Men’s Health Matters When It Comes to Travel

Last updated September 14, 2023

Listen up, men! Your health matters, especially when it comes to travel.

If you search for wellness and travel, most likely an article geared toward the female traveler would be what pops up in the feed. While some of the information does overlap with health, what happened with the male voice when it comes to travel? 

Men’s health does matter. New trends in travel suggest that men are actively seeking well-being and restorative options for self-care than ever before. Over-worked, over-stressed and with more to manage on their plates than years prior, men are woke to the toll work-induced stress can have on their mind, body and longevity. 

Market leaders report that global sales of male grooming products could reach $81.2 billion by 2024. Men are becoming more in tune to the health benefits of personal wellness and are rightfully seeking such treatments for when they travel, too.

With so much of the information out there based on wellness for women’s travel, this article goes out to the male travelers and why men’s health matters—especially when it comes to travel.

I know you might be thinking, “but, this is a female who’s writing this article geared toward men.” Valid point.

However, I am married, to a male, we travel together, and he works with high performing CEOs from around the world, guiding them on their well-being journey, particularly when they travel for business and with family.

The lifestyle we’ve created, and share with others, is exactly that: a lifestyle, something that we take with us when we travel, so it’s never really a vacation but an extension of our daily living.

Four Tips to Help You Stay Healthy When Traveling

Here are my four tips to help you prioritize your health and well-being while on the road.

1. Eat Smart

While it can be tempting to eat whatever is in front of you, having the optimal nutrition will help to keep your immune system high and energy levels on target. Maintaining productivity, while traveling, bouncing between personal, business and potentially family, is key. 

Think like a traveling entrepreneur, not a one-off vacationer. Keep a regular routine of what you would eat at home, even bringing protein shakes, ready-to-go snacks, a few favorite nutritional bars, and opting for more balanced meals when eating out as opposed to the all-inclusive or all-you-can-eat buffet.

Enjoy, but also remember that you’re in it for the long run to make this a lifestyle not a vacation. 

2. Stay Active

Staying fit and active when you travel is a priority, not an option. And it can help keep your mind sharp and energy levels at their peak. For high performers, especially when traveling, maintaining a regular routine similar to the one you have at home, can make it simpler to sustain your fitness routine when on the road. 

More often than not, hotels will have gyms or you can visit a nearby fitness center. Also, more often than not, you can head outside and go for a brilliant run, be it during morning sunrise overlooking the beach or getting lost in the city scape.

Of course, there’s absolutely no shame in attending wellness classes offered at the hotel or resort. More and more men are showing up to classes to learn how to stretch their minds and bodies, and grow on a spiritual level. 

Open-mindedness creates new flexibility and can also add to the productivity of your workflow back at home. 

3. Pay Attention to Mental Well-Being

That men need to balance it all without taking any check of their stress level is downplaying reality, to say the least. Just because you’re male doesn’t mean that you can’t experience stress.

Even if you don’t like the word “pranayama” or the idea of doing meditation, swap the words out for breathing and focusing your mind

Simple exercises of inhaling and exhaling to the count of four can do wonders in a moment to reduce reactivity and create a more sound response. Make sure that you’re prioritizing your mental well-being and not putting too much on your plate so that you can enjoy the location of destination that you’re destined to.

Have a schedule set up prior, being in a planner or using your phone, and coordinate with your team in advance to create a structure in your day that works for yourself, your mind—and any of those you might be traveling with. 

4. Sleep Well

Pulling an all-nighter is a thing of the past. Sleep is crucial to every piece of your well-being and mindset. Everything mentioned above depends on the proper sleep. Ensure that you’re going to bed at the right time, give yourself the peace and quiet that you need, creating the space around you. 

Set an alarm so you’re waking up every morning at the same time that you would back at home. Get your team and family on board as well if you’re traveling with a partner or others. Give yourself the added space to create this time to wind down at night, and wind up in the morning. 

Prioritize You Because Men’s Health Matters

The biggest stigma that I can debunk in this entire article is that no matter your gender, your well-being matters. Let go of that traditional mindset to be “tough” because when you start to prioritize yourself, and your own wellness, no matter whether you’re at home or when you’re traveling, your company can thrive. Your family can also thrive in your overall sense of happiness and fulfillment will thrive as well.

This all starts with you, dear kings. 

So, men. How do you prioritize your health when traveling? 

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