5 Simple Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Kid

Last updated April 11, 2024

Tap into your inner kid. Being a kid would be great again, wouldn’t it? Imagine living a stress-free life. It seems so unreal. Almost like a goal that is completely out-of-touch. Laughing until it hurts, feeling the wind beneath your feet as you swing, watching ocean waves rush to the shore as they splash your body. Cooling down at the pool on a hot day.

Are you nostalgic yet?

Clearly it is time to chase those adventures and awaken your child-like energy again. Here are five ways to tap into your inner kid while on vacation. Make sure to pay close attention to find out where you can do it!

1. Try Something New

As children, we often looked at the world in awe. Everything was new to us. We were constantly taking in new information, observing new colors and trying new food. The firsthand experiences were endless and exciting.

From discovering a novel shade of blue to playing in the snow, trying something different brings out child-like excitement. Trying something new is much like seeing the world for the first time. Studies show that trying new things stimulates our brains. We build new dendrites (neurons) that push us to think more creatively. Simply put, trying new things makes our minds grow. And who doesn’t want to make their brain bigger?

Costa Rica is a perfect country to channel your inner kid. Cascade down world-class rapids or take a surf lesson in the Caribbean waters on a rafting, surfing and kayaking excursion.

Exploring the rich urban center of the capital San Jose is ideal for solo travelers or small groups. While it doesn’t seem like something that would make a kid squeal with joy, don’t doubt for a minute that it will make your jaw drop in wonder. San Jose is an easy way to get to know the Costa Rican way of life. Keep an open mind. Open your eyes. Stimulate your brain to an exhilarating experience.

You won’t regret it. You’ll be snapping pictures left and right.

2. Look Up At The Sky

When was the last time you looked away from a screen for more than an hour? When was the last time you looked up at the cotton candy sunset clouds and the budding trees in your neighborhood?

Maybe you don’t want to answer that.

As children, we often looked up at the sky and wondered about the possibilities. The great big sky represents exploration and adventure. Unleash your inner kid and possibilities for imagination by immersing yourself in an awe-inspiring landscape. Feel your youth trickle back as you breathe in the crisp morning mountain air.

Witness the magic of nature’s most beautiful wonders at Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Experience picturesque sunsets as you trek through southern Utah. Make the journey complete with a group of like-minded travelers. Then refresh the mind with rejuvenating yoga sessions. Channel your inner zen at workshops on a yoga wellness retreat. Focus on grounding with nature.

3. Journal About Your Adventures

Journaling is proven to help increase gratitude and awareness. Journaling allows us to exercise self-awareness in the privacy of our own writing. Through journaling, we are able to revisit our past experiences. We explore how they intertwine with our present. Are we doing the same things we did 6 months ago? A year ago? 3 years ago?

Not all kids are able to read and write. Not all want to read and write, even after they learn to. Children reflect on personal experiences through art, dance and stories. Think about the last kid you saw. Did they share a story about something that happened to them in elaborate detail? Did they come racing out of preschool to hand you a painting they had made- just for you? Kids understand the beauty of variety better than most people do.

Journaling is various. What journaling means is up to you. It could mean writing in explicit detail, drawing out the events of the day, making a list of what you did, or writing down prayers. Reflecting on an experience in a way that is meaningful to you is key to good journaling. Bring out your inner kid and maximize your next trip by using words!

Introspection is one of life’s greatest gifts. Take a journey back in time to discover the footsteps of Odysseus and Penelope. Travel around with researcher, teacher and storyteller Phil Cousineau. Discover the past associated with Greece. Learn something you’ve never learned before. Educate yourself on cultures other than your own. Experience long conversations. Engage in group discussions as you voyage through the history of civilizations.

4. Reconnect With Friends

We were made for connection. As children, we would attend a school field trip and come home eager to tell our families about our latest adventure. Reflect on those people in our lives that make us laugh the loudest, sing like no one is watching and bring out the happiest version of ourselves. Who are they? Our best friends.

We went over to our friend’s house for playdates as kids. During our teenage years we went over to our friend’s house for sleepovers. We slept in our friend’s dorm in college after a fun night. Some of us even lived in houses with 60 other girls during our collegiate years. This pattern goes to show that ever since we were born, we have strived to connect and bond with others.

This is your sign to escape on a spa getaway with your best friends. Be a kid again and pretend like you are queen of the castle with your own private spa suite just for you and your girls.

5. Enjoy The Present Moment

When we were little, we didn’t have cameras or videos up on our faces all the time. We lived in the present moment, not worrying about how something would look on Instagram or social media. No stress about work drama or weekly deadlines.

Take a moment to focus on yourself. Feel the five senses on your next travel adventure. Sit and laugh, stare into the distance, feel the rush of the wind in your hair and live life to the full.

Whether you’re taking a guided surf retreat in Mexico or stealing a romantic getaway with your loved one, take a moment to look around, smile and embrace the here and now.

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