The 6 Best Spiritual Healing Retreats in Bali

Last updated August 28, 2023

Considering the island’s spiritual and healing energy points, it’s no wonder Bali has so many wellness experiences to offer. That’s why we decided to uncover the not-so-easy-to-find spiritual healing retreats in Bali, along with a few well-known sanctuaries, too. 

Here is our curated list of spiritual healing retreats in Bali for those who are already traveling throughout Indonesia. For those who wish to discover one of the most healing and adventurous places on earth—full of friendly people, hilly jungle landscape and plenty of luxurious beaches—Selamat Datang!

1. Fivelements Retreat – Abiansemal, Bali

Fivelements Retreat by the Ayung River is an eco-conscious wellness sanctuary that specializes in Balinese healing, sacred arts and nutritious plant-based foods.

With extraordinary accommodation options (such as the hillside pool suites and river view pool suite with a volcanic-stone hot tub and your own plunge pool and river views), the experience is private, intimate and relaxing. Incorporating natural elements like wood, flowers and delicious earthy scents, these spa experiences are sure to touch your soul. 

The Panca Mahabhuta is a signature program that takes you on a spiritual, emotional and physical journey while their unique culinary retreat and training teaches you how to use food for healing and vitality.

Explore your consciousness deeper and embark on an adventure of the mind, body and spirit. Enjoy beauty spa rituals, dinner by the river and romance with your partner. 

2. Escape Haven – Kuta, Bali

With bucket list packages, knowledgeable healers and instructors, surfing, breath work, Ayurveda and a focus on somatic healing, Escape Haven has one of the greatest varieties of wellness experiences you could ever ask for.

And with more than 40 awards, your stay here is focused not only on healing but on truly living. Close to the beach, this wellness retreat in Bali for women brings the sea and jungle together. Accommodations are luxurious, airy, bright and surrounded by gardens. 

Escape Haven offers a great retreat for the solo female traveler. Guests have access to five pools, a custom-built yoga shala, a private chauffeur for excursions around Bali and experiences like mandala making. There are also daily spa treatments, workshops, meditation classes—and so much more! 

The best part? You can tailor your retreat experience exactly how you desire. Receive personal guidance from amazing professionals to help you achieve your health and well-being goals. 

3. Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa – Mengwi, Bali

Sukhavati, meaning “The land of Bliss,” is an Ayurveda-specialized and award-winning luxury retreat. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the green Balinese jungle, away from crowds in a serene environment. 

Created by Steven Griffith who has over 35 years of personal experience in mindfulness and ancient healing, this retreat in Bali mixes Ayurvedic and ancient science with modern facilities and luxury. Many seek out Sukhavati to experience bliss and transform their lifestyle and/or get treatment for chronic health issues. The entire staff has been trained by Ayurveda experts, so you can’t get a more authentic experience than this!

The retreat teaches you how to embrace and live an Ayurvedic lifestyle, heal your body and prevent disease. Spend your free time exploring the beautiful surroundings, biking to the beach, walking in the rice paddies and observing the mountains. 

On offer is a “Raju Banana Treatment” for women who struggle with gynecological health issues, meditation training, and specialized treatments for cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue and insomnia.

To boot, the villas at Sukhavati are absolutely incredible. Choose from a private villa with your own pool and small garden, or a larger villa for you and your friends. 

This retreat is all about health and relaxation, and strengthening the life force within you. 

4. Samyama Meditation Center – Ubud, Bali

Samyama Meditation Center takes you on a journey into the deepest waters of your heart and mind. If you are ready to challenge yourself, you can book either a dark retreat or a silent retreat. Let go of the old that doesn’t serve you and embrace new energy that will unleash creativity and vitality within. Because these retreats go so deep, you will be happy to have real support after your experience to best integrate healing and wisdom. 

The beautiful accommodations and surroundings at Samyama Meditation Center create the perfect conditions to relax after transformational work. They offer an in-depth human design reading and a detailed analysis to help you live up to your true potential. The center also offers ice bath sessions for better immunity, more energy as well as less stress and anxiety. 

By tapping into the many treatments at this wellness retreat in Bali, you’ll be able to explore the depths of your consciousness, uncover your inner wisdom, heal blockages and welcome more love into your life. 

5. Floating Leaf Retreat – Sukawati, Bali

Floating Leaf Retreat is an eco-luxury retreat with an incredible abundance of programs for solo travelers, groups and corporate events.

A bit like an adult playground, the unique vibe of Floating Leaf starts before you even step foot onto its property. It’s a place where you expect to share stories with people in the evening—laughing and relaxing with doing absolutely whatever you choose. 

Surrounded by green rice paddies and the Indian Ocean, this is the place you want to run to when life seems overwhelming or you’re tired of being on the go. Relax in the pool bar with a drink, take classes in the yoga sanctuary with a view of Holy Mount Agung and dip your toes in the backyard Petanu River. 

Wellness experiences include “The Shamanic Healing” package, a romance package, a surfing package, the “Yoga Restore” package and the incredible “Pathway to Happiness” retreat which includes a private session with a healer and Bhakti meditation. 

Discover Bali through a lens of curiosity and openness and experience a journey you’ll never forget.

6. The Asa Maia – Uluwatu, Bali

Located in Uluwatu, The Asa Maia retreat sits amid gorgeous nature and is only a short walk from the beach. The retreat emphasizes a genuine and mindful experience. Options are available for healing and energy work for those looking to go deeper. Perfect for solo travelers and couples, this is a great place for meeting like-minded people who also love traveling, being active and enjoy wellness. 

Focused on bringing guests a peaceful stay, The Asa Maia takes care of each guest with love and care. When you need to relax, when you want to experience the power of the waves through swimming and surfing, or when you are looking to bring more joy into your everyday life—The Asa Maia is here for you. 

What’s more is that this wellness retreat in Bali is sustainable and cares about the community, nature and culture. It’s a place to learn about local traditions and with only 10 suites, the experience feels intimate. You’re also close to the holy Uluwatu temple where you can visit and take part in the iconic Kecak Fire Dance. 

With ice baths, a breath work program, an infrared sauna, spa treatments, fitness activities and Pilates, there are plenty of healthy activities to go around. 

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