Top 5 Benefits of Taking a Solo Adventure Trip

The decision to travel solo can be daunting for some, but taking a solo adventure can offer many benefits. 

So, if you can’t agree with family, friends or a partner on where to go (or when to travel again) consider the opportunity to take on a solo adventure in 2021. 

It may just become one of your favorite travel experiences. It can even change your life, trust me.

So what are these benefits? Below are five major benefits of taking a solo adventure.

The Chance to Focus on Yourself and the Moment

The first benefit is the opportunity to focus—the chance to focus on yourself and also focus on the moment. 

With the opportunity to limit the contact with others and the outside world, it is easier to keep the adventure to be all about you.

A solo adventure can easily transform into a personal wellness journey or even a journey rooted in great personal discovery. 

It is during these times when one can realize how such an adventure can become a gateway to life change, just as I did on my solo adventure to discover the Pura Vida of Costa Rica.

Also, make sure you pack (or purchase) a travel journal too – you’ll want to write down what you discover as your passions and purpose in life may just present themselves in your thoughts. 

Remember, on a solo adventure, there are ways to limit distractions that can filter your thoughts. You can (re)discover the real you.

Meet Like-Minded People

Often people worry about loneliness when traveling solo, but when choosing a destination or activity that tends to fascinate and interest you will lead you on a path to like-minded people.

Travelers can discover their tribe and instant traveling friends who usually want to explore the same destinations you want to visit next. 

For example, if cycling excites, why not take a 4 day California Coastal Bike Tour, a trip that combines activities such as wildlife viewing, scenic hikes, delightful dinners, and even a wine tasting. Is this your vibe? If not, there are plenty of options available for all interests; you just need to book yours.

No Need to Compromise

Do you know the definition of compromise? Well, it can be defined as “nobody gets what they want,” and that doesn’t bode well on limited travel schedules. 

Sadly, we all have traveled with friends and family and made compromises which translated to not experiencing everything we want out of a destination.

Well, no more excuses for you because taking a solo adventure means you make all the plans for your itinerary. So book all the adventures, experiences or treatments you desire. 

You decide what you want to do in your free time. It’s all up to you. Take more time at a winery, visit a museum for the entire day, start every morning with sunrise yoga, or skip dinner for a sunset by the pool—it’s all up to you, no compromises needed.

Complete Your Bucket List

We all have a list of places we want to visit in our lifetime, a list of travel adventures we want to experience. 

We all have a travel and adventure bucket list. But waiting for others to join us can delay it indefinitely. 

And if we did learn something from the recent pandemic, we can’t always wait for the perfect opportunity. We need to make it happen when it makes sense for us to travel. 

So pack your bags and head out on a solo adventure to complete a few items from your bucket list.

For me, two years ago, I booked a trip to return to Oaxaca City for the Day of the Dead festival. It has been on my personal bucket list for years, and I decided to book my solo adventure to make it happen. 

I am so glad I did. On the adventure, I booked guides and discovered I wasn’t the only solo adventurer on tour. I met others with similar interests and had an incredible time.

Follow Your Travel Passion

A solo adventure is also the opportunity to follow your travel passions. Others, including loved ones, don’t often share all the same ideas on where to travel. 

Perhaps you appreciate the beauty of mountain hikes, while others prefer the beaches and warmth of the tropics or culinary destinations. With a solo adventure, you craft your own adventure based on your desires and follow your unique travel pursuits.

So whether it is for the adventure of SCUBA diving in Key Largo, Florida, or surfing on the coast of Carolina or California or canyoneering on a visit to Zion Mountain Ranch, you decide to follow your travel passion. 

Our interests can take us to unique places, and on a solo adventure, we can make sure we take the next step to ignite our travel passions.

Listed are five significant benefits for taking a solo adventure, and there are plenty of reasons to love solo travel. 

So really, the next question is, what are you waiting for?

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