7 Resorts Around the World With Hot Springs

Do you have springs fever? You’re not alone. One of the fastest growing wellness markets are hot springs. These bubbling geothermal pools have been revered for centuries for their healing and rejuvenation properties. Resorts are taking notice and are now upping the ante to offer guests the most of these natural baths. 

Hot springs are rich in minerals such as sulfur, calcium, magnesium and lithium, which can have a therapeutic effect on our bodies. Bathing in these warm mineral-infused waters can soothe aching muscles and joints, alleviate skin issues and even help improve circulation and detoxification.

Plus, there’s something to be said for the psychological benefits of immersing oneself in nature’s hot tub. It’s an immersive relaxation experience that even the most luxurious spa bath struggles to replicate.

Today, hot springs are enhanced by the charm of high-end resorts, creating a harmonious blend of natural wonders with contemporary lodging and stand out amenities.

7 Resorts With Hot Springs for a Blissful Soak  

Below, you’ll find our handpicked selection of seven must-visit resorts in the U.S. and Costa Rica with hot springs. 

1. The Royal Corin Thermal Water & Spa Resort — La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Situated just a stone’s throw away from Costa Rica’s awe-inspiring Arenal Volcano is The Royal Corin Thermal Water & Spa Resort, a unique fusion of natural grandeur and opulence. This distinguished boutique hotel is acclaimed for its welcoming atmosphere, luxurious spa featuring a tranquil relaxation zone and first-class dining options.

However, the prime allure is undoubtedly the thermal water hot springs, replenished by the volcano’s natural geothermal energy. Guests are invited to delve into the local landscape around La Fortuna, with a range of activities like hiking, ziplining, canyoning, kayaking and exploring hidden caves. 

2. The Omni Homestead Resort — Virginia, United States

Immerse yourself in a lavish mix of history and comfort at The Omni Homestead Resort, America’s premier mountain sanctuary. Nestled in the scenic locale of Hot Springs, Virginia, this exclusive haven spans a vast two-acre water park and boasts top-of-the-line golf courses. Enhance your visit with a serene massage at the spa, a blissful oasis where relaxation takes center stage.

Venture into the Serenity Garden, an adults-only sanctuary renowned for its therapeutic mineral springs. Savor the distinct features of the garden, including the geothermal octagon pool, nourished by two naturally hot springs abundant in magnesium, potassium and calcium, consistently offering a comforting temperature between 96-97 degrees.

These same healing waters fuel the powerfully refreshing deluge shower and the widely favored river reflexology walk. The latter is designed with meticulously positioned stones to gently massage and soothe the 15,000 nerves in your feet. At the heart of the garden, you’ll find the infinity pool, heated between 85-92 degrees, and a cozy hot tub that remains at a steady 103 degrees. Unwind and let go of all stress in the Finnish sauna, as your body naturally detoxifies and renews itself.

3. Arenal Springs Resort & Spa — La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Arenal Springs Resort & Spa is a perfect blend of adventure and tranquility set in the iconic Arenal Volcano region of Costa Rica. Engulfed by vibrant gardens, this resort presents a remarkable journey for those with a fondness for nature and a spirit for adventure.

Immerse yourself in the striking vistas of the volcano and delight in the range of facilities including on-site hot springs, three crystal-clear swimming pools, a naturally heated river and a plethora of dining alternatives—establishing the resort as an ideal portal to the natural marvels of Costa Rica.

4. Castle Hot Springs — Arizona, United States

Visualize a sanctuary where your well-being is not merely a consideration, but a cornerstone. A space curated around the finer aspects of existence, where you can unplug from the frenetic world and reconnect with your inner self and the natural world. This wild and secluded location, roughly an hour northwest of the Phoenix/Scottsdale metropolitan area, sets Castle Hot Springs apart amongst luxury wellness resorts in Arizona.

The heart of this hidden resort lies in the natural therapeutic spring waters that flow into three distinctive soaking pools of differing temperatures. A communal pool near the lodge also benefits from this natural heat source. Whether your goal is to find tranquility in the hot springs or embark on a journey across the Sonoran Desert, enjoy the rejuvenating effects of this exceptional property. Arrive with aspirations and leave renewed.

5. The Springs Resort & Spa — La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Envision a place where the rainforest forms the backdrop and stunning views of the Arenal Volcano unfold right before your eyes. The Springs Resort & Spa in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, pledges to amaze in every facet of your visit.

From a limitless paradise of pools and hot springs to an action-packed adventure center and a lavish spa, guests can realize their ultimate “Pura Vida” fantasies.

6. Solage, Auberge Resorts Collection — California, United States

Visit Solage to cleanse, indulge and then repeat the cycle. The focal point is the acclaimed Spa Solage, renowned for its signature Calistoga mud and mineral water therapies that have been drawing wellness enthusiasts to this northern region of Napa Valley since the 1800s. Try the spa sampler. It will be an experience you’ll want to extend indefinitely!

The Bathhouse is the soul of this sanctuary, providing the supreme wellness experience. Discover the health benefits of mineral water and warmth in their various manifestations. Experience the exclusive geothermal pools with a pre-treatment dip designed to boost circulation and rejuvenate health, or detoxify in the eucalyptus steam room and infrared sauna. 

7. Nayara Springs — San Carlos, Costa Rica

The prestigious Nayara Springs in San Carlos, Costa Rica, is an enclave of subtle elegance where you detach from worldly concerns and rekindle your bond with nature. Their 35 villas epitomize a fairy-tale-like ambiance, offering ample room for romance, seclusion, and indulgence. Each villa boasts a private plunge pool, filled directly with water from the Arenal Volcano—a source known for its unparalleled purity. 

Geothermal Getaways

These resorts with hot springs offer more than just a dip in the water. They offer cultural immersion, surreal landscapes, health benefits and, most importantly, a perfect escape from the daily grind. So next time you’re planning a holiday, remember—there’s a hot springs resort waiting to welcome you into its warm embrace!

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