Top 5 Spas In Los Cabos, Mexico for Your Next Getaway

Gone are the days of vacationing to Los Cabos, Mexico, just for the spring breaks, margaritas, and Cabo Wabo nightlife.

With a resurgence of luxury, high-end hotels, a build-out of wellness-focused resorts, and a variety of farm-to-table restaurants and experiences within the 30-mile vicinity, Los Cabos is primed to be a top wellness destination.

Along with the influx of wellness and sustainable offerings in Los Cabos, luxury and high-quality spas are coming with it. In this article, we’re highlighting seven of the top spas in Cabo San Lucas to relax, restore and indulge.

Beyond the price tag and lux services, we’re also basing our selection on local healing traditions that provide an authentic and extraordinary experience.

1. Esperanza, An Auberge Resort

Sitting on 17 acres of pristine land overlooking the Sea of Cortez, Esperanza is genuinely a place to restore and relax and to escape to.

Their spa synchronizes nature and healing, seamlessly integrating outdoor and indoor spaces for their treatments, letting the “outside in.” The Spa at Esperanza becomes a journey through a desert oasis of well-being.

Before your therapy, head in 30 minutes earlier to cleanse in the “pasaje de agua,” an outdoor water therapy experience combining hot, cold, steam, sauna amenities.

Two favorite local therapies on the menu to check out are the Avocado Butter pedicure and the Papaya Mango Body Polish (just try not to eat it!).

2. Viceroy, Los Cabos

The location alone is stunning in its architecture and decor. Viceroy, Los Cabos is best known from their photos of the “Nest” that sits in the middle of the property just past the entrance.

Notably one of the most “instagrammable hotels” in Los Cabos, you will need an appointment or reservation to get in past the lobby, so book ahead for this one.

For a unique experience, check out the Tranquil Damiana, combining sensory sleep techniques, aromatherapy, music and sound healing and movement therapy.

For a group experience, the Cacao Ceremony (yes, the foundation of chocolate!) is native to the area in Mexico and is delicious and euphoric on many levels.

3. Waldorf Astoria, Los Cabos Pedregal

Entering through the private tunnel, Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedgregal creates an intimate environment to hide away and stay. Formerly known as the Resort at Pedregal, you can choose from casitas, villas, or private homes for your getaway.

Equally private is the Spa at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal. A mouthful to say, we know, but the Spa is worth it! With ten private treatment rooms, the organic treatments are inspired by the lunar cycle, the sea and authentic Mexican healing.

We recommend checkout out the Indigenous Herbal Detox—releasing toxins through the use of potent plants followed by an herbal mud wrap— and the Ancient Massage—lemon and herb-infused scents while relieving tension using ancient techniques passed down through generations.

4. Se Spa at Grand Velas Los Cabos

The Grand Velas Los Cabos is a massive establishment, the SE Spa alone being 35,000 square feet. Named an “aquatic paradise” by Forbes magazine, we think it’s the ultimate cenote or underwater adventure through the caves.

Exceptional to Mexico, the Tequila Cream Massage won’t get you drunk, but it will energize your body and mind. Although there is a tequila cream-tasting at the end to energize the spirit.

If you aren’t familiar with Blue Agave—the plant used in creating their tequila—the Blue Agave Candle Massage offered serenity of the mind and body, reducing inflammation, while restoring and moisturizing the skin with a light-pressure massage.

5. Montage Los Cabos

Warm hues of stone balanced by the gorgeous ocean blues, Montage exudes the feelings of balance and well-being. Desert landscapes harmonizing with the sea, Montage has a modern appeal with a foundational design of Mexican folklore.

Look into booking the Californian Wildflower Massage, a stimulating vibrational treatment created exclusively for the Spa Montage. Perhaps after too many hours in the sun (which is easy to do in this latitude of the world), the Sun Worshipper Recovery may be ideal.

Soaking your body in a mask of lavender and aloe to restore and heal the skin, you also get a foot massage, which, after all that earthing and walking around with no shoes, sounds perfect!

Add Cabo San Lucus to Your Wellness Travel Bucket List

These are a select few of countless spas and locations that are top-notch in the Los Cabos, Baja Sur region. Check out our full list of offerings to explore additional Mexico spas and wellness retreats that are equally healing.

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