your husband speaks up. Turns out he wants to do the snorkel tour. Which—by the way—is only happening today. At an all-inclusive resort, it is possible to do both. 

Many all-inclusive resorts are chock-full of amenities. They have fine-dining options with authentic flavors. There is personalized service that will make you feel right at home. Did we mention spacious suites with oceanfront views as well as local experiences?

A handful of all-inclusive resorts cater to wellness-focused (and even plant-based) travelers. These properties are known as all-inclusive wellness resorts and offer healthy eating options, yoga and meditation, gyms, indulgent spa experiences, suites with fitness facilities and more.

Palmaïa, the House of Aïa in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, is one of the first wellness-focused all-inclusive resorts. It’s on of our top recommendations to anyone looking for an all-inclusive wellness vacation. This particular wellness resort offers delicious plant-based restaurants. Healing rituals are also performed. Transformational journeys are led daily and guests can get an extra dose of pampering at the spa. 

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