Cool Places to Stay in Woodstock for a Wellness Getaway

Last updated June 10, 2024

The iconic Woodstock community in upstate New York thrives as a center for farm-to-table cuisine, artistic expression and wellness. Yes, you read that right — wellness. If self-care amidst a Bohemian setting are a priority, read on for five cool places to stay in Woodstock for your next wellness getaway.

Woodstock has long been a refuge for those seeking more. Think the famous 1969 concert where peace, love and rock & roll ruled or the less-peaceful music festival held in 1999. 

Today, however, Woodstock is much more than just a place to remember nostalgic music and 60s counterculture. It’s a trending location for activities including yoga, biking, hiking, serene spa days and so much more. 

Woodstock is located in New York, in the Catskill Mountains. Somehow, the feel of Bohemian culture still reigns supreme throughout much of the unique town. In many ways, it feels like a step back in time, but it’s also very hip and modern.

Whether you want to unwind your mind with culture, good food and unique artsy shops, or you want to refresh your mind and body with as many outdoor activities as possible, Woodstock will offer you more than you might expect. 

Experience the Culture

Even though Woodstock has so much more to offer than memories of a concert experience, it’s still worth it to walk through the town and immerse yourself in local culture.

There are countless bookstores, small shops and cozy places to eat that are worth checking out on a leisurely afternoon. With so many shop owners honing their craft and showcasing their goods, you’ll be tempted to buy something in just about every interesting business! 

But, even if you don’t end up spending any money, weaving through these small businesses, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea at a local café and perusing through books while you take in the magical scent of old pages can do wonders for your stress levels.

Woodstock prides itself on that kind of charm, so even the more “touristy” attractions are designed to help you feel good about things. Peace, love and happiness are alive and well in this community! 

Nourish Mind & Body

If you want to focus on wellness while in Woodstock, you’ll find no shortage of things to do that will calm your mind and body. For starters, there are several spas designed to ease your stress and make you feel good.

The Woodstock Spa, for example, offers traditional treatments such as massages and peels, but they also have several staff members solely focused on wellness practices like Reiki, somatic sessions and even nutritious living.

Only in Woodstock for a short time? You can still make the most of prioritizing your well-being. Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to nurture your mental and physical health. Some of the benefits of being outdoors include: 

  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced anxiety and feelings of anger
  • Improved concentration
  • More energy

Consider taking a hike up to Overlook Mountain. It takes about three hours to complete, but you’ll be rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views of the state, including the unique ruins of the Overlook Mountain House, which was a 19th-century resort that closed in 1940 after experiencing several fires. 

For those who prefer the speed of a park, visit Village Green or Woodstock Waterfall Park to immerse yourself in nature without having to take a hike. 

Bring Friends & Family

While a solo trip in Woodstock can be rejuvenating, it’s also a fantastic place for friends, small groups, couples and families. Of course, before you go on a wellness retreat with others, it’s important to consider everyone’s needs and what would make them happy. But, Woodstock truly does have something for everyone. 

When kids are in tow, they’ll surely enjoy Sugarbush Farm, Dinosaur Land and Colony Woodstock. Have everyone pick out one or two “must-see” things before you head out on your trip. It will ensure your entire family has fun, and you’ll be able to create a travel budget that works for you. Planning makes a big difference in how much you spend. 

If you’re planning your stay in Woodstock as a family vacation, make sure you take the time to prioritize self-care. While keeping the kids entertained and happy might be at the top of your list, finding a balance will help you make the most of your relaxing trip.

Or, consider taking a trip as a couple without the kids, if you’ve never had the chance to do that before. Having a self-care routine is important in everyday life, but taking breaks to focus solely on your wellness can make a big difference in how you feel and can help prevent burnout.

Five Cool Places to Stay in Woodstock

Here are five cool places to stay in the Woodstock area that promise unforgettable experiences during your visit: 

  • Inness: Located in the country between the Catskills and the Shawangunk Mountains. Inness’ idyllic scenery presents a gorgeous setting to play golf and tennis, go swimming, explore the landscape — and last but not least — relax. With cabins and hotel accommodations, a spa and an excellent restaurant, Inness has it all.
  • Mohonk Mountain House: This stunning castle is a National Historic Landmark and the resort offers everything from summer fun to winter bliss. You have to see the full list of activities, the grounds and the castle itself to believe it.
  • Wildflower Farms: This Auberge resort is an Edenic farm with blissful fields of wildflowers, a wandering river, woodlands, cabins and cottages collected on 140 acres.
  • Emerson Resort & Spa: Shopping, nature-inspired spa treatments and the unforgettable World’s Largest Kaleidoscope. Emerson Resort & Spa offers an experience full of wonder and joy. Plus, it’s dog-friendly.   
  • YO1 Longevity & Health Resort: The all-inclusive resort provides individual health programs and features everything from yoga to unique ancient Indian therapies. Your stay also includes sauna and steam rooms, a hot tub and an indoor pool area. YO1’s health programs are designed to help with things such as stress and anxiety, and even immunity boosting. 

As you can see, Woodstock is more than just the memory of a concert experience. It’s a quiet, relaxing New York hub that’s absolutely perfect for a wellness retreat.

Whether you go for a weekend or extend your stay at a resort or spa, you’ll walk away from the experience feeling the peace, love and happiness the community is known for. 

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