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Last updated November 13, 2023

Simon and I met 15 years ago when the extraordinary Cornelia Day Resort opened on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Now, Simon’s career in the spa and wellness business is even more illustrious. He directs the well-being efforts at Miraval which includes an active role in opening their newest location of Miraval Berkshires in the Lenox, Massachusetts. 

Read on to learn more about Simon’s journey to Miraval Berkshires Resort & Spa in Lenox and the other Miraval locations in Austin and Tucson.

Sallie: What gets you up in the morning?  What is your “Why?”

Simon: Well, there are so many things that make up my ‘why’ but if I had to say what comes to the foremost often is the opportunity to support people in order for them to realize all that is possible.

I have the good fortune and am in a position that allows me to support the professionals who dedicate themselves to the well-being of others and play a small role in how they bring their talents and passions to those seeking it.

This goes along with knowing that my days are dedicated to meeting the ever-changing needs of guests and customers and supporting them in their pursuit of well-being.

My “why” is the opportunity to make a difference and ‘show up’ for people and help them learn how to ‘show up for themselves’ and their well-being.

Sallie: As the Director of Spa and Wellbeing for Miraval, you’ve been integrally involved in the opening of the new Miraval Berkshires. What is different about the new Miraval versus the original in Tucson?

Simon: The best way to understand the difference is that the experience is necessarily distinct for two primary reasons.

First, a Miraval experience is built on the foundation created by the authentic connection our guests make with our colleagues. The experience in the Berkshires is shaped by the team there.

Secondly, the team in the Berkshires knows well that each Miraval location and Miraval experience is going to be different because every time one visits Miraval they are in a different place in their lives.

As we move through the seasons of our lives, there is an opportunity to experience the seasons of the Berkshires and the beauty that each season offers.

Brunch at Miraval Berkshires

Sallie: When you have free time, what do you do for your own well-being?

Simon: My go-to activity whenever I have a chance is to get outside. I enjoy cycling and hiking a great deal and I feel a sense of renewal when I can spend time close to nature.

I feel quite lucky to live in Tucson, Arizona where the hiking is incredible and the scale of the mountains always seems to assist me in ‘right-sizing’ the challenges of the day when compared to the scale and the enormity of the mountains there. 

Sallie: Tell us three things about Miraval Austin Resort & Spa that make it special.

Simon: I am going to sound like a broken record here but hands down the people are what make the experience in Austin special. But since I have already shared the role of our people play, I would have to say that it’s the edginess of their program offerings.

The team in Austin has done an incredible job embracing the Austin spirit of experimentation and its
slightly different take on the expected.

One example in the Spa setting is a service called Pranayama Dena or’ flying breath’. It is a service inspired by the sensation of flight and is experienced in a suspended silk hammock. Rested under a weighted blanket, your service provider works from beneath the silk and uses his or her feet to release tension held within the muscles and incorporates a deeply relaxing yet subtle rocking motion throughout.

Miraval Austin arrival center

Sallie: I know you’ve been involved in the spa and wellness world for quite some time. What are some of the changes you’ve seen?

Simon: Quite frankly, the biggest change I have seen is one within the consumer. Guests arrive with much higher expectations and a much more savvy approach to what they are seeking from their experience.

They are seeking a personal experience and some dimension of transformation, and a sense of inspiration versus simply seeking relaxation.

The Miraval experience is designed to be self-determined and personal in nature to support these evolving expectations.

Sallie: Miraval is known for very creative, unique spa and wellness treatments. This is a tough one, but please pick one treatment you really enjoy at Miraval and tell us a bit about it!

Simon: I would say one service that I am incredibly proud to offer is Yojana at our Austin location.

During the development of the menu, our goal was to offer something beyond the couples massage for our guests coming with their partners. As a result, Yojana was created! Yojana, the union between spirits, is a couples’ experience that harnesses the healing power of sound and vibration to restore alignment and harmony to your connection.

Guests explore the power of intention, sound, and vibration, as the couple is guided through the Yojana ritual including a Tibetan bowl ringing ceremony honoring each other’s intention.

Sallie: If you could choose to go to another destination spa or wellness resort  anywhere in the world which would it be?

Simon: I have never been to Asia and I have heard wonderful things about Chiva-Som so I would love to get there at some point in the future.

About Simon Marxer

Simon Marxer brings over ten years of experience in the luxury spa industry to Miraval. He prides himself on his facilitative, personal, and innovative dedication to all spa operations. Simon uses his expertise in creating new services and continually evolving the Miraval spa program.  

Simon is committed to bringing excellence to Miraval through the development of a personable, professional staff, use of high-end, natural products, implementation of successful service strategies and creation of innovative spa treatments.

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