Pro Picks: 6 Spa Directors Share Their Fave Self-Care Products

Last updated March 4, 2024

Pedicures, facials and exfoliating body treatments. As much as we dream of a day at the spa, let’s face it… life often gets in the way. But hey, you can always book an appointment at your own do-it-yourself spa in your bathtub, right?

We asked six beauty industry pros what self-care products they rely on when they enjoy an at-home spa day. Read on to see what these six spa directors recommend as their tried and true self-care products.

Disclaimer: All self-care products featured below can be purchased at the respective spas.


1. PRO PICK: Cornelia Night Repair Serum ($120)

Pro: Ellen Sackoff — Principal, Cornelia Spa at The Surrey (New York)

“My biggest skin problem is dehydration. Drinking water and using my daytime moisturizer is not enough. Being indoors, first with dry heat, then with air-conditioning, I need a self-care product that is powerful and immediately effective. Another problem is that I can go for hours without sunshine and fresh air. With all the Zoom calls I have, I realize that my skin begins to look dull and even ‘greyish,’ and that impacts my confidence. This serum quenches my skin with purified liquid oxygen, four hydrating organic essential oils, and antioxidants rich in fatty acids, and nourishes my skin with vitamin C ester to replace a dull complexion with more radiant skin.”

2. PRO PICK: Tranquility Oil ($91)

Pro: Anna MacDiarmid — General Manager, AWAY Spa at the W Fort Lauderdale (Florida)

“Using this oil became the hallmark of my nightly self-care ritual over the past few years. True to its name, it delivers a sense of calm and put me at ease. I love the Italian brand and Tranquility Oil especially because of its lightness and fresh scent. After showering I take a few drops and use it to moisturize my face and skin. It’s never too oily, and I always feel incredibly refreshed after applying it.” 

3. SELF-CARE PRODUCT PICK(S): Auberge du Soleil Spa Grapeseed Body Scrub ($22), Body Lotion ($22), and Chamomile and Lavender Bath Salts ($30)


Pro: Helen Brown — Area Director of Wellness, Auberge Resorts Collection (California)

“These self-care products are lifesavers for me. The familiar aromas of our gardens mentally transport me to the serene sanctuary of the resort. The beauty of our products is that they allow you to create a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your home. First, you’ll exfoliate with the scrub, then slip into a relaxing bath infused with the salts and finally, moisturize the skin with the lotion. Add a little wine, and you’re nearly at our Napa spa!”

4. SELF-CARE PRODUCT PICK: Skinceuticals Acne Skin System ($135)


Pro: Lea Gorodesky — Spa Manager, Salt Spa at The Reeds at Shelter Haven (New Jersey)

“As we’ve all been wearing face coverings and masks when in public the past few years, a new dermatological issue has resulted called ‘maskne’. Basically, it’s when sweat and particles get trapped on our face causing unsightly blemishes. For me, this system has been a savior in combating this unwelcome phenomenon while simultaneously fighting the signs of aging.”

5. PRO PICK: AVEDA Stress Fix family (salts are $42)


Pro: Vivian Villamizar — Spa Director, The Palms AVEDA Spa (Florida)

“I relish in my ‘me time’ by relying on my Stress-Fix family of self-care products from AVEDA. In particular, the Stress-Fix Soaking Salts are my favorite and are derived from pure flower and plant essences from the ‘organic valley’ of the French Alps. They contain lavender, lavandin and clary sage. I would highly recommend this family of products to create a layering effect and a moment of wellness for yourself. The aroma is intoxicating!”

6. PRODUCT PICK: Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm by Naturopathica ($76)

Pro: Daphne Swenerton — Spa Director, Elora Mill Hotel & Spa (Ontario)


“This is one of our best sellers, as it’s fantastic for all skin types. I love it because manuka honey can improve your skin’s appearance by balancing your skin’s PH level, plus it’s anti-inflammatory. And it helps rid my skin of bacteria that infect pores and cause unwanted breakouts. I recommend using it daily, and remember that a little bit will go a long way!”

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