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Last updated August 18, 2023

Emotional health is as important as our physical health, yet it often takes a backseat when it comes to wellness. Taking care of your emotional wellness is one of the best ways to deal with stressors that life throws your way. You don’t have to go it alone. An emotional wellness retreat can give you the space to process, release and heal emotions that hold you back. 

Imagine you are head-deep in work projects, falling behind each week that passes. Imagine you wake up after sleeping 7-8 hours and still feel incredibly tired. Wiped out before your day even begins.

Then imagine you look around—at your partner and/or family—and wonder, how did I get here? Maybe even contemplate, why do I feel so unhappy? 

I’ve been there. Feeling all of this in a not too distant past. I felt stuck, like I was drowning and I couldn’t remember how to swim. I knew that if I didn’t make a pivotal change, and fast, my health, well-being and business would suffer tremendously. 

This is, for the record, the opposite of positive emotional well-being and how not properly caring for you can lead to a slippery slope of negative outcomes, including potential health complications. So, what is an emotional wellness retreat and why should you attend one? Here’s the lowdown around what I’ve learned and explored.

What Is Emotional Wellness 

Emotional wellness is the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times. Putting it out there, emotional wellness isn’t just “yoga” or a “spiritual” thing. It’s a real life, down-to-earth issue that we all have and need at some basic level to function with whatever life stressors are thrown our way. 

I like to think of emotional wellness as my inner energy meter. Sometimes the meter reads pulsing high — think, stress alert! — and other times the meter is faint and whispers — think, super chill Sunday ride a bike down Venice Beach level.

Benefits of an Emotional Wellness Retreat

I wish I could say I didn’t have to learn this one the hard way, But that’s just not how I operate in this world. And probably  neither do any of you. 

Feeling burnout, overworked, lacking sleep, stressed, exhausted, not taking care of myself, skipping my typical workout and nutrition routine. I’d lapse on putting the care, time and effort on maintaining those forceful well-being pillars I had built for myself. 

On the flip side, maintaining emotional wellness can make those pillars even stronger, taller and more successful. These eventually can lead into other areas of success such as relationships, financial, personal growth and other top tier areas of the hierarchy of needs. 

You can pretty much ebb and flow with life as it challenges you. And you can see those challenges as opportunities to trump, build taller and grow higher toward the best version of yourself. Subsequently, you later attract others in that same orbit to join you in your budding empire. The process expands. 

What to Expect at an Emotional Wellness Retreat

I’ve certainly led and have attended retreats where emotional wellness was infused and incorporated as a focus of the journey. What’s lovely about an emotional wellness retreat is that emotional healing can be taught in a variety of ways. 

If one class, workshop or teaching doesn’t suit your fancy, there are thousands of other methodologies and strategies to explore. It’s all about finding your learning style and needs.

During an emotional wellness retreat you can expect classes, workshops or exercises that would educate, illustrate or teach you how to experience better well-being and self-care, or balance.

Some retreats are incredibly structured that carry you with a full schedule from sunrise to post-sunset. Others allow you to pick and choose what suits best for your energy level or desires of the day.

You can find a variety of these excursions to vary from physical, emotional and spiritual forms of energetic output. Or even a combination of some or all of those transformative gateways. 

More often than not, if you’re traveling to a destination, an emotional wellness retreat will incorporate elements of healing, nurturing and well-being that are native to the land and culture of said retreat.

For example, when I travel to Mexico’s Riviera Maya, there is quite an offering of Mayan ceremonies and Shamanic healing practices to take part in that help bring my inner self back to a status quo.

Release & Heal Mental Blocks

Are you curious what retreat would be best suited for your needs? Contact Vacayou’s concierge team to learn more and book a retreat that can change your life. Because when you’re grounded in your own emotions and well-being, the world can light up around you in a plentitude of successful ways.  

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