Improve Your Wellness Retreat with Packages, Add-On Excursions & Bonuses

Last updated August 22, 2023

There’s no doubt that retreat packages are on an uptick in the wellness travel industry. After all, wellness retreats can be cost-prohibitive. Booking your stay is one thing. Booking activities and excursions is another. Not to mention that both of these things add up.

Wellness Retreat Popularity

Numerous travel agencies, resorts and booking sites now offer packages—and those packages have the potential to make your trip action-packed as well as budget friendly.

What Makes Wellness Retreats Unique?

Each wellness retreat has something unique to offer. A wellness retreat in Seattle, Washington, may offer a hiking excursion on Bainbridge Island. Whereas a wellness retreat in the Florida Keys may offer a guided snorkeling tour. That being said, there seems to be something for every type of wellness traveler.

Wellness Retreat Packages

Recently we have been noticing an onset of wellness retreat packages. Travelers are booking these packages just as quickly as we release them. This is because travelers love options, structure and luxury. Wellness retreat packages offer a ton of options. Packages include spa treatments, group fitness classes and incredible amenities.

Wellness Retreat Add-Ons

Are you looking at wellness retreat packages right now? If so, you should consider some add-ons. Add-ons range in meaning. Some resorts mean for add-ons to be exclusive perks that are not available to just any guest. This might be a dolphin tour on the resort’s jet skis. Or perhaps even a cooking class. The options are endless!

Other resorts may mean for add-ons to be simple accommodations. For example, an add-on in this instance may be a hide-a-bed or a cot for your guest room.

Most wellness retreat packages include add-ons. In the rare case that they don’t, it is most likely that the resort does.

Based on everything written above, you’ve probably figured out that a wellness retreat package is perfect for the busy traveler who prefers to have the experts piece the itinerary together for them. This is true. However, it is also true that a wellness retreat package is great for any traveler. The well-planned traveler and the spontaneous, impulsive traveler.

Add-On Excursions and Bonuses

Perhaps a package sounds limiting. That’s because it is. A package includes a ton of fun amenities, access points, and activities for those who purchase them. On the other hand, packages also exclude guests from certain features and amenities. This is why there are wellness retreat add-on excursions and bonuses.

Many packages offer wellness retreat add-ons and/or bonuses that guests can build into their package. Does your package exclude parasailing? Ask guest services if you can add it to your package. They may even offer to add on a shelling excursion for a lower price.

Now you know that packages are not restrictive. Rather, they are the stepping stone to many activities and day-long excursions!

The Structure of a Wellness Retreat Package

The general structure of a wellness retreat package might include meditation or yoga in the morning, a fixed meal schedule, time for yourself as well as other wellness-focused activities or local tourism activities.

Each wellness retreat package has a general structure. Despite the structure, packages are quite flexible when it comes to activities and excursions.

As we have said before, many wellness retreats offer incredible add-on excursions and bonuses. These add-on excursions have the potential to really take your wellness retreat up a notch. Let’s explore how.

More About Add-On Excursions and Bonuses

Add-on excursions are activity-filled day trips that are added onto a fixed itinerary.

Some add-on excursions focus on the cultural side. You may find yourself visiting famous historical places. If you’re in the Tulum region of Mexico, a possible add-on excursion may be a day trip to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.

Excursions can also be sporting activities. The activities may be surfing on SUP or a local cooking class, depending on where you are.

What if I didn’t purchase any add-ons before my arrival?

Wellness retreat add-ons and bonuses come in many forms. They can be procured during the planning stage or at the front desk. Some add-ons might have to be organized in advance. Be that as it may, it is often possible to add bonuses and excursions to your package upon your arrival.

What are some examples of wellness retreat bonuses?

Wellness retreat bonuses are more general. They can be anything from an extra spa treatment to a room upgrade.

You may discover that there is a difference in pricing. Add-ons and bonuses are typically purchased separately. Add-ons can sometimes be compiled together for a discounted price. Bonuses (more often than not) cannot.

Travel tip: Do you have a Triple A membership? Look on the Triple A website for discounts and rewards that may apply to your particular add-on excursion. Or ask a guest services representative what discounts are available for Triple A members.

In general, excursions and bonuses are considered “extras” and are not included in the price of the wellness retreat package. You’ll need to check the fineprint of the wellness resort to make sure what is and isn’t included.

How Can Add-On Excursions and Bonuses Boost Your Wellness Retreat? 

For one, excursions and bonuses offer  more in terms of experiences that add value to your wellness retreat. 

Imagine you’ve signed up for a seven-day yoga retreat in Costa Rica where your main personal goal is to develop your yoga practice. When there, you realize that the retreat offers a number of excursions that you’d like to sign up for. You come home having achieved your yoga goals as well as having tried surfing and visited the most amazing waterfalls in the country. 

Adding on an excursion to your wellness retreat means that you try a new activity, or you get the opportunity to see a part of the world you might not have otherwise. 

Add-on excursions and bonuses can also be a blessing in disguise when it comes to giving you what you really need. Oftentimes, what we really need isn’t always clear and by using wellness retreat add-on options you come a little closer to finding out what that might be. 

Perhaps you signed up for a wellness retreat because your friend asked you to but you don’t feel particularly drawn to the main activity. Add-on excursions and bonuses could really up your wellness retreat to the next level by offering opportunities you never expected.

Adding bonuses to your wellness retreat also helps with trying and testing new things. During a spa experience you might be offered a few bonus treatment options and these could be treatments that you might not have tried before.

These situations will allow you to discover new options, new trends—and ultimately what you like and what works for you when it comes to your health. 

In the ever growing world of wellness travel where there are so many opportunities, add-on excursions and bonuses can help with discovering new things, adding value to your vacation and helping you with what you need most.

Which add-on excursions and bonuses will you choose on your next wellness escape? 

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